My Happily Ever After

Alisha thought her senior year would just be like junior year... except with prom. But she runs into someone she never thought she would (though she hoped she would). Who knew actually running straight into someone would turn out to be so good.


1. Prologue



I have finally reached my senior year of High School and I am soo ready to get out of school and on to college. Well here is a bit about me. I have a bunch of friends but only a few close ones that I really trust. I'm not very popular at school but it doesn't bug me at all, I'm totally fine being unpopular. Two of my best friends call me Little Miss Sunshine and everyone else has kind of started to too. They say it fits me perfectly because I always have a smile on my face and I am always happy. Which, well in public, is true. I don't like people to know I'm upset and people rarely know if I am because I have spent years hiding it. I also am very insecure about my looks and I have a massive fear of being judged. But all of those things are beside the point... and kinda bringing a downer on stuff. So on to make happy things. My favorite color is pink and oh! One more thing, I have a massive obsession with One Direction. They are my life. I have passed my obsession to two of my friend, Hannah and Kylah and their favorites are Niall (Hannah’s) and Harry (Kylah’s) as for me, I don't have a favorite and can never choose one of the boys for the life of me. But, since Louis has Eleanor and Zayn has Perrie and I could never take Niall or Harry away from Hannah and Kylah so they have kind of paired me with Liam. According to them Liam and I would be perfect for each other. But, I know I have a very slim chance with any of them so it remains a dream. Until one night I end up 3rd wheeling with my best friend Allie and her boyfriend.

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