My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


6. The Good and the Bad


Liam’s POV

Oh great Paul was really going to kill us now. I probably just blew our cover too. I ran straight in to this girl. Well first she was just this girl but when I really saw her I realized she was a gorgeous girl with long dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes, that hadn’t quite seen me yet. It was all Louis’ fault. He got distracted by one of the fair games as we were passing by. I slightly looked over my shoulder to call him to come back so we can all stay together. I don’t want anyone getting lost. We just talked Paul into letting us go out by ourselves as long as we didn’t start a riot and “stay on the DL”. But now she’s going to see me… well us and who knows what then. I apologize and reach my hand out to help her up and Louis then cries “Gosh Liam, watch where you’re going,” I give him a look because this is entirely his fault and he knows it. I look back at her who is now brushing the dirt off her jeans and adorable Minnie Mouse shirt. Wow, that’s all I could think. I hope she doesn’t hate me now.

Alisha’s POV

I slowly lift my head to see who I ran into, or who ran into me. Was it Zayn or Harry? Or was it Niall, Liam or Louis? But really, I might not even be one of them. My eyes met his and I melted inside, those beautiful brown eyes belonged to the one and only Liam James Payne.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have been watching where I was going better” I manage to say.

“Oh don’t worry about it love. It really should have been me watching. I should have noticed a beautiful girl like you.” He says completely calm and with a small smile on his face. I swear I almost died, right there and then. “You see, my friend Louis here got a bit distracted at the game back there I think and I looked over my shoulder to make sure he was keeping up, and well you know what happened then,” and that was where our stories collide. I then break eye contact with Liam and look around… They’re all there, every one of them. Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry.

“Oh I understand, but it’s a bit of my fault too. If I had just bee-” Liam cuts me off.

“I don’t believe I got your name, so if I may ask… what is your name?”

“Alisha” I reply with a smile.

“Beautiful name, nice to meet you. I don’t believe I ever told you my name, have I?”

“No you haven’t, but you don’t need to.” I reply slightly looking down and then back up, afraid that I’m not going to be able to talk to him… well them, ever again. He looks puzzled, they all do. I guess they’re used to every girl screaming and overreacting. “You’re Liam, he’s Louis, he’s Harry, he’s Niall and he’s Zayn.”

“Hi” they all (except Liam) say who knows what was going through his head.

Liam’s POV

“I don’t believe I got your name, so if I may ask… what is your name?” I was lost in her eyes and I think I just caught her off… Oops.

“Alisha” she says with a smile… a gorgeous smile I might add.

“Beautiful name, nice to meet you.” I debate saying just like you, but decide not to, “I don’t believe I ever told you my name, have I?” I’m really starting to think that she doesn’t know who we are. But is she does know I love that she isn’t freaking out. But judging from every other directioner we’ve met here she probably doesn’t know who we are or she just isn’t a directioner/fan.

“No you haven’t, but you don’t need to.” She says looking down and then back up slowly. She seemed like she was scared or worried of something that she was about to say. Now I’m not only puzzled as to why she didn’t freak out since that gave away that she knows who we are and to why she was worried.

“You’re Liam, he’s Louis, he’s Harry, he’s Niall and he’s Zayn.” She says that gorgeous smile spreading across her face. I’m pretty sure all of the boys, not only me, were astounded but they all managed to get out a simultaneous “Hi” with a slight wave. She giggles a little and looked back at me. I was still pretty blanked out because well first I made a fool of myself in front of her, running into her now I’m just standing here mute, trying to figure out what just happened and what it was about her that made me want to talk to her and like her so much. Then Harry saying,

“Well now that we all know each other… lets go play some games” snapped me back to reality.

“I like that plan,” I said with a smile and looking into her eyes going to grab her hand. What was I doing? We just met… Why was I going to grab her hand? I guess it just kinda felt like it was right. Alisha just then gasped and I think oh great this is when we run she gunna scream because it just kicked in now that we were touching.

“Taylor!” she says quickly starting to walk away, but she still had hold of my hand so I went with her and the rest of the boys followed.

“Alisha!” I call “Alisha, what’s wrong… Who’s Taylor?” she wouldn’t stop, so holding on to her hand I pull her back to me and ask her again. “Who’s Taylor? What’s wrong?”

“She’s my little sister” she replies panicked.

“What about her?” I ask trying to calm her down.

“I can’t find her, I left her right there. I think she’s lost I feel horrible.”

“Oh, I see. Okay don’t freak out hun we’ll find her. It’ll be okay.”  I say squeezing her hand a bit, stroking her hand with my thumb and pulling her closer. But really I’m scared too because I would die if Ruth or Nicole were lost when I was watching after them… even if one of the boys got lost.

Alisha’s POV

Liam Payne… Liam fricken Payne was holding my hand. Someone please pinch me because this must be a dream. And just then it hit me.

“Taylor!” I screamed and quickly start walking towards where I left her a while ago, not letting go of Liam’s hand… like I probably should have.

“Alisha!” He calls from behind me but I keep walking, I have to get back to my sister. I really hope I didn’t lose her. Liam says something again then he pulls me back to him and asks me what’s wrong.

“Who’s Taylor? What’s wrong?” He asks super confused.

“My little sister” I reply obviously panicked

“What about her?” Liam asks obviously calmer than me.

“I can’t find her, I left her right there. I think she’s lost, I feel horrible.”

“Oh, I see. Okay don’t freak out hun we’ll find her. It’ll be okay.”  After he says this I take a deep breath and start to calm down. He squeezes my hand while stroking it with his thumb and pulls me slightly closer as to tell me everything is going to be okay. I smile and he lets go of my hand and tells the boys what happened. After he tells them Zayn asks if she has a phone and I say yes, but she left it at home. Then Niall asks if I came with anyone else that I could call. And before he could tell me to try calling them, Allie answers the phone.

“Oh my gosh Alisha where are you? It’s been like 20 minutes since you called last. How long was the line?” She says as she answers.

“I’m still at the games I ran into… some people” I look at the boys with a smile. “But we have a problem…”

“Who’d you meet and what’s the problem?”

“I’ll have to tell you that later and well… So… Um… Taylor… She kinda sot lost. I can’t find her.”

“What?! Alisha how could you-“

“Allie stop! I’m already freaking out enough on my own.”

“Okay sorry”

“It’s okay, now where are you guys?”

“We’re back by where we ate.”

“Okay… well” I look at the boys “… Be there soon” I hang up the phone

“Well where are we off to?” Louis asks

“Follow me?” I start to walk “wait… Don’t you have to go… It’s getting kinda dark don’t you have to get back to the hotel?”

“Oh right, here let me call Paul,” Liam pulls out his phone and calls him “Hey… We’re still here… Okay… Yeah I’ll let the other boys know… Yes… Bye.” He looks back at me and smiles “lead the way.”

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