My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


2. The Start Of It All


“Alisha! Get up! You said you wanted to get up early! You really don’t want to get to school late today”

 Same sound, every morning, but this becomes extremely dreadful when it’s the first day back after a break. This time it just so happened to be the first day back form summer break. The first day of 12th grade. Was I excited? Well kind of, but really only for the first week after that, they pile on the homework.

                So I trudge out of bed in to my bathroom. Do like I do every morning only this time it’s 3 times earlier. Brush my hair; brush my teeth all that kinda stuff. Then back to my room to change, I had the outfit set out for the “big first day” for almost a week.  A pair or dark denim jeans and a off the shoulder sequin shirt with a white tank top underneath, along with my new pair of grey Vans. After I throw everything on and put on my wristband that I wear every day, it the one piece of the 5 boys in my life that I take with me where ever I go. My I heart One Direction bracelet.  ( ) Now that my outfit is all done and set just how I pictured it I go to my bathroom with plenty time left to do what I want to do with my hair.

                I walk in to my bathroom plug my pink iPod to the iHome and go straight to my playlist entitled “My lovee” and blast it so everyone can hear, probably waking up my little sister… Oops. “You know I’ve always got your back, girl. So let me be the one you come runnin’ to, runnin’ to, r-r-runnin’. I see it’s just a matter of fact, girl. You just call my name, I’ll be comin’ through, comin’ through, I’ll keep coming.” The beautiful lyrics coming from the mouth of Liam Payne, 1/5 of One Direction and 1/5 of my love and booming around the top floor. Liam, then Harry, then Niall, then Louis, then Zayn. Now you think this is my “list”, don’t you? You couldn’t be more wrong, that’s the order of solos in Everything About You the first song to come on. I would NEVER be able to put to boys in to a “list” I can’t even choose a favorite, honestly.

I’ve got about half my hair curled by now and all of a sudden I hear “So, get out get out, get out of my head” Ahhh, my phones ringing. I run into my room and to my bedside table. It’s my best friend, Allie.

ME: Hey love, what’s up?                                                                               

HER: Just making sure you’re up. Were still walking together to school right after my brother drops me off at your house?

ME: Yeahh, of course. Just text of call me when you leave your house so I know.

HER: Okay, will do. See you soon turtle. Love you, byee.

ME: Awesome! Love you too Boo, byee.

Boo and Turtle, those are our nicknames for each other. Don’t ask me how we came up with them… I don’t even know… They just kinda happened.

                Now, back to curling my hair and blasting One Direction. Finally an hour later, my hair is done. I love my long hair, but gosh dang it, it takes forever to do anything with it. Now to do my make up, I think I’m going to do something natural and simple. I’m thinking a pink and gold-ish mix. Just as I’m finishing up and putting on mascara I get a text from Allie.

                From .Allie!:)

Im on my way be there in 10-15 minutes.

“Perfect, I have time to make sure I have everything I need in my backpack and double check my hair and then she should be here” I think.

                Knock, knock.  Ahh it’s Allie, this is it, the first day. I open the door and hug my best friend.

“Are you ready?”

We both ask each other simultaneously. We laugh and say yeah. Then next thing we know we are out the door almost to school. We are literally a few steps from school. We look at each other, take a deep breath and walk on campus. I am so ready for the first day, scared but ready.

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