My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


11. It's All A Dream


We soon are pulling into Allies driveway and just behind us my mom pulls in to pick my Taylor and bring her home. I hug Taylor and tell her

“Thanks for coming baby girl, I hope you had fun.” I send her off to Mum. Taylor gets in the car and my mum comes out of the car and gives me my overnight bag.

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.” I say

“Love you too” she says and kisses my on the top of the head and lets me go.

As we walk into Allies flat I go to the left, down the hall and up the stairs to Allies room to put on sweats. I slip on my dark grey sweats, a tank to with Liam’s jacket on top and throw my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head and head back downstairs to her movie room. As I walk through the kitchen I see her mom is making us popcorn just like every time we have a sleepover and get back to her flat late. It’s watching movies and eating popcorn until we fall asleep. This night we probably get through three movies until we fell asleep during the 4th. We watched Mean Girls, Princess Bride, Up and started Monsters vs. Aliens. Allie woke up first and threw a pillow at me, waking me up.

“Get up I want to go get good, my dad’s making breakfast.” She says once she sees my eyes open. I moan, roll over and try to go back to sleep. “No, Alisha get up!” She yells at me.

“Okay, okay fine I’m getting up” I say slowly taking the blankets off and getting up. “Oh my gosh Al! I had this crazy dream last night”

“What happened?” Allie asks

“Okay well you, Alex, Taylor and I all went to the fair and then Taylor and I went to play games and when we got to the game are I went to call you to tell you where we were and then on the way back I literally ran into Liam Payne, and the rest of One Direction. And then Taylor got lost and the eight of us went looking for her,”

“Um Alisha that…” Allie starts

“No let me finish I’m almost done. Um so yeah, you and Alex, Louis and Harry, Niall and Zayn and Liam and I all went in pairs looking or her. Then you guys found her and we met up and all went on the Ferris wheel. It was the best dream… EVER.”

“Um… Well how do I put this?” Allie says, we sit down at the table. Just then my phone laughs. ‘8 new messages’. The most resent one was from “Liam:)”. I open it.

From: Liam:)

Good Morning Beautiful:)

Oh my gosh. Liam? Liam Payne? No it couldn’t be… But I didn’t know any other Liam’s. I go check my other texts, they’re all from twitter. There was one from each of the boys, talking about how they had a great night at the fair, and how they loved getting away from the paparazzi. Did my dream really happen?

“Wait… So… Did that really happen? Was my dream not a dream?” I ask Allie looking up from my phone.

“Uh… Yeah.” Allie says slowly

“Oh. My. Gosh.” I couldn’t believe it.

Liam’s POV

We got back to the hotel late that night all the boys were talking about the fair and Alisha on the way there. Louis and Zayn said that they could picture her getting along really well with Eleanor and Perrie. Harry and Niall sounded like they fancied her a bit; they kept mentioning how fit she was. But that might have just been me worried about losing her. I like her so much, but only time will tell in we will really work out as a couple. When we got back to the hotel we went through the few late night fans and took pictures and hugged them and all of that. They were a lot calmer so we actually could stop. We then went up to our room. The late night fans were significantly quieter than the ones during the day, so now we could really sleep. Niall lost his phone when we got back so he asked to use mine to call his.

“Sure, go for it” I tell him, handing him my phone.

“Thanks Liam.” He says, he unlocks my iPhone to call his and leaves the room to look for it. I put on my pajama pants and take off my shirt. Just then Niall comes back in with Zayn.

“Zayn had it, sorry Liam,” Niall says giving back my phone

“Oh don’t be sorry, it’s okay Nialler. But you guys should get to bed we have stuff to do tomorrow.” I tell them both

“Okay, see you tomorrow morning” Niall says in response and just as Niall leaves Zayn looks at me and says “You really like her don’t you mate?” I just nod and slightly smile.

“How’d you know?” I ask

“Well first, if anyone had seen you tonight they would defiantly think there was a connection between you two. And well, your wallpaper. It’s the two of you from tonight,” I click the lock button so I can see the picture. I just smile. “Goodnight love-struck” Zayn says as he leaves. I climb in to bed and close my eyes with her on my mind.

10:28, the time on the clock when I wake up to Niall knocking on the door.

“Are you awake lad?” Niall asks through the door.

“I am now” I say voice husky because I had just woke up.

“Oh sorry, but Paul just said we have an interview at 11, so we have like 40 minutes ‘til we have to go.”

