Amare - 3 Part One Shot

The rain hit the pavement and rang in our ears. All we could hear was the occasional cars passing by, honking their horns. The road shook ever so slightly and we stood our ground, our faces centimeters apart. He leaned in, his green eyes locked onto my own brown pair. His lips brush against mine, teasing me, before closing the space between us. We both closed our eyes, enjoying the passionate kiss that will soon be replaced by another.


3. You're All I Have -- Epilouge

Lane's head rests against my chest as I carry her bridle-style to my room.  I have lived alone ever since I was sixteen.  My parents were both drug addicts and I just had enough by then.  I bought my sister tickets to fly to Florida, where our aunt Maria lives.  I had stayed in Colorado, just in case my parents try to go after my sister.

But that's not what I want to talk about right now.  Actually, I don't want to talk at all.  I just want to be with Lane.  Forever and always.    

You sick people out there were probably thinking that we were going to sleep together, weren't you?  Well, sorry, we're not like rabbits.  I mean seriously, how do rabbits even do that?  The world may never know... By the way, that was a Tootsie-Pop reference.    

I gently put Lane onto the bed while she stares at me with her big brown eyes.  

"I love you, Griffin."  She whispers while turning to lay on her stomach, her words muffled into the sheets.  She's so adorable.

"I love you too." I whisper back to her, my lips nearly touching her ear.  

Lane makes the cutest sound, and I can tell that she is ticklish.  Smirking, I sit on top of her small body, making my heads look as creepy as possible, even though it doesn't matter how they look since she can't see them.  I didn't let her protest and begin to start tickling her sides and she begins to laugh uncontrollably. 

"St-stop, Griffin!  St-stop!"  She pleads in between laughs, her body squirming.  She is now looking up at me, lying on her back.  She stares at me as I stop my hands and then put one to her cheek, lightly brushing it.  She's so beautiful.  She has pale skin, dark brown hair, and nearly golden eyes.  When she smiles, there is one dimple to the right.  When she cries, she bites her bottom lip.  I know it's wrong to say this, but, she looks so amazing when she is crying -- but she looks even better when she's smiling.    

Before I could make the first move, Lane leans up and places her lips onto mine.  It is a soft, melting kiss that turns so passionate that I have to hold her head in place so that she won't fall back onto the bed. Gently, I push her back onto the bed, not breaking the kiss. She moans in the back of her throat, making me want this even more. I glide my hand up her pale green shirt, unhooking her bra as fast as I can.  I feel her shiver under my touch and I do the same as she slips off my shirt.  I think you can guess what happens from there.


Lane's head is against my chest, her cheeks flushed a rosy color.  Her brown eyes are closed, her breathing getting softer and softer.  She's slowly drifting to sleep, her hands pressed against my ribs.  Smiling, I plant a small kiss onto her forehead and whisper into her ear.  

"Goodnight, Lane.  I love you."    

Lane falls asleep before I do, her face only showing peace.  I wish that Clara had never interfered in our lives together.  I wish that Lane never has to go through that pain again.  Lane, please stay with me forever.  We'll grow old together and die at the same time, in each other's arms. We'll have so many moments, even when we are on the verge of death.  I will tell you I love you everyday, not doubting my words even when we are fighting.  I know that today was a lot to go through, but, I will try my best and propose to her tomorrow.

"Griffin, we'll be together forever."

I think Lane assumed that I was asleep.


~ Should I make a the story to go along with this?  Of course, the chapter will be longer.  Please comment and like this!


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