My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


3. First Day 101


1st period, done. 2nd and 3rd period, done. Lunch, done. I’m so happy I got to see everyone. I missed them all so much. 4th and 5th period, done. And lastly 6th period… done. First day of school, done.  Wow… That went by a lot quicker than I expected. Walking home with Allie now and reminiscing on the day. She is totally gutted that she doesn’t have any classes with her boyfriend, Alex. But I reminded her not to be too upset, and think positive. You can always sit with him at lunch or see him during passing. I then mention the cute boy that sits 3 seats in front of me and 1 row over in English. And how he totally winked at me and was staring at me today.

“Ooo! What does he look like?”

Allie asked curiously. I answered saying “Well he has brown hair and beautiful brown-green eyes. He seems totally care free and just making people laugh. On the first day! Like who does that, normally everyone’s really quiet.” After she squeals a bit she tells me that I should talk to him tomorrow, I then tell her it’s not that easy but still get talked in to pinky promising her I would talk to him.

                Now were walking into my driveway and there’s her brother in his car, waiting.

“Allie, geeze what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for like 10 minutes. Why’d you stay at school so long?”

“Uggh, that’d be my brother when he wants to get home to play his stupid games, okay so I should go now before he throws a shoe at me or something. Love you Turtle.”

 She says to me rolling her eyes, we hug I say love you too and she walks to the car telling her brother to have some patience and “take a chill pill”. Typical brother, sister moment. As she’s getting in the car she yells to me

“Don’t forget to talk to mystery guy or find out more about him, do some Facebook stalking! Bye”

“I’m normally the one tell you that stuff, I’m rubbing off on you. Bye Boo.” I yell back laughing.

                I walk up to my front door and unlock it and am soon mauled by my dogs. I pet them then push them off so I can get out of the door way. I get my syllabi that need to be signed, and give them to my mom. Soon after I give them to her she asks the typical mom question.

“So hunny, how was your day?”

“Pretty good, seemed like any other first day, I survived, didn’t get lost. Just like last year.” I simply reply with.

 “But its 12th grade, your senior year, you’re soo close to graduating!” She says obviously trying to get more out of me.  

“Well if you must know more. The classes are different, and the teachers seem like they are expecting more. But that was predictable; I knew it was going to be like that. You’re a grade closer to graduating, so you have to be ready, they’re just setting you up for the future. There is that want you want?”

 “Well that’s better, not exactly what I wanted, but it works.” She replied with a smile, knowing it would make me wonder.

“Well what did you want to know?” I question, just like she wanted me to.

“Your friends, how was seeing most of them for the first time in a long time.” She says calmly.

“Well, that was great! Filled with big hugs and everything, I missed everyone so much. Most of them haven’t changed… well on the inside. I still love my friends and am still with the same ones. And I am very happy with it, along with hopefully making new ones. Now is that what you wanted?” I reply beaming.

“Yeah, but you missed one thing.”

 “And what’s that?”

“Boys” she says quickly.


“Gosh, gosh sorry…” She says grinning.

“Oh my gosh, I’m going to my room.” I reply laughing and walking away.

 “I’ll just ask another day” She yells as I get up to my room and close my door.

 I roll my eyes then head over to my bed to listen to music. I hear the front door open then close and a quick, “Hi Mom good day at school, bye Mom.” Then little footsteps running up the stairs. Now I’m just sitting on my bed laughing at my little sister because she must have someplace to go or something to do. She always stops to talk to Mom when she gets home from anything, but not today and it’s especially weird because it’s the first day. She runs into her room and closes the door. I slowly get up so she doesn’t hear me and walk over down the hall to her room, and slowly open the door.

 “Hey! Privacy… Please. Just knock.” She yells at me.

 “Oh chill Taylor… It’s just me. Now what’s up? What happened on the first day of 7th grade? Why did you run upstairs? You always talk to Mom.”

 “Gosh A, so many questions.  But, 7th grade is awesome. I love it. I’m not the little kid anymore.” She says smiling and slightly bouncing.

