A Promise to Keep

Katrina Grande gets her heart broken. Again. After that experience, she promised herself that she wouldn't falls in love again and gives up on men. She has a past that barely anyone knows, and she doesn't trust people very easily. But then she runs into the one and only, Zayn Malik. She's not even a fan of One Direction. Katrina doesn't want to break her promise, ever. Besides, why would Zayn even comes near her? She's just a average (actually very crazy) girl. Will she let Zayn Malik in her life and get swept off her feet or keep her promise forver?


11. Goodbyes and hesitations



Katrina's POV:

Ohmagosh. I'm was practically dying from laughter. Riley scared the shit out of everybody. And I have to admit I was a bit scared too even though I knew it was coming. Nobody will ever watch a horror movie with Riley ever again.

What worried me the most about this night so far is Zayn's interest in my life. It's like he read my soul and wanted to understand what's wrong with me. He was asking questions about me, covering it up with asking questions about Jaz and Riley too, as if he's going to solve the mystery of my past. This is the reason why I'm not letting anybody get any closer to me.

I sighed and turned my focus to the TV and tried to concentrate on the movie. I couldn't really focus with Zayn so close to me. Its....disturbing. Millions of girls would kill just to be in my place, but not me. I actually wanna get out of this seat. Zayn was so close that I could smell his cologne.

"Can I get another box of candy?" Riley asked Niall, a innocent, sweet look on her face. "Ummm, sure."

Riley got the candy and looked at me and my confused look and she mouthed 'I'll explain later.' I nodded slightly with gaze still on her.

"I love this teddy bear. He's so funny. Look at him. He has the bloody phone at his cheek or whatever when his ear is on top of his head. I want a talking teddy bear!" Louis exclaimed. "Dont' worry Lou. I'll get one for your birthday," Harry replied sarcasticly. "Yeah, and I'll go get it on my flying horse," I added in.

"Now you people are just playing with me." Wow, he didn't get the memo when Harry started saying things with sarcasm. "Awwww Lou, we've been playing with you for a while now," Zayn said with a goofy smile on his face.

Without thinking, I bursted out laughing at the expression on his face. He looked at me straight in the eyes. It took a moment for me to get myself together and get back into my unreadable expression. He looked at me confused and opened his mouth to say something, probably to ask what was wrong, but thankfully he got interrupted.

"Oh dammit! Guys we have to go. Kat, Riley, and me have to wake up early tomorrow for work. Well most of us anyway," Jaz said and looked at me pointedly. "What?" I asked. "Oh nothing. Just the fact that it takes a whole damn army to wake you up."

I rolled my eyes and got up from the couch and Zayn followed me, much to my annoyance. I sighed and shooked my head slightly. "C'mon. Let's go since it takes and whole freakkin' army to wake me up."

"Actually, I believe it's good to sleep." Zayn commented. "Mmmhmm. Yeah, right, since it takes a army to wake you up too. I throwed about 2 buckets of water on you and you still slept." Harry stated.

"Impressive. Riley did the same thing to me and I had to wake up during the first bucket," I said and looked at Zayn with a look of approval.

Riley and Jaz got up and came to my side. "Well guys, it was fun tonight. Thanks for asking us to come here," Jaz said with a hint of grate in her voice. "Yeah, it was especially fun watching you guys scream like little girls," Riley added in, hiding a smile.

"Hey! I call it a manly shout," Zayn said defensively. "Yeah right. You were practically in my lap screaming like a little 2 year old girl. Louis was screaming that he was too young to die. I believe we all know that we're too young to die, dontcha think?" I asked and scrunched up my nose. Boy, was I having fun hurting their egos.

"So, maybe we could do this again another time? We don't have to watch a movie. Well I don't think I can ever watch a movie with Riley around ever again. So what do you say?" Zayn asked with hope in his voice.

Well, what can I say? I definitely hesistated, that's for sure. Zayn noticed and the hope on his face faltered. "It's ok if you don't want to. You don't have to do anything."

"No, actually I want to. But, I just don't know when or where in particular. We all just got jobs and don't know our schedules. I'll call you when we're free." I answered honestly. I was surprised when I realized I wanted to hang out with him and the guys again. Maybe I don't have to be so shut off from them. But I can actually feel something from Zayn, as if he's interested or just wants to figure me out. But there's no way that I'll let him get closer to me, even if I'm curious about him too. I can't let myself fall and can't get back up again.

"Ok then. Hopefully we'll see you soon," Niall said. "Don't forget, you're not the only ones with busy schedules," Louis reminded everybody. Harry cleared his throat and said, "I won't be surprised if management makes us do something stupid for publicity."

"Umm, ok bye guys." I said and turned around walked to the door and turned the locks and opened it. "It was nice seeing you girls," Liam said with a cute smile. "Nice to see you guys too," Jaz replied. Riley bursted out laughing out of nowhere.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked incredulously. "Oh nothing. Just making plans for the future," she answered with a mischievious grin. My eyes widened a bit.

"Ok then. Bye guys!" I said and walked out the door. "Bye!" Jaz and Riley said in sync after me and followed me out the door.

"Make sure you drive safe! Don't forget your seatbelts!" Zayn yelled with a heavy accent."Will do!" I yell back and giggled. I never had anybody yell that to me before. Well there's always a first for new things.

