New Kid

Alana has a good life at school at home everything all around she's popular pretty but the only thing wrong with her is she has some sort of problem with her and it started when he arrived is it destiny that they meet? Are they both special in the same way?
Will love happen will two members fall for Alana?


2. You Have One Too?

-Alana's POV-

I walked Zayn into the culinary arts room (Cooking) he chooses to sit beside me at the counter on the stool beside me
"You just made the worst choice for a partner" I say he looks at me and tilts his head
"How?" He asks his strong British accent is so cute.
"I suck at cooking" I say he kind of smiles and we look to the front the teacher Mrs.Fredric is telling us that we are making cookies today Zayn leans over to me
"I can made a mad batch of cookies your in luck" he whispers I giggle
"What was that Mr. I believe we haven't met before your name?" She says
"Zayn" he says
"Zayn what?" She asks
"Zayn Malik" he says there is a chorus of whispers
"Nice to meet you Mr.Malik" she says
"You too"
"So what is it you said to Miss.Coles? That was so funny?" She asks
"Nothing" Zayn mumbles
*2 periods later....

We walk into the music room and I see a blonde boy sitting on a stool strumming a guitar surrounded by 3 other boys I've never seen.
"Do you know them?" I asked he sighs
"Yes, yes I do"
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