New Kid

Alana has a good life at school at home everything all around she's popular pretty but the only thing wrong with her is she has some sort of problem with her and it started when he arrived is it destiny that they meet? Are they both special in the same way?
Will love happen will two members fall for Alana?


1. His Arrival

-Alana's POV-

I sat on the hood of my car headphones in my ears reading my old Nana's journal it was cool when I got that vibe through me again something... Not Human I looked up all I could hear was the sound of the song True Colors the cover by the Artists Against bullying I kept glancing around when I caught site if a guy the vibe went through me again this time stronger he got off his motor cycle and fixed his denim jacket and the black leather backpack on his back he began to wal to the office as my eyes followed him as he walked across my site he walked into the office and I shut my Nana's Journal and out it in my hunter green worn out back back I took my headphones out and put my phone in there too and out it over my shoulders and walked towards the office the vibe getting stronger I walked into the office and saw him he had nice cheek bones and beautiful hazel eyes and black hair with a tiny bit of blonde in the front my new guess it was dyed he looked over at me our eyes connected and the vibe was the strongest I've never felt so strong or alive n my entire life I realized I was standing there in the doorway until the secretary looked over at me
"Oh since your here do you mind showing our new friend his way around do t mind of your late I will tel, your teacher since you two are in every single class together." She says
"Um yeah sure" I said to her I looked back over at him
"Follow me" I said he walked over to me and stood beside me we started to walk
"So what's your name?" I asked
"Zayn" he said
"Well Zayn nice to meet you I'm-" he cut me off
"Alana" he says
"How did you know my name?" I asked as we made eye contact
"I don't know" he says his eye brows knitting together in confusion
"Ok moving on..." I trail off
"This is the library" and we construed in with the boring tour but he looked truly fascinated on everything I said... Or you know he was a good actor...
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