A Promise to Keep

Katrina Grande gets her heart broken. Again. After that experience, she promised herself that she wouldn't falls in love again and gives up on men. She has a past that barely anyone knows, and she doesn't trust people very easily. But then she runs into the one and only, Zayn Malik. She's not even a fan of One Direction. Katrina doesn't want to break her promise, ever. Besides, why would Zayn even comes near her? She's just a average (actually very crazy) girl. Will she let Zayn Malik in her life and get swept off her feet or keep her promise forver?


4. Reasons why nightmares and pranks don't mix

Author's Note: In the last part, I left it off with Katrina and a dream.... You are gonna have to read on to know about it and what happens. Hopefully you'll like this part because I find it quite funny.

And this part is dedicated to my bestfriend because she helped me choose what was gonna happen in this part from my list of ideas.

~Shabreal xx


Katrina's POV

Then I fell into a traumatic sleep....

I dreamt about the day I saw Isaiah cheat on me. But instead of me walking away, Isaiah got up and walked towards me.

"You hopeless bitch. You've always been a slut, and I wonder why I ever wasted time on you. You should just go kill yourself because no one wants you," he said to me.

Usually I wasn't the type to cry,but silent tears were going down my face. I was about to say something cocky back to him,but something made a popping noise.

I woke up startled, and my face had tears running down my cheeks. Pop! Pop! Pop! It seemed to come from everywhere around me. I screamed and ducked under my covers. Yeah like the blanket was gonna protect me, I thought.

I started to swear under my breath. All of the pops sounded like gunshots. Then, all of a sudden I remembered Jaz's and Riley's evil looks. Oh no they didn't, I thought.

I got up from my bed and screamed "Riley Jackson! Jazmine Waltors! I swear I will kill you both!" Then all the popping noises stopped and I heard them laugh.

Jaz's laugh came from my closet and Riley's laugh came from under my bed. I looked under my bed, grabbed her ankles and dragged her from under the bed and smacked the back of her head.

Then I walked other to my closet, grabbed Jaz's arm, smacked the back of her head and pushed her next to Riley. They were still laughing like hyenas.

"Evil son's of bitches," I muttered. "Why the fuck did you prank me?!? I told you not to prank me earlier!" I yelled at them. I looked at my alarm clock, and it said 9:00 AM.

"And really? 9 in the morning? You know I don't like getting up early! And what did you do to make this prank?!?" I continued to yell at them.

"Well, we wanted to go to the beach early. But we wanted a laugh, and thought it would be boring to wake you up with a knock on the door," Jaz said.

"Soooo, we blowed up a whole bunch of balloons and Jaz hid in your closet with some, and I under your bed with some. Then we took needles and popped them," Riley explained with a grin on her face.

"Well, I hoped you had a good laugh. Now I hope you'll still be laughing when you clean up all these popped balloons on my floor while I get ready for the beach since you guys look like you're ready," I said sarcastically.

Their smiles dropped all of a sudden to looks of horror. "But that's alot of balloons!" Riley complained. "Oh well, looks like you should start cleaning now. You guys made the mess,you're gonna clean it up," I said with a wicked grin and grabbed my towel and walked to the bathroom.

When I finished my shower, I walked back to my room to look for a outfit. I settled on some black basketball shorts, a white tank top, black low-cut converse, and a pair of flip-flops for walking on the beach.

My room was now clean and balloon-free. I have to admit, the balloon popping was funny, I thought. I rolled my eyes at nothing and grabbed my phone and side bag, and walked downstairs.

"Come on, we'll get some breakfast somewhere at the beach," I said to Jaz and Riley. They were looking in the fridge and cabinets, probably for food.

"Okay!" Riley said cheerfully, and skipped out the front door to Bluebelle. "Kat, you have to admit that was a good prank. It was Riley's idea. Who knew she had such an evil mind?" Jaz asked and gave me a pointed look.

"Yeah, it actually was. And Riley's the prank masta in the house anyway. Now git," I said playfully. We both smiled and walked outside and got in Bluebelle.

We all share my car, which is weird. My parents...... Well I don't want to talk about them or any of my family. I started my car and drove to the beach.

"You know, we need to get jobs soon. The money our parents gave us is almost finished and we only been here a month and didn't start going to Uni yet. We spent all the money and we've only been here a month before Uni starts. The next time we go shopping or pay the bills, we'll be broke," Riley said.

"Grrrrr. Maybe tomorrow we should go and look for jobs at the mall, or at the beach," Jaz brought up. "We'll search for jobs tomorrow. I just wanna have a walk on the beach today," I said, not taking my eyes off the road.

"Zurn up zey razio!" Jaz said with a phony French accent. Riley turned it up and the Justen Bieber song, "Boyfriend", came on. "No!" Everyone in the car exclaimed.

"Change the station!" I yelped. Riley turned the knob and the song "Oath" by Cher Lloyd came on. We all sighed with relief. We all started singing the song.

"Crashed your dad's new car. All the things we shared..... I promise, I swear!" I sanged. "This is my oath to yoooouuu!" We finished off together.

"I love this song. It describes us perfectly. Remember when we actually crashed my dad's car?" I asked. "Yup! That was fun!" Jaz chirped from the backseat as I pulled into a space on the beach.

"That got me grounded for months. Now onward to the beach!" I yell as I got out my car. "Yaaaay!!" They screamed and got out and ran towards the beach. I took of my converse and left them in the car.

I laughed and ran after them. The sand was hot,even though it was still in the morning, which made me run faster to the water barefoot.

My flip-flops are in my pocket,sticking out a bit. My feet hit the water and I felt a cool, salty bliss. I jogged to where Jaz and Riley was and stopped by them.

"Don't you love the smell of salty air in the morning?" I asked them. They nodded their heads at me. "I'm hungry. Can we go to that restaurant over there for breakfast? I could smell the food all the way from over there," Riley said with a sniff in the restaurant's direction.

"Yeah, I'm hungry too. Let's go now," I said and we walked towards the restaurant. I slipped on my flip-flops when I got out the water. The smell of food gotten stronger when we walked through the door.

It was empty, except for four guys sitting in a booth in the corner. We walked towards the boothpast the guys that had a beach view through the window. When I was walking, I saw a guy that looked strangely familiar walking from the bathroom.

"Guys, go sit and order for me please. I'll be right back," I told them and walked towards the guy. "Um, excuse me, I just wanted to know if I know you," I said after I tapped the guy's shoulder.

He turned around, and looked at me. I immediately recognized the brown-hazel eyes.



Author's Note: Heyo! You must want to kill me for leaving so many cliffhangars. You have to stick around for the next part! Hope you enjoyed it! Never, ever, forget to vote, comment, and fan!

~Shabreal xx
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