“Alright I’ll be ready in 20. Are we meeting in his room?” I ask starting to get out of bed

“Yup, see you soon.” He replies and I then hear his door open, then close and I get up out of bed, stretch and walk to the bathroom to take a shower.  After I take a shower I go back to pick out what to wear. I check my phone again reviling the time: 10:33, and the picture of Alisha and I, reminding me it wasn’t a dream. I unlocked my phone and texted Alisha.

To: Alisha:)

Good Morning Beautiful:)

I choose a royal blue baseball tee and dark denim jeans along with vans. It’s 10:40 now and I head to Paul’s room.

“Ready?” He asks me when we get back

“Yup” I say, “Oh hey, when we get back can I invite a girl over to the hotel? To chill with the boys and I?”

“Is it the girl from the fair?” Paul swiftly asks

“Uh, yeah… How’d you know about her?”

“The boys all told me about you and her after you all got home last night. But anyway yeah, she can come, the boys made her seem like a nice girl.”

“Thanks Paul”

“No problem Liam, and depending on the paparazzi load maybe you guy can go somewhere.” Just then the rest on the boys come in. “Alright boys, we have 15 minutes to get to a place that takes 20,” Paul says to everyone

“Well let’s drive!” Harry says. We all quickly head downstairs and get in the car. As I get buckled up and we get in our way I get a text

From: Alisha:)


To: Alisha:)

How are you love?

From: Alisha:)

Really good:) hbu?

To: Alisha:)

Tired, but great

From: Alisha:)

Then you should sleep… I would be but Allie woke me up c(:

To: Alisha:)

We have interviews to go to. So Niall woke me up and now were on the road.

From: Alisha:)

Oh well that’s exciting:)

To: Alisha:)

Sure, but od rather be spending time with you;)

From: Alisha:)


To: Alisha:)

Speaking of spending time with you, Paul said you could come by the hotel and chill with the boys and I after out interviews today and we could maybe go somewhere, depending on the paps.

From: Alisha:)

Ahhh I’d love to:)   I haven’t quite told my mum about meeting you guys…but Taylor probably has so I’ll talk to her when I get home from Allies and let you know

To: Alisha:)

Okay sounds good and I’ll keep you updated with time. And sorry but I’ve gotta go. We’ve just got to the interview. I’ll talk to you later. Bye babe

From: Alisha:)

Bye… have fun:)

Alisha’s POV

To: Liam:)

Bye… have fun:)

“Guess who’s gunna be hanging out with One Direction later?” I ask Allie with a huge smile on my face.

“Who?” she asks, pretending not to know.

“This girl,” I say still smiling

“Oooo when?” she asks

“I donno yet, he said after the interviews they have to so today.” I say as I walk to her room to put some normal clothes on. I put on black skinny jeans with a light purple V-neck and throw my hair back up into a messy bun. As I walk back downstairs my phone rings; it’s my mum.

“Hey mum” I say as I answer

“Hey sweetie, I’m coming to pick you up in like five minutes so be ready.” She says

“Alrighty will do, see you soon. Bye, love you”

“Love you too, bye”

“Who was that?” Allie asks as I walk in to the kitchen.

“My mom, she’s on her way” I let her know.

“Oh okay well have some food before you go my dad just finished making everything.” We sit down at her bar and eat the breakfast; soon we hear a knock at the door.

“I got it” I say getting up and walking to the door.

“Ready?” My mom asks after I open the door.

“Yup, my stuff is just upstairs let me get it” I say, then turn to walk upstairs and just after Allies mom walks downstairs to talk to my mom. Soon I’m back downstairs stuff in hand and walking out the door after my mom finished talking to Allies mom and thanked her for having me over, like always.

“Bye Allie” I say as I walk out.

“Bye” she says back before closing the door. Mom and I get in the car and start to head home.

“So how was it?” She asks

“The fair? Oh it was great” I say with a smile

“It that it? Just great?”

“Well yeah… Cuz you know the rest” I slightly smile, trying to keep a straight face “Taylor told you didn’t she?”

“Ugh, well yeah but I want your half… What exactly happened on the Ferris wheel and when you guys went looking for Taylor, by the way good job losing your sister… normally you would be in huge trouble, but One Direction saved you this time so you can thank them” She says smirking at me but quickly getting her eyes back on the road. I managed to fit the three hours-ish of interesting fair activities into 5 minutes ending with the Ferris wheel – my favorite part.

“And well that’s about it”

“Wow, you had a pretty amazing night didn’t you?”

“Oh yes I did” I say with a smile and getting out of the car and walking up to the front door of my house.

“Well after all that you guys got to hang out again!” Mom says unlocking the door almost more excited than me.

