Amare - 3 Part One Shot

The rain hit the pavement and rang in our ears. All we could hear was the occasional cars passing by, honking their horns. The road shook ever so slightly and we stood our ground, our faces centimeters apart. He leaned in, his green eyes locked onto my own brown pair. His lips brush against mine, teasing me, before closing the space between us. We both closed our eyes, enjoying the passionate kiss that will soon be replaced by another.


1. Prolouge


My heart sank when I heard her voice.  It's an evil voice.  Once it penetrates you, it comes back to heal your wounds.  It belongs to the girl I love, the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life.  I know that we are young, being seventeen and eighteen, but, I have been thinking about proposing to her.  I have been looking at engagement rings all morning but I still haven't found the one yet.  It has to be perfect.  Like her.  ... Wow, did I seriously just say that.  How cliche. 

I was lost in my train of thought until I realized that something was pressed against my lips.  Instantly, I jumped.  And I mean, I jumped.  Clara's lips are pressed against mine, her hands moving up my shirt, searching for the end.  Clara is my ex-girlfriend.  She is not the one I want to propose to.  The one I want to be mine is standing across the room, tears filling her brown eyes with her hand covering her mouth.  She had dropped her bag earlier, it's contents seeping out of it.  White silk showed in it.  Ah, that's right.. Prom is tomorrow.

Lane probably thinks that I am a cheater, a loser, a jerk.  And she has every right to.  But, I don't want her to think that.  I want her to think that there is a possibility that this is a misunderstanding and that I still love her.  But, knowing Lane, she has already jumped to the conclusion, most likely thinking that I do not love her anymore and want Clara instead of her.  Which is a lie.

Maybe Lane should leave.  Maybe I am a douche.  Here I am, kissing my ex-girlfriend knowing that Lane loves me with all of her heart.  The look on her face is heart breaking, crushing, and makes me want to kill myself.  I never want to see that expression again.  Never.  I already know that Lane is thinking of leaving me.  I can tell that she has her hand over her necklace, nearly yanking it off while staring at me.  She looks so scared.  So petrified.  So vulnerable.  

The worst thing about this situation is that I haven't even thought of pulling out of the kiss until now.

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