would you hold it against me.....

My name's Kate. I'm from Bradford, London. my best friend is Zayn Malik. I've known him since we were little tots. Well, you probably know the rest, we grew up together, blah blah, bff stuff, then one day i convinced him to audition for the x-factor. that later became a dream come true for him. flash forward to 2012, one direction is a big success. zayn is off living his life as a superstar. we kept in touch of course and he is and will always be my best friend. i was close friends with the boys too..
*find out what happens when kate falls in love with one of the boys*


27. hospital

Harry's pov

We all say quietly in the hospital. It was 4 in the morning and we were all exhausted. 
I glanced at Kate. She had so many machines stuck to her and IV tubes.  I felt myself tearing up again. I took her small petite hands into my big ones and kissed them.
"I'm sorry... I didn't know baby.." I started crying again.  
"There, love.. You really care about her don't you?" Kate's mum asked.
"Yeah, she's my whole world... I don't think I can live without her. I love her.."
She smiled and gave me a hug. It was obvious her smile was forced though. It was painful to have to go through this and I can't imagine what it would be like if that happened to my child..

Anne's pov. (Harry's mum) 
Robin,Gemma and I slowly walked into the room in the hospital. I saw Harry leaning on the wall, Kate's hands in his.  The other girls were at the cafeteria. The other boys were there except Zayn. He was there in the room.  I saw Kate's mum and zayns parents.
"Oh my lord! Rebecca! I'm so sorry!" I said. 
"Mum?!" Harry called.
"How is she?" Gemma asked.
"The doctor said there were no internal injuries, the bruises will probably stung but no more than that. He also thinks she'll wake up in a bit.."  Rebecca whimpered.  
"That's good." Robin said. We all took a seat. Gemma next to Kate and Harry. I sat next to Kate mum, Rebecca, and Robin.
I looked at Kate and closed my eyes. I don't know what I would do if that happened to Gemma or Harry. I prayed for her. She was a good girl.. Not like any girl I've ever met.. She listens more that she talks and she can make anyone smile. But when she smiles, she lights up a whole room. 

Gemma's pov
I held her hand. She was a good friend of mine. We would occasionally hang out and keep in touch .
I looked at Harry. His eyes were bloodshot and dark. He whimpered , and his hands were tightly around Kate's.

Harry's pov

At about 6:00 in the morning I heard I small whimper. If glanced at Kate and sure enough she was starting to wake up..
"Shh baby it's ok." I assured her.  Almost Everyone went to go eat or sleep or take a break but I can't. I need to stay by her. 
"... Harry?"
"Yeah I'm here."
"Her eyes slowly opened. 
"What's going on?! Why am I here.. What?..." 
"Baby shh, you got in an accident. I promise it won't happen again."
Her eyes were fully open and I loved seeing them. They were a gorgeous blue shade. 
" mum?!" She said
" oh my baby, how are you?!"
"Fine... Where's everyone?"
" they got hungry, they'll be back though."

Kate's pov

I finally opened my eyes and talked to my friends and family. Harry sat right next to me and held my hand. Everyone else came back with a get well soon cake which I barely ate out if. I wasn't really hungry. 
The doctor came later.
" you have improved very much since the beginning. You have no internal injuries and your face thankfully has no injuries. That would have been a problem. But ms.livingston your doing great. You have alot of bruises on you legs though, so you might be sore to walk.  I think we can release you in a few more hours. "
"Thank you doctor."
"Don't mention it."
I looked at everyone and they all attacked me with a hug.
"We're so happy your ok, I don't know what I would do if my maid of honor was hurt.!!" Dani exclaimed.
"Wait.. Maid in honor? Dani you and Liam are...."
"Oh my gosh I'm so happy for you.!!" 
"We'll actually I'm sorta bending the rules, I have two maids in honor Eleanor and you!"
I looked at Eleanor and hugged her too. 
"You'll make an amazing bride."
"Thank you!"
They all continued talking except Harry and I, we just held on to each other. From time to time he would whisper how much he loved me or that I was his whole world.
I smiled and kissed his cheek, which made him blush.
"Ok so this is out if nowhere, but are you and Harry, you know, together?!" My mum asked.
"Oh my gosh I was thinking the same thing!! That would be amazing!!" Anne said.
"Oh gosh.." I buried my face in Harry's sweater.  He pulled me closer. 
"Haha, yeah I guess you could say we are." He said.
"Awwwww!!! THAT'S SO CUTE!! Finally!" All the girls yelled.
The guys smirked and Zayn patted Harry's back.
"If any guy could be with Kate, I'd want hazz to take her heart.!" Zayn said.
We both blushed. Harry lifted my chin up and leaned down to kiss me. I closed my eyes and kissed back. It was a small soft kiss.. I loved it.
The girls were giggling madly and so were our parents. The guys were laughing. And Louis yelled,
We smiled at them and twined our hands together.
"I love you." He said.
"I love you too." Was all I said before drifting off to sleep.

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