Friends, Lovers, or Nothing? (Sequel to Summer Love)

Things have gotten better slowly. Excruciatingly slow, to be exact. I saw Niall every now and again, but I refused to acknowledge his existence. I despised the guilty feeling I got when I looked at him nowadays. I knew he wanted to talk to me, but I knew I'd do something stupid if I did. Sometimes, he wasn't even home. Occasionally on those days, I would go speak with Maura, keeping tabs on how and what Niall was doing. Telling me concert dates and when he had to go in for recording sessions. These conversations stayed secret between us. That is, until Niall walked in on us one day. He stared at us, taken aback by my presence. I shifted uneasily in my spot on the couch next to Maura. I looked down at my reflection in my tea.

"It's good to see you." Niall said, shutting the door behind him. I kept my face low, avoiding his persuading, blue eyes.

"So,what are you doing here?"


2. Jinxed It

I didn't talk to Jillian all the way home. When we'd finally gotten inside, I pulled her inside and locked the door.

"What was that?" I yelled.

"What do you mean?"she replied innocently.

"That little stunt you pulled at the meet n' greet. I know you set that up."

"You left me on my own in a crowd of screaming girls. I could've gotten hurt or something!" she cried.

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes at her. "I will cut the heads off of every doll you have, and make a necklace out of them."

"Okay, okay," she broke under my threat,"I planned it out. But Niall made me a pretty sweet deal." she smiled.

"What did you do?" I asked worriedly.

"I brought you to talk to him, and he gave me backstage passes."

I face palmed myself.

"You know that I'm the one who has to take you, right?"

"Sounds like a personal problem," she smirked. "The concert is in a week exactly, so the passes should be in the mail soon." Flipping her braids, she walked into the sitting room and flicked on cartoons.

This was fantastic. I ran a hand through my hair and sighed. I was developing a headache. Occasionally, the spot on the back of my head would start to hurt, and I rubbed it gently. Even after returning home, I still hadn't regained all of my memory. With the way things are going, I wish I'd lost more of it. I trudged to my room and shut the door, then sliding down the length of the wall.

"I hope something happens, anything could happen, I don't care what. Something to prevent us from going to the concert."


Well, my prayers were answered, but not exactly in the way I had intended. Instead of 'us' going to the concert, it was simply 'me' going to the concert.

"I can't believe I got sick two days before the concert, and now I'm still sick and I can't even go!" Jillian sobbed. I felt guilty for somewhat doing this to her, and felt the need to make up for it. Then a little lightbulb went off in my head.

"I have an idea," I told her.

"Oh great," she propped her head on her hand.

"Just bear with me," I rolled my eyes. "I'll still go and get you something, like a t-shirt or whatever, and I'll get it signed by your favorite boy in the band."

"You'll do that, for me?" she looked at me, and I could see the real little girl inside. I nodded and smiled at her.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I love you, I love you, I love you!" she hugged my tightly, restricting my airflow.

"So which one is it?" I asked.

"Don't worry, it's not Niall."

"Thank goodness." I exhaled, relieved.

"It's Hazza." she clasped her hands together, and sighed.

"Come again?"

"Harry." she rolled her eyes.

"Oh, okay. So how about I get you a poster or something, and get him to sign it for you?" I pat her on the back.

"Well get going," she pushed me off her bed, making me land hard on the floor. "I want it A.S.A.P."

"But the concert starts at 7:00pm, and it's only 5:00pm." I complained.

"Just go!" she growled.

"Okay, okay, I got it." I push her to lay back down.

"Thanks." she smiled at me sleepily, before drifting off. I pushed back her bangs and kissed her forehead.

Walking downstairs, I was greeted by my father. He was typing something up on his computer and took a sip of his orange juice. I grabbed my purse and keys and was heading out.

"Leaving so soon? Are we a bit too eager to see some one?" my father teased.

"As if. Jillian just really wants me to get her a souvenir from the concert. I guess if I'm early, I won't have to wait in lines."

I was sourly mistaken...

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