would you hold it against me.....

My name's Kate. I'm from Bradford, London. my best friend is Zayn Malik. I've known him since we were little tots. Well, you probably know the rest, we grew up together, blah blah, bff stuff, then one day i convinced him to audition for the x-factor. that later became a dream come true for him. flash forward to 2012, one direction is a big success. zayn is off living his life as a superstar. we kept in touch of course and he is and will always be my best friend. i was close friends with the boys too..
*find out what happens when kate falls in love with one of the boys*


7. tell me!

*kates p.o.v.*

 i dragged myself out of bed, not wanting to leave my hot spot. i quickly took a shower and threw this on a blue crop top, black shorts,gray toms,and finally i quickly threw on my gray beanie that harry gave me for my birthday last year(he sent it through mail, they all did they were on tour). i ran downstairs.  before i knew it i felt two strong arms turn me around. it was harry.he cupped my face in his hands and starred at me until i realized what he was starring at,my black and purple bruise. aww crap, i forgot about my eye. now what am i supposed to say.

"kate love, what the hell happened to your eye?!!"

"ummm...i ran into a pole?" it was the best i could come up with.

"dont lie, what happened?" i looked around hoping perrie would help even though she has no idea what happened. that was when i realized harry and i were the only two there. uh-oh.

"ok fine, someone hit me."

"i realized that babe, tell me something i dont know."

"hazz, im fine, really. she just hit and i didnt dodge it."

"fine ill let it go this time, but if it ever happens again, you better tell me, deal?"


he pulled my face up close to his

"was this the reason you wouldnt look at me yesterday?" he whispered, his minty breath hitting my face. i loved it.

"ummm, sorta.i guess."

before i knew it, harry engulfed me in a hug, our bodies pressed close together.

"you dont know how much we all missed you, and when you werent looking at me i figured i did something wrong"

"no, love you did nothing wrong!" i giggled. 

i missed talking to the boys especially harry and zayn. i guess you could say i was the closest to both of them.  we pulled apart, and i kissed his cheek...

we both blushed. i ran towards the door and got my bag.

"where are you going?" he asked

"schools not over for everybody i have a few more days, bye love!"  i ran out the door and turned on my car and drove away to school.. thinking about what just happened.

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