would you hold it against me.....

My name's Kate. I'm from Bradford, London. my best friend is Zayn Malik. I've known him since we were little tots. Well, you probably know the rest, we grew up together, blah blah, bff stuff, then one day i convinced him to audition for the x-factor. that later became a dream come true for him. flash forward to 2012, one direction is a big success. zayn is off living his life as a superstar. we kept in touch of course and he is and will always be my best friend. i was close friends with the boys too..
*find out what happens when kate falls in love with one of the boys*


15. what am i feeling now?

harry p.o.v.

i cant believe this. why was she acting so strange?she seems bothered by something, i think it has to do with me...   i thought we were friends maybe even more than that but maybe not.. no i was with taylor and only taylor she loved and cared about me.. my love was taylor,, not kate.

"harry, are you all right?i mean one minute your a smiles and then the next, your like this.." taylor asks coming in the room.

"yeah...I guess."

"harry, does this have to do with kate? I swear if she hurt you im gonna.."

"taylor no, she didn't physically hurt me, shes just acting really strange and that sort of hurt my feelings. shes avoiding me. do you know why?"

"no, maybe she just has something against gorgeous british guys like, oh I don't know, you?"


"gosh harry, your supposed to kiss me now, I feel like you like her more than me!"

"aww, no love come here."     I sat on the bed and beckoned for her to sit down on my lap. she sat down and we immediately started kissing but for some reason I didn't feel that spark between us anymore. that kiss turned into a makeout session. after like what seemed forever, she got up to take a shower.  I got up and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had black bags under my eyes. my laugh lines weren't as visible as they used to be when I always smiled. now I just feel too tired to smile. taylors red lipstick was smeared all over my face. I wiped it all off. that is one thing I don't like about her. she wears a lot of makeup. especially the lipstick. I understand she is a covergirl model but really, I think that's too much. kate, however rarely wears any makeup at all. her eyes are naturally lined and have gorgeous eyelashes. And her beautiful lips are naturally light pink.  what was I thinking!! stop harry. I opened the door and bumbed into kate.


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