My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


10. Reminicing


Alisha POV

“Hey mom we got a bit held up on the last thing we wanted to do.” Allie says as the four of us get in the car.

“Oh don’t worry about it, sorry I came early. Now Alex, are we taking you home?” Allies mum asked looking in the rear-view mirror and putting the car into drive.

“Um yeah” Alex replies buckling his seat belt.

“Okay… Soo how was it?” She questions us all.

“Great” Allie and I say at the same time. I couldn’t stop smiling I just had the time of my life… I couldn’t believe it.

“Alisha, I know you’re always super smiley but you seem over smiley right now. What happened and oh, who jacket is that? You didn’t have it before did you? Did you meet a boy?” Allies mum asks. Allie and I glance at each other with an “Oh-my-gosh! I-forgot!” look and then I speak up.

“Umm… Yeah… We met a few…” I drag on

“They met One Direction! And that’s Liam’s jacket!!” Taylor yells from the very back seat. Allie and I both quickly turn around and gave her a look as to yell at her for saying something about it.

“Really?” Allies mom asks. Silence. “Allie, Alisha?... Alex?” She questions waiting for us to say something. Alex looks away from either of us and Allie looks at me until I answer because, well I was the one to meet then first. “Hello? Am I just talking to myself now?” Allies mom asks, now looking in the rear-view mirror at us.

“Uh…” I finally speak up, but super slowly, “Yeah… Yeah we did.”

“Oh my gosh girls! You’ll have to tell me everything later.” She says with a smile, knowing that both Allie and I really like One Direction.

“Will do” Allie says for the both of us. A little while later my phone laughs and everyone looks at me, I just smile and check to see who it is.

From: Liam:)

I miss you already and we’ve only been away from each other for like 10 minutes

To: Liam:)

I miss you too… I can’t believe I got to spend half my night with you… I had so much for even if I did loose Taylor

From: Liam:)

Me too:) and I hope we can do it again soon

To: Liam:)

Well we’re going to have to:)

From: Liam:)

What do you mean we have to?

To: Liam:)

I kinda have something that belongs to you

From: Liam:)

Oh right! My jacket… you don’t have to give it back but that’s a good excuse to see each other again;)

To: Liam:)

Yayy cuz its warm and I love it:)

From: Liam:)

I’ll check with Paul but you should come to the hotel and hang with the boys and I, if you can. I’ll let the front desk know you’re coming.

To: Liam:)

I like that plan… I’ll talk to my parents and get back to you

From: Liam:)

Sounds good:) talk to you soon

“Who could you be texting that’s making you smile so much?” Allie asks

“Take a wild guess,” I say smiling ear-to-ear

“Liam?” She asks

“Very good.” The car then comes to a stop

“And this is where you get off.” Allies mum says looking at Alex. Alex gets out and Allie follows.

“Bye Alex!” I yell as they close the door. I see him wave just before the two of them walk to the door. She hugs his goodbye and comes back to the car.

“Okay, now that the boys gone… tell me all about tonight and One Direction. What happened?” Allies mum asks.

I tell her the shortened version of what happened in the past 5-6 hours. Starting with Taylor having to go to the bathroom, to her and I playing games together. Running into Liam and the rest of One Direction, then loosing Taylor, the search and finding her. And last but not least… the Ferris wheel.

“And all of that really happened?” Allies mum questions.

“Yup… every part of it… for realsies. Why else would I have his jacket?” I answer.

“Well you guys are two very lucky girls… Especially you Alisha, Liam must really like you.”

“I super hope he does, cuz I really like him.”

~ ~ ~

“Alisha, you’re able to sleepover right?” Allies mom (who might as well be my second mom) asks, slightly looking back at me.

“Yeah” I reply not even thinking about Taylor in the back seat.

“What about you Taylor?”

“Um… No I don’t think so,” Taylor says quietly

“Oh! Taylor, yeah, my mom will come pick her up, I’ll text her now” I say pulling out my phone.

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