“Well you’re still the little kid to me, and to Ashley.” I say slightly pushing her. There are 3 of us, Taylor; she’s the youngest, being 12. Then there’s me, and I’m 17. And then Ashley, she’s the oldest; she’s a senior in college, making her 21.

“Well yeah… but well… I’m almost a teen. This is the year that I officially turn 13 and become a teen, not a little kid or a pre-teen.” She says slightly wining.

“Okay, okay fine. I’ll let you have this one, but you’ll always be my baby sister. Now what happened at school today that’s making you so… happy and smiley?”

 “Oh, you know…”She responds with moving up on her bed and motioning me to sit down next to her.

 I sit and say, “Okay, now what is it?” She grabs a pillow a hugs it with just her eyes above it but you could tell she had the biggest grin on her face.

 “Oh. My. Gosh. It’s a boy. It’s a boy isn’t it?” I request because it finally clicked. All she does is giggle and I take that as a yes.

“Taylor! Tell me now. Spill it!”

“Okay, okay fine. Well his name is Jacob and he’s super cute and so sweet and I have 3 classes with him. And well I flirted and I think he might like me and well… I just, I really like him. He’s super nice and really sweet and just.” She sighs and smiled.

 “Oh, it was just a great first day.” She says to end her story.

“Ooo. Your first almost teen crush” I tease her.

 “Stop it!” She says pushing me.

“Alright, well I’ll leave you to day dream about you secret lover.” I say winking and walking backwards out of her room.

 Just as I leave I hear her phone vibrate and her giggle. It must be the boy. I walk down stairs and tell mom about the new boy she is totally in love with. She says she figured that because I did the same thing when I had my first teen crush.

My first teen crush, Thomas was his name and he had no clue I existed until one day I got paired up with him in an assignment for Social Studies and that was when we both kinda fell for each other. Yet, because neither of us did anything about it, nothing really happened, but to this day I am okay with that because him and I are best friends now. Even though he moved a few states away, we still are super close, even though we don’t talk all the time any more I know he’s always just a text or phone call away when I need or want to talk to him.

After about 3 hours of listening to One Direction and just messing around, doing nothing pretty much. My mom calls from down stairs “Alisha! Dinner is ready get down here.”  I close my laptop and start to head down stairs.

“Your music!” she yells

“Sorry mom…” I run back up the stairs and to my room to turn off my music. Before I go back down stairs I check in Taylor’s room to see if she’s down yet. And sure enough she is. She probably helped mom with dinner. I run back downstairs and sit in my spot at the table.

“Mmmm smells so good! Who made it?” I ask knowing the answer I get.

“I did” I get from mom “me too!” I get as a little echo from Taylor.

“Well yeah she helped me out” mom says with a smile.

“Well don’t just look at it get to eating!”

Everyone starts eating and about halfway through I speak up “Mom?” She lifts her head up and looks at me silently saying that she’s listing.

“Where’s dad?”

She replied with a quiet “I’m not quite sure.”

And after about 10 seconds of silence there is a knock at the door. I asked to be excused to go answer it; I walk to door and open it. It’s Dad.

“We were just talking about you” I give my dad a huge hug and we walk in to the kitchen.

“Sorry I was late and didn’t call, I got held up at work” he walks over to my mother and kisses her on the forehead.

                My dad to me is like my best friend. We do so much together and I love him with all my heart even if he bugs me and drives me insane sometimes. He always has the right thing to say and a way to put a smile on my face. No matter what I don’t know what I would do without him. Well really I don’t know what I would do without either of my parents. My mom gets on my nerves so easily but still love her, so so much.

After each of us finish our dinner we spend time downstairs together until about 9 o’clock when I go up to my room and take a shower, put on my pajamas and lay out my outfit for the next day. I turn on my pink lava lamp and my music and lay down in bed to just relax and text a few of my friends. Yet, before I know it my alarm is going off and I am waking up for the second day of school.

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