My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


4. The Plans


I get up, do everything I always do in the morning and throw on clothes. Go down stairs and eat a beagle with berry cream cheese and I’m about ready to leave just as soon as Alli-. Knock, knock, knock. She’s here, off to the second day of school I go. Allie and I head out the door and down the street to the school.

“Soo, did you creep on him” Allie asks very intrigued.

I laugh and reply with a simple “No.”

“Well why not, you crazy?”

“Well I was busy that why”

“Busy with what?!” She’s says almost yelling “It’s only the second day of school.”

 “Okay. Well maybe I wasn’t busy. I just didn’t get around to it okay?” I say giving her a look.

“Okay fine” she replies pretending to be mad “oh hey! What are you doing Friday?”

“Um tomorrow? Nothing I don’t think. Forever alone remember?” I say with a smile cuz I know it annoys her.

“Not forever… Gosh Alisha we’ve gone over this about a million times. But anyway, not the point, do you want to come with me to the fair?”

“Oh my goodness, what do you think?” I laugh a bit “I love the fair you know that you that now try asking me that again.”

“Okay fine, were going to the fair tomorrow… okay?”

“Alright sounds good” I say with a huge smile across my face “I’m so excited! What’s the plan?”

“Um well I don’t have everything set in stone yet but we are going. I’ll text you when I know.” She says as we enter campus and are attacked by our friends Hannah and Kylah.

“Hey lovies” I say with a smile, I call everyone lovies.

“Hey sunshine” they say to me at the same time.

That’s their nickname for me, Little Miss Sunshine. I guess it’s because I always have a smile on my face, literally no matter what. Even if there are tears streaming down my face, you will still find a smile. After talking for about 10 minutes the bell rings. Well off to class it is, I hug Allie and Hannah and head off to class with Kylah. After 6 different classes and what seemed like forever, the day is done. I am defiantly not wanting to let go with summer, but I must cuz there’s this thing called school. After I get home I talk to my mom for a bit about school and mention to her going to the fair with Allie. She of course says yes because she loves Allie and will let me do anything with her and let her come over whenever. She’s like part of the family. So that’s final, I’m going to the fair with Allie on Friday, well tomorrow. I better start planning what I’m going to wear. As I get upstairs and start looking through my closet and drawers my phone buzzes.

From: .Allie!:)

                Okay   so tomorrow meet at my house at 3:30 and we’ll drive to the fair and then we’ll either bring you home at like 9:30 - 10 and or back to my house for a sleepover. Sound good?

To: .Allie!:)

                Alright it’s a plan:) See you tomorrow hunn.

From: .Allie!:)

                Can’t wait :)

I finally pick out my outfit for school and then for the fair. My school outfit isn’t important but, for the fair I am wearing slight boot cut denim jeans and a Minnie Mouse shirt.


I throw my back pack down and run up to my room I have 45 minutes until I have to leave. I did my nails last night so I don’t have to worry about that all I have to worry about is getting my clothes on super quick and using the rest of the time to do my hair. I’m doing my hair in a low side fishtail braid. ( After I finish up my hair I look at the time and I have about 5 minutes before I have to leave. I brush my teeth, grab my red Toms, my wallet and phone and just as I’m walking down stairs to tell Mom in ready to go my phone buzzes, it’s a text.


From: .Allie!:)

                Hey Turtle do you mind if Alex comes too?

Shoot. Really? I don’t want to third wheel that would be awkward. But of course I text her back with the obvious response because she must have already invited him and he was planning to come, question was, did he know I was coming too?

To: .Allie!:)

                No… Not at all… I’ll see you guys soon then?

From: .Allie!:)

                See you soon:)

“Taylor!” I yell up the stairs

“What?” She yells back down

“Come on were leaving”

“Where are we going? What?” she is out of her room now and looking down the stairs puzzled.

“Just come on, don’t you want to come with me? Grab a jacket I’m leaving”

“Okay, coming!” and next thing I know she’s running down the stairs

“Well you move fast” I say with a laugh.

We now headed out to the car and Mom was waiting.

“What took you so long? Buckled?” She questions

“Yes” Taylor and I say simultaneously

“Sorry I got last minute news from Allie and Taylor was being slow.”

“Wait, is Taylor coming with?” Shes a bit puzzled

“Uh, yeah I’ll tell you later.” I say giving her a look

“Ohhh okay I get it.”

“Wait, where am I going anyway?” Taylor pipes up from the back seat.

“Oh the fair, it’ll be fun.” I say turning around so I can see her

“Oh, not what I expected but okay” She say excited

I then pull out my phone and text Allie

To: .Allie!:)

                Hey Boo… Taylors coming with sorry for late notice but my parents just kinda dumped her on me.

From: .Allie!:)

                Ok sounds good     she’ll be the odd one out haha hope she doesn’t get lost like Ashley hahaha see you soon.

To: .Allie!:)

                Hahaha I know right… see you supper soon

Well that’s a funny story when Ashley was a bit younger then Taylor she went to a fair and parade and got lost my mom ended up going to the police and they helped her find her. She ended up being in the parade, where she was supposed to be. Oops.

We just pulled in to Allies house and Taylor asks “Umm… A?”

“Yeah hunn?” I turn around and ask her as I unbuckle.

“Why are we at Allies? I thought it was just gunna be you mom and I” she says quietly and unbuckling as well.

“Oh yeah, well,” I open the door to the car so I can quickly get out as soon as I tell her the news “It’s gunna be you, me, Allie” I take a long pause before telling her about Alex “and Alex” as I finished saying his name I jump out of the car and just as I close the door I hear her yell. I laugh and go over to hug my best friend.

“Hey lovie! I just told Taylor that its gunna be the 4 of us… Just give her a second and she’ll be out.” I say holding back giggles.

Alex laughs and asks “was it me that she wasn’t expecting?”

I laugh and say “yeah but she’ll be okay just as soon as she gets out here and we get on our way.”

Taylor just then comes out of the car and this is Allies queue, “There she is, so now should we be off?”

“Let’s go” Alex and I say at the same time.

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