would you hold it against me.....

My name's Kate. I'm from Bradford, London. my best friend is Zayn Malik. I've known him since we were little tots. Well, you probably know the rest, we grew up together, blah blah, bff stuff, then one day i convinced him to audition for the x-factor. that later became a dream come true for him. flash forward to 2012, one direction is a big success. zayn is off living his life as a superstar. we kept in touch of course and he is and will always be my best friend. i was close friends with the boys too..
*find out what happens when kate falls in love with one of the boys*


10. fire away

*kates p.o.v.*

i kept running until my tears blocked my view. my mouth was still bloody. i was horrible. i looked up to see i was standing outside of the local pub. i pushed inside. Agnes and her husband Frank owned the pub. ive known them ever since i was a little tot. our parents were close friends. the pub was almost empty except for a few people who sat in the corners. frank was taking a nap. and agnes was sewing. i ran into her arms.

"my poor poor baby, kate love what happened to you?" she asked. 

"i...she ....i cant.." i stuttered

"sshh calm down babe, everything is going to be allright..shh"

"NO, NO ITS NOT!! MY BEST FRIEND HAS NO IDEA IM BEING BULLIED!! MY FRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND IS ABUSING ME!! i dont know what to do anymore.." i trailed off.

"calm down love ill help you get through it. first of all lets get you cleaned off, second, how are you not freezing in those shorts!? ill give you clothes in a bit."

it was nice to know that at least someone cared for me. after i washed my mouth,put a band aid on, cleaned my face and put on my clothes, i told her everything.

"oh my, thats horrible.. how does zayn not know?"

"i never told him.."

"babe we have to get you home hes probably worried sick about you!"  its true, he was. over the past hours ive recieved email, texts,and phone calls from him AND harry but i never answered. 

"agnes, im not going back there i cant.."

"i know babe i know, spend the night here. theres an extra room upstairs. "

"no you dont have to do that.."

"of course i do, your practically my own child, now where would you like to go? stay here next to me and frank because the pub IS open 24 hours. or you could go upstairs. "

"ill stay here by you"

"all right then, i have some customers to serve so make yourself at home. call me if you need me.

"thank you"

"no problem"

 i turned my phone on and went on pandora. i pressed todays hits radio and "Titanium" came on.You shout it out,

"But I can't hear a word you say
I'm talking loud not saying much
I'm criticized but all your bullets ricochet
You shoot me down, but I get up"

i listened for a bit then slowly drifted off to sleep in my chair not knowing what the following days had in store for me.

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