“Yeah… in fact later today, I needed to ask-” Mom cuts me off

“Yes you can go, of course. Take your car or my car or they come get you whatever. But yes of course you can go.”

I scream of excitement “Thanks so much mom” I hug her quickly and run up to my room to start to pick out my outfit. After what seemed like hours I decided to either black yoga pants and a long sleeve pink hoodie or dark denim jeans and a floral shirt with a lace back. With the yoga pants I’d wear black Vans and with the jeans I’d wear chestnut Uggs. I sigh, relieved that I have that decided. Just then I hear Niall’s laugh from my bedside table. ‘6 New Messages’ “Geeze how did I not hear all of them” I think. There’s one from each of the boys (except Liam) that say something along the lines of “Are you coming to hang with us later?” I reply to each of them “Probably:)” or something similar. Then theres one from Allie “When are you hanging with the boys?” I quickly respond “Not quite sure yet, soon”

Then there’s Liam’s text.

From: Liam:)

Hey love got out of all the interviews a little bit ago and headed back to the hotel so we can hang out in a little.

To: Liam:)

Awesome:) Im fine with any time… What are we gunna be doing?

From: Liam:)

Umm… Not quite sure but all the boys and I were thinking of an open room movie marathon and we could just mess around the hotel. Sound good?

To: Liam:)

Sounds great:) what time should I be there and where is there? Haha

From: Liam:)

Hahaha well you might need to know that… Were at the Sheraton in Seattle when you see bunches of screaming fans… You’re there:) And say in about 50 minutes?

To: Liam:)

Haha yeah that works, see you then:)

From: Liam:)

See you soonnnn:)xx

I throw my phone on the bed and go to my bathroom to straighten my hair. Its 12:20 now so at the Sheraton to 1:10, I’ll leave at 12:45 giving me plenty transportation time. I turn on my straightener and while waiting for it to heat up I go downstairs to tell my mom the plan.

“Alright that’s fine, what time will you be home?” She asks after

“Not quite sure but I’ll keep you updated… is that okay?” I say not sure of what she’s going to say.

“Yeah, that should be okay, as long as you keep my updated. Now go get ready”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I yell running upstairs. I throw on the outfit with the yoga pants and finish up straightening my hair. It’s almost 12:45 now so I run downstairs and throw on my Vans. I say goodbye to everyone and head out to my car. I get in and text Liam letting him know that I’ll be there in 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes went by faster than I thought. Once I parked I texted Liam.

To: Liam:)

Hey… Im here what room should I go to or what should I do?

From: Liam:)

So they don’t let anyone come onto the floor were on unless they have a room on the floor so I’ll call the front desk and let them know you’re coming. But head to room 2813 after you stop at the front desk.

To: Liam:)

Okay… I’ll be up there soon

I walk straight from the parking garage to the front desk and the girl there looks at me and asks “Alisha?”

“Uh yeah… How’d you know?” I reply

“Well Liam described you very well” She says with a smile. “You are one lucky girl. Any of the girls out there” She gestures to the bunch of fans outside “Would die to be you.” I can’t help but blush.

“If only they knew” I say slightly giggling.

“Okay well do you know where the boys are?” She asks me

“Yeah I do”

“Okay well go ahead. The person in the elevator will let you go up to their floor.”

“Thank you so much!” I say slowly starting to walk towards the elevator

“No problem sweetie” she says as I walk away. I get into the elevator and get off in level 28 and start looking for 2813 but next thing I know one of the doors open and Louis comes out.

“I knew I heard the elevator!” Louis says coming and hugging me. Soon he is followed my Niall

 “Alisha!” Niall yells. I laugh and hug him too. All of the boys must have heard him yell cuz they all come out of their rooms next and attack me with hugs. I giggle a bit “Hey guys” I say. Just then Liam comes out to see what all of the noise is about. When we lock eyes his face lights up and he comes up to hug me too. The boys very quietly ‘awww’ and then Harry speaks up,

“So… Pirates of the Caribbean will be in mine and Louis’ room. Finding Nemo in Nialler’s, Paranormal Activity, the first one, will be in Louis’ real room, Grown Ups in Zayn’s and Toy Story in Liam’s. Mine and Louis’ room and Niall’s room are connected, and then Zayn and Liam’s are connected and Louis’ real room is connected to Paul’s. Okay?” We all slightly nod “Okay… Movie time!” I look at each of the boy with a huge smile

“I vote Grown Ups first” they all laugh and we then head down the hall to Zayn’s room to watch the first movie.

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