New Kid

Alana has a good life at school at home everything all around she's popular pretty but the only thing wrong with her is she has some sort of problem with her and it started when he arrived is it destiny that they meet? Are they both special in the same way?
Will love happen will two members fall for Alana?


3. Relax Liam

-Alana's POV-

Zayn and I walked over and a boy wearing navy blue chinos a grey t-shirt and black suspenders with black toms looks up at me
"Why hello there" he says I smile
"Alana these are my friends Liam, Niall, Harry and Louis" he says they wave and say hi. me and Zayn sit
"What's the song you were just playing?" Zayn asked
"Love bug" Niall says
"Nice" Zayn says
"Jonas Brothers Right?" He adds
"Yeah obviously..." Harry says I giggle
"Do you know any Boybands?" Louis asks me tilting his head allowing his eyes to travel every inch of my face.
"No not really..." I said
"Cause I know one-" Louis get cut off
"Louis" Liam whisper yells at him widening his eyes
"Exnay on the undercover nay" he says
"Relax Liam" Louis says
"I know this one band and they only go in ONE DIRECTION of music" he said changing his voice kind of like yelling those two words.
"Um ok" I said
"Are you guys getting instruments or are you just going to sit there? Niall's doing the right thing" Mr. Tyler says gesturing to Niall playing the guitar.
"Sorry fan out guys lets go do something" Zayn says we all split up I find Louis by the piano. I sit down next to him on the stool
"We're you trying to tell me something back there?" I asked he starts to play a beautiful song he looks down at the keys
"Maybe I was maybe I wasn't..." He says
"Don't joke just tell me" I said smiling he stopped playing and looked at me
"Of I tell you, you can't tell the other boys I told you" he said
"Got cha" I said he looked me over he swung his other leg to the other side of the bench straddling the bench he told me to move closer by motioning it with his hands I slid closer he cupped his mouth with his hand and leaned in his forehead pressed against the side of my head
"We're a famous boy band" he said in my ear he turned his head to the side kinda like he was nuzzling his head into mine when he turned away sliding his forehead from the side of my head he swung his leg back over and he continued to play
I examined the side of his face as he played.
I put my hand down playing the higher keys as he played the song I held down the keys his hand got close to mine and our hands touched our heads snapped to look at each other but none of us moved our hands away
"Hey Louis" Niall says walking over we move our hands away I looked at my nails and Louis scratched the back of his head
"So yeah, you just press this key then that one" Louis said I nodded
"Ok, thanks Louis" I said hugging him and getting up from the stool I could feel my face getting red.
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