I heard a door shut close behind me as I walked towards Bluebelle. I sighed and slowed my pace. I need time to think.

"Can I drive? Pretty please with cherries on top?" Jaz plead and clasped her hands under her chin and tilted her head a bit. I rolled my eyes at her signature move and tossed her the keys.

"Yay!" She sqealed and ran to the drivers side of the car and got in. I figure it would be dangerous for me to drive with so many thoughts in my head that I might actually get a headache or get distracted. I still wasn't used to driving on the left side of the road and on the right side of the car. It just confuses me. That's what I get for being American I guess.

"I call shotgun! Yeah that's right. Getcho ass outta my way K!" Riley exclaimed teasingly. We sometimes call each other the first letter of our names, just for the fun of it. It makes us sound weird and a bit obnoxious but we always laugh about it.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and opened the door and climbed in the backseat. I put on my seatbelt with a satisfying click.

"Don't go all drunk driving on us Jaz," I joked. Jaz groaned from the drivers seat. "Will you give it a rest? We were late alright!" She mumbled, remembering the way she drove a couple weeks ago.

"Give it a rest?!? Are you shitting me? You drove like a high madwoman for God's sake! We could've got killed!" Riley exaggerated. I giggled and Jaz started driving down the road.

"Can you shut up so I can get us home in one piece?" Jaz asked annoyed. She must really want to get home before it get dark. "You know we have jobs to go to tomorrow,and that I don't like driving in the dark. Which means going to sleep early and waking up with armies near us."

"Then why are you driving when it's nearly nighttime?" Riley asked with disbelief on her face.

"Ok, ok. Shut up and let her concentrate on driving. The last thing we need is getting into a accident. And I do not, I repeat, DO NOT want to wreck my baby," I said fiercely.

"Well, sorry. Gosh someone's getting cranky," Riley mumbled, drawling out the sorry.

"Umm, Kat, I forgot to ask you. What's wrong? You seemed a bit.....hesistant and shut off back at the boys' house or whoever house it is," Jaz noted.

I groaned as if I had the horribke stomach flu. "I thought you forgot about that. Well, it's just, I dunno, complicated? No wait, I know. You remember that promise I made to myself when I was a bit.....unstable?" They nodded their heads before I carried on.

"I wasn't kidding about it. And I want to make sure I keep that promise. And then I noticed Zayn all curious. I could tell he could read people's emotions easily and could actually be a human lie detector. So I just shut myself off. I don't want to fall again guys. I really don't. And this time, if I fall, I don't think I'll be able to get back up. Plus, I don't want Zayn to figure me out. He's a bit, what's the word, persistant. He probably won't forget the way I was pushing him away."

"Oh gosh. You were serious about that promise? I thought you were kidding!" Jaz exclaimed.

"Me too. You really don't want to fall again do you? I understand what you're going through Kat. I saw that he was interested and he kept asking questions and saw that you were uncomfortable. I'm not going to blame you if you give up on love, even Zayn Malik," Riley said and gave me a look of understanding and sympathy.

"The thing is, I actually kinda like him. Not like like him. Grrrr I don't know anymore. I don't even care if he's famous or if he's a regular person. I seriously don't give a damn if he was the richest man alive. I'm keeping that promise," I ranted, unable to stop until Jaz cut me off.

"Pfft, please. You can't keep that promise. It's seriously going to blow up in your face. But I have to warn you, if you want to keep that past of yours a secret, try not to get close to Zayn. He seems like he want to figure you out. Believe me, I noticed," Jaz said as she turned into the driveway.

"Now let's go and get ready for bed. We need to get some beauty sleep 'cuz we have wake up early. Don't want to make bad impressions on our bosses, now do we?" Jaz carried on.

"No ma'am. I understand." Riley said and saluted Jaz. I got out the car and went up to the front door.

Jaz opened the door and we walked inside. "Ok. Now here's the plan: late dinner, shower, bed. Understand?" I asked, straight to the point.

"Sir, yes, sir. Whoops I mean ma'am." Riley said like a soldier. "Now hut hut hut. Hurry! Don't just stand there you worthless nuggets! We've got work to do!" I exclaimed, went through the routine I said.

I ate, took a shower, and got into bed.

"Goodnight!" I yelled from my bed, too lazy to get up and yell from the hall.

"Goodnight!" I heard Jaz and Riley chorused back. It's weird how they say things the same time.

"Set your alarms to 7:00 AM people! Especially you Katrina! I have a special way to wake you up tomorrow if you oversleep." Riley yelled evilly from her bedroom.

I groaned and set my alarm. Then I laid back in my bed, thinking of today's events, wondering what tomorrow brings.

Soon, I drifted off to sleep.

---------------------------------------------A/N: OKAY THEN! That was a long chappy wasn't it? Oh well, I guess I got lost while writing and went a bit overboard. Please vote, comment, and fan. It really does mean a lot to me. And if you don't mind, share my story with other too.

~Shabreal xx

(P.S. I'm literally going to die tomorrow! There's school and the Kiss You music video primeres while I'm there! No fair! Wonderful timing management, just wonderful.)

(P.P.S. Eat ice cream!)
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