My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


5. The Adventures


Just as we pull into the fairgrounds I practically run to the ticket booth.

“Come on slow pokes” I yell with a huge smile on my face.

Alex laughs at the look on Allies face, I know she still loves me even though I’m being a dork. I was more excited than Allie and Alex and it was their date. Well I guess this is just my like favorite place to be so I was super pumped. I give the lady at the booth my money and she stamps my hand along with giving me a ticket. Allie, Alex and Taylor follow soon after. Taylor catches up to me and seems practically glued to me the entire time. It’s Taylor at my hip, Alex at Allies and Allie is switching between Taylor and mines. She didn’t want me to feel third wheel-ish and was terrified of Taylor getting lost.

After about two hours of roller-coasters, games, other rides and standing in lines we go to get food. I let Taylor get food first and then Allie and Alex then me. We all go sit in the grass to eat and just walk around for a bit. I’ve finished my food and was walking a bit in front of everyone. By this time weve been here for like 2 and a half hours and it’s starting to get dark.

“Alisha comes take care of your sister,” Allie calls from behind me.

“But I thought you wanted her to be your little sister.” I say with a smile, slightly looking over my shoulder, but making sure not to run into anyone. I’m kinda really clumsy most of the time. “I coming hold on” I get back to Taylor and lean over a bit to ask her what she wants

“I have to go pee” she says.

I laugh and tell her to follow me to the bathroom. “We’re going to the bathroom I’ll call you when we need to meet back up. You have your phone on right?”

“I do.” Alex says pulling his iPhone out of his pocket and pressing the lock button revealing his lock screen background of the three of us and the time, letting me know it was on. He shoves it back in his pocket just as Allie says that she has her phone too. Taylor and I walk off to find where the closest bathroom is. We look around and then just decide to just walk a bit because she thought we had passed one a while ago when we were over in this area. A few minutes later we find a bathroom and Taylor starts to walk in but quickly realizes that I’m not following her. She turns around and comes back “Alisha, aren’t you coming in?”

“Tay, you’re in 7th grade you can go to the bathroom alone.”

“But I don’t wanna get lost” she says looking down.

“You’re going to be okay, it’s just a bathroom you’re not going to get lost in it. I’ll be just out here don’t worry about it.” I reply making her look up at me.

“Okay, just don’t leave me.”

“I won’t” I quickly reply.



A few minutes later Taylor comes out of the bathroom and straight to me.

“See you didn’t get lost. It’s wasn’t that bad was it?” I tease her.

“Oh shut up” She says lightly hitting me rolling her eyes.

“Well should we find Allie and Alex then?” I ask starting to walk.

“No,” she replies almost instantly.

I almost stop in my tracks “What?”

“I mean, I’m not trying to be mean but I want to just spend a little time with you.”

“Oh okay sweetie I understand. Well what do you want to do?” I question making her stop so we don’t go too far away from where ever she wants to go.

“Um… Oh! Can we go play some of the games?” She says super excited.

“Oh yeah of course we can, let’s go.” I put my hand on her shoulder and make her walk in front of me to the games.

We finally get to the games and I tell her to pick whichever one that she wanted and she picked throwing rings around the bottles. After that she really wanted to try throwing the dart at balloons because you could win a little stuffed wolf. I let her get in the line and then tell her that I’m going to call Allie and Alex to let them know where we are since its getting pretty dark now since it’s about 7:30 pm now. I walk a bit away from the crowed lines and pull out my phone and call Alex. He answers with in the first few rings.

“Hey Alisha, where are you guys?” He asks right as he answers.

“Hey were at the games Taylor wanted to spend some time with me so I brought her here. She’s in line for a game right now and after that I’ll call you or Allie to find out where you guys are and meet up.”

“Okay sounds good, see you soon, bye” I hear Allie yell bye in the background.

I laugh “bye, see you soon.”

I start to walk back to where Taylor is, looking down because I’m trying not to run into someone. Just to my luck I do.

“Oh my goodness I am so sorry” I say trying to get up from the ground, yet I still haven’t seen who I ran into.

“Oh don’t be sorry love. I’m the one who should be sorry.”  He says reaching out an arm to help me up. He, the mystery person is a guy, with a gorgeous British accent. I accept his hand as an offer to help me up.

“Gosh Liam, watch where you’re going,” another boy? And also with a gorgeous British accent. What are the chances? I still haven’t seen any of them because I’m brushing off the dirt from my jeans and shirt and just then I hear a laugh that I would know from anywhere. It’s Niall Horan, from One Directions laugh. And I look up, trying to remain calm because if it really was them, I would be meeting at least 3/5 of my favorite band. 3/5 of my life.

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