One direction Imagines



7. Dana and Harry

This is for Dana! Enjoy!


Dana's POV


Great! I'm late for class! Stupid locker. And on the day that One Direction is Visiting my school! They were promoting their new single, What Makes You Beautiful. I must admit that I have a crush on the flirt, Harry Styles. His curly brown hair that wraps around his head like a halo. His chocolate brown eyes that i just melt into. But he would never fall for me, a plain old girl when he could have about a million others.

Oh no. Ian and Jake are walking this way. They bully me constantly, about my shortness and shyness. They are pushing each other around like fools. But as they got closer, Jake pushed Ian into my locker just as i reached into it. It was slammed shut on my fingers. Red dots danced about my surroundings as i sank to the ground. My fingers were on fire and numb. tears were like a water fall down my face. My lock was on my locker and i was in too much pain to move much. And this was only a locker hallway. No classrooms. No one would find me until Lunch. Great. Wonderful. I saw two boys coming before I blacked out.

Harry's POV

Louis and i were walking around the school we were visiting. we were on break so we decided to separate. this school had us doing an assembly in awhile. It was actually a nice school, full of wonderful people.We were laughing and telling each other jokes when we rounded a corner and I saw the prettiest girl in the world. She had black hair like a void and a short height.But what was offsetting was how she was kneeling on the ground her head rolled forward. Then i saw her fingers, stuck in a fully closed locker. I rushed forward and knelt down. I shook her until her eyes opened. Her eyes were like pools of hot chocolate, and I just drunk in their beauty. "Are you okay? What happened?" "I-I don't know. But my Fingers hurt." "Let me open your locker. What is your combination?" She told me in a weak voice. Then I gingerly took her hand out of the locker. She flinched in pain. Those eyes were laced with pain. As I scooped her up, I told Louis to go tell the others that I was going to at the nurse and why. As i walked away, i watched tears stream from those eyes.

Dana's POV

Omg!!!! Harry was holding me!!!! He saved me from my locker. When he spoke, he had the most amazing accent."Whats your name love?""Dana, but everyone calls me, well, Dana." When we got to the nurse, she put me in a wheelchair and went to get the car. "Here's my number, so call me when you get back. Okay?" Harry asked. "Okay." I said

*Next Week*

I texted Harry. He wanted to meet by the swings at the park. Okay, I texted back. I was put in a cast and One Direction was the first to sign it. Before I went to the park, I put on a raincoat, since it was supposed to rain.

When I got to the swings, I saw Harry on one knee, holding a red rose. I gasped. He said to me,"Dana, From the minute i saw you, I knew that you were an angel sent from above. Will you do the honor of becoming my girlfriend?" I was crying happy tears, but they mixed with the rain that started to fall. " Yes Harry, I will." I kissed him. I felt fireworks in that kiss. But then I heard wolf whistles. Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall were watching, smiles on their faces."Lets go somewhere else,Love. Shall we?" I nodded and as I looked into those soft, brown eyes.

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