A Promise to Keep

Katrina Grande gets her heart broken. Again. After that experience, she promised herself that she wouldn't falls in love again and gives up on men. She has a past that barely anyone knows, and she doesn't trust people very easily. But then she runs into the one and only, Zayn Malik. She's not even a fan of One Direction. Katrina doesn't want to break her promise, ever. Besides, why would Zayn even comes near her? She's just a average (actually very crazy) girl. Will she let Zayn Malik in her life and get swept off her feet or keep her promise forver?


7. Phone calls and job searching

Katrina's POV

It started ringing.....

I started getting nervous. What if he changed his mind about me? What if him and the boys don't wanna hang out with me and my friends anymore? A whole bunch of 'what ifs' went through my head. I even thought of hanging up.

Then the phone stopped ringing from the dial tone. Too late to hang up now. I heard some noise in the background. Something about Harry stealing Niall's food. "Hello?" I heard a familiar voice said uncertainly.

"Hey Zayn," I said sheepishly. "Oh! Katrina!" He exclaimed excitedly. Suddenly, all of the noise in the background stopped and I could tell that Zayn might not be the only one listening to the call. "Yup, that's moi," I said a bit more relaxed.

"Since you got the message and called, me and the lads wondered if you, Jaz, and Riley wanted to hang over at our place tomorrow?" He asked and he sounded truly nervous. I found it quite cute when he gets nervous.

"Sure! Jaz and Riley are asleep right now, but I'm pretty sure they would scream yes. Oh shoot, I forgot! We were suppose to go job hunting. Dammit," I muttered a bit pissed.

"How about you guys come over around six? We can watch movies and stuff. Maybe we can eat if Niall decides to share his crisps," Zayn said with a laugh. "Hey! I can share with the ladies! As long as they don't eat it all. I need to eat too," Niall said in the background.

I laughed. "Sure, around six is perfect. But Niall might wanna buy extra crisps, because Riley eats alot. And I mean ALOT," I said smiling, thinking of how Riley can't go three hours without eating. I always wondered how she would eat alot and stay skinny and small.

But I never underestimated her or Jaz. "Ok, I'll text you the address. I hope you have good luck searching for a job," he added at the end and actually sounded sincere, although I only knew him for a day (the mess with the ice cream doesn't count).

"Ok. Nighty night Zayn. Night boys," I said a second later. "Night love!" All of the boys said. I chuckled quietly to myself, then hung up the phone. I turned off my lamp and started thinking about all the possiblities of what tomorrow brings until I fell asleep.


I woke up in the morning to the annoying buzzing noise from my alarm. I was about to slam the snooze button with my hand, but I remembered my plans for the day so I got up and turned the alarm off.

I was still tempted to go back to sleep. My bed looked so warm and welcoming, but I know that if I went back to sleep, Jaz and Riley will think of some lovely way to wake me up (note the sarcasm right there).

Once, they threw a bucket of ice cold water all over me to wake me up. And let me tell you, it's not fun at all when you're the person who gets water dumped all over them. I made up my bed and walked over to my dresser. I looked at the mirror and almost shrieked.

My hair was a mess. Well more than it usually is when I get out of bed. It was everywhere and resembled a bird's nest. I ran my fingers through it trying to tame it, but then I gave up with a shrug. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. The TV downstairs was on and I smelled eggs and coffee.

I hated coffee, unless you cover it with sugar and milk and lie to me and say it's tea. And I get really hyper when I drink it, but that's another story. I put on my black skinny jeans, a white v-neck, white suspenders, and my black and white Nikes.

I never wear makeup. I don't want my face to look like it's been raped by a crayon. Yeah I know, so professional when searching for a job. I brushed my hair and left it down. I went downstairs and the smell of food got stronger. Riley was on the couch watching Scooby-Doo, while Jaz was in the kitchen.

"Morning ma dawgs," I said. I almost never smile before 9 AM. You can guess why. "Wazzup," Riley said without taking her eyes off the TV. "I made eggs and sqeezed some orange juice for you Kat. Riley ate already, so now it looks like we have to go grocery shopping again," Jaz said with a sigh and walked out of the kitchen and sat near Riley.

"Thanks. I guess we'll go to the store tomorrow," I said and grabbed my food on a plate and took a sip of orange juice and sat near Jaz. I tried to sit as far as possible away from Riley, incase she tried to steal my food. She has got to have a bottomless pit as a stomach.

"Oh, before I forget to tell you guys, remember that napkin Zayn handed me? Well it had his number on it and I called him. He asked if we wanna hang out with him and the boys, so I said yes and we're going to their house later around six," I said it all in one breath so they won't start screaming and fangirling before I could finish.

At first they stared at me in shock, then they started screaming and fangirling. I rolled my eyes and continued to eat and watch TV, as if they weren't there. After I finished and washed the dishes, and came back in the living room, they seemed alright.

"Finished?" I asked. "Hold on," Jaz said. And they both screamed and fangirled for about 30 more seconds before they calmed down. "Now we're done," Riley said breathless. "Ok, let's go to the mall," I said and grabbed my keys and walked to the front door.


"Ohmagosh!" Riley said exasperately and pulled back her hair from her face. "We covered about half the mall and no luck," Jaz complained. "Let's just finish up the rest of the mall. Then we can go," I suggested. I felt like my legs were made out of stone.

I saw a whole bunch of things I wanted, but I had to resist. I almost cried when Jaz dragged me away from a pair of combat boots with chains on the sides. "The only bright side about this day is seeing the boys later," Riley said a but more happy.

I had to admit, I was a bit more cheerful when reminded me about the boys. I was almost sure the boys love us, but I wasn't sure about Zayn. I had a feeling he was trying a bit more harder than the other boys to be friends with me. Possibly more

I didn't want my heart broken again, and I didn't want to take the chance. But we can only be friends, right? "Katrina!" "Huh?" I said when my friends stopped me in front of Aeropostale, snapping me out of my deep thoughts.

"We were saying that we should split up. That way we can cover up more ground and talk about the jobs opened up when we meet back up," Jaz explained. "Sure, I'll take this part and you guys can go the other ways. We'll meet up in the Food Court when we're done and we'll eat lunch," I said.

"Ok, see you guys later," Riley said and skipped off to her part of the mall. "See ya babez," Jaz said and walked off. I sighed and walked into Aeropostale.


Author's Note: please vote and comment! I'm thinking about stopping this story because I don't have votes, fans, or comments to motivate me to write.

~Shabreal xx
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