would you hold it against me.....

My name's Kate. I'm from Bradford, London. my best friend is Zayn Malik. I've known him since we were little tots. Well, you probably know the rest, we grew up together, blah blah, bff stuff, then one day i convinced him to audition for the x-factor. that later became a dream come true for him. flash forward to 2012, one direction is a big success. zayn is off living his life as a superstar. we kept in touch of course and he is and will always be my best friend. i was close friends with the boys too..
*find out what happens when kate falls in love with one of the boys*


25. taste test

Harry's pov 

Everyone filed out if the room.
I stayed behind with Kate .
" guys were going to Nandos for dinner !!" Niall yelled. 
"I think I'll stay." Kate said.
" yeah me too." I answered.
"Suit yourself!" They all left and I turned towards Kate.
"CAn you please tell me who's hurting you.?"
"Gosh Harry please, not again."
I walked closer to her.
" ok babe I'm sorry."  She hugged me.
" lets go eat. I'm hungry" she said.
I grinned. 
" good idea love!"
We walked downstairs. 
" what should we eat?" I asked.
" I have no idea... How about we order pizza?"
" yeah... Ok"
She pulled out her cell phone and started dialling. I sat down next to her and watched her closely. I played with her hair as she talked.
" what do you want?" She whispered.
" umm, pepperoni?" 
" ok one pepperoni and a pair of lava cake."
She finished the call. And looked at me.
"15 minutes.."
"Uh huh." 
She rolled her eyes and smiled. 
"You are amazing styles absolutely incredible."
"How so?"
"It's too complicated to explain."I pulled her down on the couch and got on top of her.
" styles, don't you dare!!"
She broke into laughter as is tarted tickling her. I loved the way her body felt under my hands. I kept tickling her until she finally regained her strength and got on top if me. I pulled her down and kissed her nose . She just looked at me and I looked back,  we stayed like that for a couple if minutes.
The bell rang and she got up to pay and get the pizza. She handed me the boxes.
" where are you going?"
" drinks, smart one."
She handed me a beer and took our a soda for her. 
" what, no beer?" I asked her.
" nah., I don't drink."
" like ever?"
" no ..."
" why? It's not that bad."
"Yeah I just don't like it..."
I handed her my beer and told her to take one sip.
" if you don't like it I won't pester you about it again."
She eyed it carefully then brought it to her lips and took a small swig.
"Blech!!! Ewww that was horrible.!!!'l she yelled as she ran to the restroom to spit it out.

Kate's pov

I regretted it the moment I tried it. It tasted horrible and ugh!! I got out of the bathroom to see Harry laughing hysterically.
I sat down and pouted.
" that wasn't funny..."
" you should have seen your face babe, priceless!!!and you have to admit you enjoyed that my lips were there a few minutes ago!!"

I loved seeing him laugh. He rarely did ait nowadays. I ended up smiling. We finished eating and he put in a movie. Love actually. It just started when everyone else came in. 
" great, a movie!" Louis said as he sat down next to Harry. Eleanor followed. Zayn and perrie sat on the other side. Niall next to them, followed by Liam.
Dani and I sat on the ground. 
She grinned at me. 
"What?" I whispered.
"Nope." I giggled and got up.
Harry grabbed my hand.
"Where are you going babe." 
" popcorn." 
"Oh alright ." He let go and looked back at the movie.
Danielle followed. 
"Liam tool me to a jewellers today to look at some rings." She said.
"Oh my gosh!!! Dani he might engage you!! Aww it's so cute. " i hugged her. She hugged me back.
" I know!! I just hope I'm not thinking ahead."
" really?no I didn't think so. He loves you so..."
" yeah I hope your right ."
"Of course I am"
She laughed and we came back with the popcorn and drinks. 
" here you are loves."
I handed it to them and they passed them around.    

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