My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


9. What I've Been Waiting For


Alisha’s POV

We had found Taylor. Looking for her, I may add was super scary and stressful because I was scared I had lost my little sister, but Liam being by my side the whole time really helped me. I really like him. It’s not because he’s famous it because I really like him as a person. I had really got to know the real Liam Payne. The boys were a few feet in front of us talking away. I couldn’t help wondering what they were talking about. Was it about me maybe?

Back here we we’re talking away too, but obviously about them. Allie and Taylor wanted to know how I met the five boys.

“Liam” I call up to them “are we almost there?”

“Almost there… It’s just around the corner.” He replies continuing to walk. Just then we turn the corner and I realize where he’s been taking us. I look up towards it and smile because I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time. Ride the Ferris wheel at night with the guy I like. Now this dream was coming true too. Two dreams in one night, it couldn’t be true… Yet it was. I automatically start thinking of groups. It looks like it’s a two person seat so, Allie and Alex, Liam and I, probably Louis and Harry (if they go) because they’ve been together all night, then that leaves Zayn and Niall. Wait I forgot about Taylor. Shoot we have an odd number of people. I wonder is it’s a 3 person a seat maximum. I hope it is because I don’t want to leave anyone alone or behind. So with Taylor that should make it Liam, Taylor and I.

“Everyone ready?” Liam asks stopping at the end of the line standing next to me. I get on my tip toes and whisper in his ear “we have a bit of a problem; we have an odd number of people. So I think we should take Taylor in our cart, if we can have a group of three.” And just as I finish telling him this he nods in agreement, though I can tell he’s kinda upset, Taylor taps me and then whispers in my ear,

“Can I please, please, please be with Zayn and Niall… Please?” She looks at me with puppy dog eyes. I laugh and tell Zayn and Niall what she said. They look at each other and back at her.

“Of course… Come on munchkin” Zayn says with a smile. Taylor squeals a little and walks over to stand by them.

“I guess it’s just you and I then” Liam says looking at me. We all get on the Ferris wheel just as I’d planned. Allie and Alex in the first seat followed by Taylor, Zayn and Niall in the next. Then Louis and Harry (I was kind of surprised they went because of Harry’s rollercoaster fear) followed by Liam and I. The two of us sit down and lock the safety bar. Just as the ride starts Liam grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers in mine. Our hands fit together perfectly.

Liam’s POV

Just as everyone had gotten on and the Ferris wheel started I slipped my hand under hers and linked fingers with her. She smiled and looked off to the side. We get to the top of the Ferris wheel faster than I thought. I look over at her and can’t help but smile. It’s about 9 o’clock now and the only light is from the fair below. Alisha’s face was lite up perfectly… not just by the lights from below but from her smile.

“Beautiful” I mumble under my breath

“Huh?” She turns and asks me

“Oh nothing, just you”

“What about me?” She asks seeming a bit worried

“No, no, don’t worry it’s a good thing. I’m just really happy I ran into you today. I really like you.”

“Oh thanks” Alisha says blushing “I really like you too, not Liam Payne from One Direction, not that I don’t like him, just…” she pauses “I like you for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in One Direction or not”

“Good” I say with a smile “because I’ve always been scared that girls only like me or One Direction not for me. But I knew from the beginning that you were different” I say squeezing her hand a bit on ‘you’. She smiles and bites her lip.

Millions of things were going through my head. First was, how? How could I have not noticed her before? She obviously was a huge fan, I mean really… text tone was Nialls’ laugh and her ringtone, from what I can tell, is the five of us. I guess before she was just another fan, which I feel horrible to say because we were probably her world. But now, she is so so so much more than “just a fan”. The wind was slightly blowing on out faces and I see her shiver a bit.

“You cold?” I ask

“No, not really” She says, but I can tell she really is just trying to hit it from me. I let go of her hand and take off my jacket.

“Here” I say offering it to her

“No it’s okay” she says with a smile

“Just put it on… I know you’re cold, and I don’t want you getting sick.” She looks as my jacket and then back at me for a while. I never realized, ‘til that moment how beautiful her eyes were… who said brown eyes can’t be gorgeous? Finally she gives in and puts on my jacket. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her closer. She’s close enough now that I can wrap my arm around her and rest my hand either on her upper thigh or on her stomach. I choose her stomach, thinking that it was the better (and less sexual) choice. As I place my hand on her stomach I can feel her tense up a bit. Shoot, what did I do wrong?

“Are you alright?” I ask a bit worried

“Yeah I’m fine… just… my stomach” she says looking at my hand.

“What about it?” I ask, now puzzled. To me her body was perfect.

“It’s just…” She starts to say, and just then it clicks and I get it but I let her finish. “I’m super insecure… especially when it comes to my stomach…”

“Don’t be” I say to her, then whisper in her ear. “You.” I pause “are gorgeous” I look into her eyes and lean my head a bit closer to her, “honestly.” She blushes and shakes her head yet smiling slightly and looking down at our feet. I lift her chin up. “Yes.” She then rested her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Thank you” she whispers. I lightly kiss her forehead and we stay like that for a while completely relaxed. I could have stayed there with her for days, it just felt right.

“You warm now?” I ask her smiling

“With you and your jacket? I’m perfect” she says smiling back

“Perfect? Cuz now I never want to let you go.” She giggles “Hey… you know what I realized?”

“What’s that?” She asks

“You got all the other boys numbers and they got yours… But I didn’t get yours”

“And I didn’t get yours” she chimes in.

“Well we should change that.” I say taking out my phone from my jeans pocket and giving it to her, and she gives me hers. I add my contact with the name: Liam:) then give her, her phone back. Just before I put my phone away I open back up my camera and take a picture with her. I never want to forget this moment. Never, ever. I set it as my wallpaper and put my phone back in my jeans pocket and soon we are getting off. We’re the last of our groups to get off and as and as we get off I see everyone laughing… seems that they had a good time.

“I hate to do this… but, we have to go… my mom’s waiting” Allie says.

“Oh okay” I check the time “well we should be going too Paul said he would be meeting us at the back entrance at 9:15 and that’s in about 5 minutes.” I say

“Well this is goodbye?” Louis questions

“But not forever” Alisha quickly adds.

“Definitely not” the boys and I say in return. Everyone gives everyone hugs goodbye and when I hug Alisha I whisper “Don’t ever forget today”.

“I wouldn’t be able to, even if I tried,” she whispers back. And we all head off in our different directions.

“Bye” they yell to us.

“Bye” we yell back.

What a night that all I could think. What a night.

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