Friends, Lovers, or Nothing? (Sequel to Summer Love)

Things have gotten better slowly. Excruciatingly slow, to be exact. I saw Niall every now and again, but I refused to acknowledge his existence. I despised the guilty feeling I got when I looked at him nowadays. I knew he wanted to talk to me, but I knew I'd do something stupid if I did. Sometimes, he wasn't even home. Occasionally on those days, I would go speak with Maura, keeping tabs on how and what Niall was doing. Telling me concert dates and when he had to go in for recording sessions. These conversations stayed secret between us. That is, until Niall walked in on us one day. He stared at us, taken aback by my presence. I shifted uneasily in my spot on the couch next to Maura. I looked down at my reflection in my tea.

"It's good to see you." Niall said, shutting the door behind him. I kept my face low, avoiding his persuading, blue eyes.

"So,what are you doing here?"


3. Serendipity


Niall's POV



I desperately hoped that Arabella would be accompanying Jillian tonight. I bit my thumb nail, nervousness coursing through me. Just as we were about to go on, those manicured, pink nails were on my shoulder. I turned to see Arabella, and only Arabella, standing there. Her pass hung loosely over her shirt that plastered a giant '1D' across it.

"I like your shirt." I told her. She blushed, then recomposed herself.

"Jillian wanted to wish you good luck." she was monotone.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"She was sick and couldn't make it, so I came to do her a favor."

The fans began to scream as we were being announced.

"Well, I gotta go." I motioned towards the stage. She nodded and walked away slowly, running her fingers through her hair. That was her tell-tale sign of being nervous. It reminded me of how she used to be so comfortable around me, but now she was always on edge.

"C'mon mate," Harry said, pushing onto the stage,"don't let the pretty groupies distract you."


After concert


The line for meeting fans was long, and Arabella didn't seem to be in it. It was about 8:30pm when the fans began to dissipate. The boys and I were about to leave when we heard a pair of boots clacking down the hallway. Arabella was rummaging through her purse, hair flowing behind her.

"Well hello there," Louis said cordially,"a little late in timing, aren't we?"

She jumped in surprise and blushed.

"I--I um, had to buy something and the line was endless." she replied.

"What did you buy?" Zayn asked.

"Just a little something for my sister, Jillian. She came down with something, and couldn't come tonight."

"The little con-girl from the meet and greet?" Liam elbowed Zayn in the side.

"Yeah. She's much like the spawn of Satan's mistress." Arabella said.

"You're saying your mum is a devil?"

She sighed. "Something like that." she stared at the floor. I glared at the boys, telling them it was a tense subject and they nodded.

"We have a few minutes don't we boys? Let her get her face time in." Liam told us.

"Oh, you don't have to." she said quickly.


Arabella's POV (quickly)


"We want to!" Louis put his arm over my shoulder and walked me over to the boys.

I'm Louis Tomlinson, and I like a girl who eats carrots." he shook my hand. "Do you eat carrots?" he still gripped my hand.


"Girl, hug me." he squeezed me, making me laugh, and I returned his hug.  

I met each boy one by one, each of which were charming. I ended up greeting each one with a hug and a 'hello.'

"Hello, I'm Harry. You are?"

"Arabella, nice to meet you." I gave him a hug and his curls tickled my cheek.

"Might I say the same." he shook my hand afterwards, smiling at me. And the way he held my hand a moment longer than necessary made me blush. I smiled shyly, and moved on, finally coming to Niall.

"I'm glad to see you again." he said as we shook hands, giving me butterflies.

"I wish I could say the same." I replied coolly. Thing is, I could say the same. He looked good and was extremely well-dressed. He gave me a sad smile.

"I'm sorry," I blurted out an apology,"that was rude." I rubbed my arm and tugged at my sleeve.

"I deserve it."

"No you don't. I shouldn't hold a grudge against you."

"But I really hurt you." he frowned at the floor.

"Yeah, I'm aware." I copied his motions.

"Well it was nice meeting you..."

"Arabella." I finished for Louis.

"Lovely as it was, we have to get going." he smiled at me.

"Oh, right." I stepped towards the door. "Well, uhm, see you 'round."

I waved goodbye to them, a cheeky grin from them all, as a man from security escorting me out.


Niall's POV (rewind)



Arabella was hesitant to meet all of the boys, but definitely warmed up to them. She blushed a bit when talking to Haz, and I got a bit jealous. Why? I'm not sure; it's not like he had said anything special.

"I'm glad to see you again." I told her, shaking her hand.

"I wish I could say the same." she replied coolly. I smiled sadly.

"I'm sorry," she blurted out an apology,"that was rude." she rubbed her arm and tugged at her sleeve.

"I deserve it." told her.

"No you don't. I shouldn't hold a grudge against you." she shook her head, sending waves through her hair.

"But I really hurt you." I frowned at the floor.

"Yeah, I'm aware."

"Well it was nice meeting you..."

"Arabella." she finished for Louis.

"Lovely as it was, we have to get going." he smiled.

"Oh, right." she stepped towards the door. "Well, uhm, see you 'round."

She waved us goodbye, then a man from security escorted her out.

"Okay, well, see you later boys." Louis picked up his jacket and started for the main hall.

"Bye Lou!" we all replied.

"I'm gone too, mates." Harry picked up his bag and waved one last time before leaving out the door.


Arabella's POV



As I was about to get in my car, I remembered that I hadn't gotten Jillian  her signature. I lay my head against the door frame, frustrated. I'd been so distracted that I had completely forgotten to ask. I pulled a folded poster out of my bag. It was a sexy picture of the curly-top Harry. You could see the gorgeous green of his eyes and there was no doubting it, he was attractive.

"Fangirling over me?" his British accent like silk in the air. Startled, I turned around, adrenaline making my breath come out in gasps. He smiled at me and examined the poster.

"Oh, can you autograph this please?" I handed him a sharpie. "It's for my sister Jillian."

"Is she as beautiful as you?"

"We're nothing alike." I tried to avoid his question.

"Shame," he handed me back the poster with his beautifully written name on it. "I can sign this too." he smirked at me, tugging at the sleeve of my shirt.

"Oh, uhm, sure." I blushed. He leaned down to reach my shoulder, getting so close to my face that I could smell the shampoo in his hair. It made me dizzy being so close to some one I hardly knew.

"Thanks." I said when he was finished.

"Now," he took out a scrap of paper,"I need your autograph."

I took the paper from him, a bit confused.

"Your number will do," he winked at me. I blushed and quickly wrote the numbers down, then handed him the paper.

"Talk to you later." he walked to his car, no more than three cars down from mine.

"Ha. Yeah." I got into my car and smiled like an idiot.


later that night...


Thinking over the events of earlier, I took the poster out of my bag and walked to Jillian's room.

"It's not fair!" she sniffled in a nasally voice. "You got to meet the boys with my passes." Yep, back to the default Jillian.

"You bribed Niall for those passes, so I see it as even." I hung the poster in an open spot on her wall.

"I even got Harry to sign it, you're welcome." I was half-way out the door when she grabbed my arm.

"Thanks. I love it, and I'm happy you remembered." she whispered.

"It was hard to," I laughed and kissed her forehead,"now get some rest."

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