One direction Imagines



34. Haley and Harry

This is for Haley! Enjoy!


"Here you go sir. Have a nice day!" I said with as much cheer as I could muster. I handed the older man his coffee and went back to the cash register. Nobody except for a few business people sat in the little coffee shop on the corner where I worked. I was the only one on duty at the moment because the others were in between shifts, so I would be on my own for a few moments.

Then a guy about my age walked in and I put on a fake smile.

"Hello, sir! What can I get for you?" I asked. He looked up at me and I gasped. He had emerald green eyes that seemed to pierce through me. Like me could see through to my soul. And through the sleeves of my sweater.

"Hello. I was wondering if you could show me to the park. I'm new in the area and my friends want me to meet them there. Also, a large iced tea, iced coffee, and black coffee. Small." He said, flipping his brown curly hair.

"Okay. I need a name."


I wrote the name on all three cups and placed them all near the machines. I told him the amount due and he pulled out a credit card and I swiped it.

"The drinks will be done in a minute. There is a map of the town on the wall over there." with that he thanked me and walked to the wall. I scooped ice into two of the cups and set the tea and black coffee to brew. The ice coffee was already ready.

"Harry." I called out the moment all three drinks where on the counter.

"Thanks Haley." he said. I handed him the hot coffee. But something happened and I ended up wearing most of it on my sleeve.

"Shit!" I mumbled. I turned my back to the boy who was apologizing profusely. I lifted my right sleeve and looked at my red skin. A few fresh cuts burned and bled while a few older ones turned white and stood out.

"I am so sorry! Are you okay? Let me see!" He said when I turned around. He reached over the counter and grabbed my wrist. I winced and tried to pull away when he pushed back my sleeve. It took him a minute to notice the cuts.

"Haley? Did you do this to yourself?" Harry asked. I just sniffed, holding back tears. As we stood there, me trying not to cry and him staring at my cuts, Allison, the girl taking over for me, came in.

It was enough distraction to let me pull my wrist out of his grasp. I ran into the back room, leaving Alison confused. But she didn't chase me.

I cleaned myself up and clocked out. I left the back way, as so not to run into Harry. But that didn't work. It seemed like he was looking for me. I out my head down and tried to walk past him put he grabbed my arm and I winced in pain. But he didn't let go.

He leaned down and set the drinks he was holding on the pavement and looked me in the eye.

"I don't know why you do this to yourself but it needs to stop. I won't let such a pretty girl hurt herself." He said and with that he gave me a piece of paper.

"Please call me whenever. And come to the park with me. Some of my friends are going through the same thing you are." I nodded my head. He picked up his drinks and we headed off to the park, his hand still intertwined with mine.

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