Amare - 3 Part One Shot

The rain hit the pavement and rang in our ears. All we could hear was the occasional cars passing by, honking their horns. The road shook ever so slightly and we stood our ground, our faces centimeters apart. He leaned in, his green eyes locked onto my own brown pair. His lips brush against mine, teasing me, before closing the space between us. We both closed our eyes, enjoying the passionate kiss that will soon be replaced by another.


2. The Rain Is Nothing Compared To Her Tears

She ran and ran for as long as she could, pain filling her sore throat.  She has always been weak and isn't immune to anything.  But, she is also very strong.  She barely ever lets anything get to her and she always holds her head up high.  That's one thing I love about her.

Right now, Lane is not herself.   There are tears streaming down her face, her eyes showing her pain.  She is biting her bottom lip in anger and I can see a speck of blood.  Pain strikes my chest and my heart begins to pound harder, louder.  It's like a drum; earsplitting.    

Lane stares at me, her brown eyes filled with tears.  They are one the verge of falling, shaking in her eyes as the rain beings to pour down around us.  I hate this situation.  I hate this feeling.  I hate seeing her in pain.  I hate being the cause of her pain.     

I had pushed Clara away from me to chase after Lane, my only love.  She is everything I want.  Everything I need.  If only I was smart enough to stay away from Clara.   If only I never lied to her.  If only I was with her the whole time.

"Lane..."  I whimpered, staring right into her eyes.  D*mn, they are so beautiful.  I have always loved brown eyes and brown hair and I never knew why.  But, now I know.  It's because the one I have always looked for has those features.     

Lane began to back away from me, tears now streaming down her cheeks, her hands cuffed around her mouth.

"..."  I began to walk towards her in silence, praying for her to listen to me.  But I know she won't.  Why won't she?  Because she is a stubborn girl; she is Lane.  And I fell in love with this stubborn woman.

"Stay the h*ll away from me, Griffin!!"    

I froze right on the spot, staring at her quivering lips.  She is freezing.  Her small body is shaking, tears hitting the wet ground.  The tears added more water to the puddles around us as cars pass by, water splashing up.  Luckily, we are far enough from the road that the water doesn't reach us. 

"Lane... Please listen to me..."

"Shut up!" She sank down to her knees, her hands over her face as she sniffed, trying to hold in her crying.

I instantly ran up to her, ignoring her shaking head and fists.  She fought me as I grabbed her wrists, preventing her from punching me.  

"Lane.  Please listen to me."

She stares at me, tears continuing to stream down her rosy cheeks.  I head her face in my hands, her fists now at her sides.  She doesn't answer so I continue.

"Lane, I love you with all of my heart, don't you know that?  After all that we have been through together, do you really think that I would just go and leave you for Clara.  If you do, then, you're insane.  I would never even consider leaving you, nor hurting you.  You are my life, Lane."  I don't avert my green eyes from hers as I confess.  "I understand that you are hurt and I am so very sorry.  I know that I will never be able to make up for this.  I am so sorry.  But I want you to know that I love you, Lane Jordan.  You are everything I need in my life.  You complete me.  I am yours and I pray that you are mine.  Do you remember all of those days we spent in Scotland?  The time we went to Madison Square Garden and danced all night?  The time when we went snowboarding on our first date and we ended up getting lost?  I still cherish the memories we share with each other.  I love how you know all of my flaws and all of my weaknesses.  I love how you are frightened by what's in the dark and being alone.  I love how insecure you feel without me and how your brown hair falls perfectly onto your shoulders.  And--"   

Lane cut me off as she pulled herself up, connecting her lips with me.  At first, I was shocked and confused.  I soon gave into her and grabbed her by her waist, pulling her closer to me.  God, I missed this.  We pulled back only for a second before kissing again.  Our lips match perfectly, our heads moving together.  It's such a sweet kiss.  So innocent yet so dangerous.  Lane ended up on top of me, my hand on her back and the other brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I love how soft your lips feel against mine."  Smiling, I finished my sentence that she kindly interrupted.  A soft, heartwarming smile appeared on her lips as she stares down at me.

"I love you, Griffin Fouts." She pecked my lips once more before pulling back.

"I love you too, Lane Jordan."  And then we started our second make-out session, which becomes more intense soon.  But, of course, I do not want Lane to be exposed on the side of the road in the cold rain.  I stood up, picking Lane off and putting her over my shoulder.  She laughed a fit as she lightly pounds my back.

"Griffin, put me down!"

"Not going to happen.  We're going back."  

Lane stops laughing and I can just tell that she is smiling, already knowing what we are about to do.


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