One direction Imagines



31. Rhiana and Liam

This is for Rhiana! Enjoy!


  I was finally going to meet them. I was finally going to meet One Direction. I was at a meet and greet at the mall I live by. Since I arrived late, I was going to be one of the last people to meet them. And the line stretched from their table, up the stairs to the second floor, all the way to the other end of the mall.

Where I stood, they were like ants. I sighed. A bunch of girls stood behind me and they were talking about how excited they were. I just stood there, alone. 

I had just moved to New York from Ireland, so I basically had no friends. My boyfriend and I had broken up after I found out that he was cheating on me. With my best friend. I shook my head. Just thinking about it made me want to cry. So I turned my head to the table at the far end of the mall.

From this distance, One Direction looked like ants.  I sighed again. Someone held up a sign from down the line. I had to squint, but I could read it. It read '60 minute wait from here'. I was going to be here awhile. To pass time by, I took out my phone and put in my earphones. I turned on my playlist 'Favorite Songs' and pressed shuffle.

I drifted off to dream land to the opening lines of 'Truly, Madly, Deeply', dreaming of Liam singing them to me. I had listened to the full Take Me Home album before I reached the top of the stairs.

This is where I had to be careful. I had seen videos of meet and greets where people shoved people on the stairs, trying to get to the boys.  I gripped the railing with my right hand and the Take Me Home album in my left hand. I also had the Up All Night album because I had missed the meet and greet for that album.

I hope they'll sign both, I thought. I was halfway down the steps, about to step on the next step when I was shoved from behind. The group of girls I was in front of freaked about about something and basically went crazy. I later learned that Liam had stood on the table and waved at us and screamed hello. 

I lost my balance and went tumbling down the rest of the steps. I was screamed at by directioners for cutting the line. But I didn't really hear them. I was in too much pain. My ankle was twisted and my head was pounding. A bunch of security rushed to me and took me by the arms. They put me on my feet and I yelped in pain. I was being escorted out of the mall. I made a feeble attempt at protest, but I accepted my fate.

I wasn't going to meet Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis, or Liam. And I had always had a tiny crush on Liam, so that was what upset me the most. Only then did I realize that on my tumble down the stairs, I had dropped my CDs. Even though they had my name, Rhiana (I like to be called Rhi) Smith, on the insides, I doubted that I would get them back.

When I was out of them mall, I hobbled toward my car, which was parked quite a ways away. And with my head pounding, my foot twisted at a weird angle, it was going to take more then five minutes to get to my car.

About half way through the parking lot, I heard heavy footsteps behind me.  "Rhiana! Wait, Rhiana!" I stopped. That was Liam's voice. I turned around and saw Liam sprinting towards me, with two CD cases in his hands. 

"Hi." I said when he was close to me. He smiled. 

"Your Irish! What are you doing here in New York?" He asked. 

"I moved here." I muttered. I was still awe that the Liam Payne was in front of me, speaking to me.

"Well, when you took a spill and was carried out, you dropped these." He handed me my albums. Both were signed by all five boys.

"Wow! Thank you so much!" I exclaimed. I took the albums from his hand and I touched his hand for a second. A jolt of electricity went through me. We looked in to each others eyes. He was the one to break the gaze.

"Well, your, um, welcome. Bye Rhiana." He said. I turned around and started to hobble away. 

"Wait! What happened to your leg? Did that happen on your way down the steps?" He asked in horror. I turned around and nodded.

"You cannot drive like that! Let me drive you to the hospital. Point out your car and I'll drive up to you." I tossed him my keys.

"It's the blue one right over there. Thank you so much, Liam." I said. In a few minutes I was in the passenger seat of my car with Liam Payne Driving me to the ER. 

"Thanks again, Liam." I said. He nodded.

"No problem, Rhiana. By the way, you can  call me Li."

"You can call me Rhi. I like it better then Rhiana." I said.  

Was becoming comfortable with Liam. I saw now that he is just a regular person. I started to drift off to sleep, my eyes making everything blurry on the edges, like a memory. 

"Rhi? Rhi! Stay awake! We're almost there! Stay awake!" Liam yelled. But I was already gone. I woke up with a blue cast on my leg and an anxious Liam standing over me.

"Oh thank goodness your awake! I hope you don't mind but I used your phone to call your parents and tell them about your situation. They were at work and said they'd be here in about two hours. And, there's one more thing." He stuttered. I nodded, gesturing for him to go on.  "They were both asking why I was on your phone, if I was your boyfriend. And I said yes. Are you okay with that? I mean, I kinda like you, and the boys stopped in before and said you looked like a 'keeper' so I was wondering..." He rambled on. I laughed, interrupting him.

"Li, I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend." I smiled at him. He looked relived and came over to me and kissed my forehead. "And I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend."

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