A Promise to Keep

Katrina Grande gets her heart broken. Again. After that experience, she promised herself that she wouldn't falls in love again and gives up on men. She has a past that barely anyone knows, and she doesn't trust people very easily. But then she runs into the one and only, Zayn Malik. She's not even a fan of One Direction. Katrina doesn't want to break her promise, ever. Besides, why would Zayn even comes near her? She's just a average (actually very crazy) girl. Will she let Zayn Malik in her life and get swept off her feet or keep her promise forver?


22. Explaining

Katrina's POV

After cleaning up the mess Panda made—which was pretty big for a small dog—me, Zayn, and Panda were on our way to his flat. I was apologizing to Harry while cleaning, but he said it was no big deal. 

I wonder how Jaz and Riley will react when they find out I brought a loony dog home. First, I have to go pick them up, and I know for sure they will be pretty pissed at me for supposedly 'ditching' them at the mall, and that is definitely not a good time to tell them I picked up a dog of the street and he's wild like a mustang.

But afterwards… I can only imagine what they would do. So here are the options: they would get pissed and yell at me, demand that I take the dog to a shelter (I'm not sure about that one, it seems a bit too cruel for them to demand that, plus I would not take Panda to the pound), or accept Panda with open arms. I'm really hoping they would accept him. I've grown attached to the dog even if we spent a small amount of time together.

The ride to Zayn's home was tense for no apparent reason. So I decided to break the tension with my weird and awkwardness. 

"So..." I start to say but paused when I saw Zayn open his mouth to say something. 

"Oh, um, you first." He looked down at his shoes and I turned my eyes back onto the road. 

"Erm, you can go first actually." I'm so stupid. I was about to break the tension when I didn't even know what to say. Stupid, stupid, oh and of course, stupid.

"Er, God this is clichè... I was wondering…" he paused, a bit hesitant, a thoughtful expression crossing his face. His eyes looked deep and endless when he's thinking. "I was wondering if you would need help training Panda." He finished saying.

I got to admit, I was surprised. Why would Zayn want to help me train Panda? Certainly he has a busy schedule and wouldn't have the time. Today was his only day off and he spent it with me chasing a dog. He's most likely exhausted, but still kind enough to offer his help to a dog that believes it's being chased by a ghost.

"Are you sure you want to help train him? You have a busy schedule and today was your only day to relax, but you spent it with me chasing after a dog. I'm pretty sure you're exausted and want nothing to do with Panda anymore."

Right now, the hellhound was laying in the backseat sleeping. He was actually peaceful and innocent looking when he sleeps. It gives him this harmless puppy please-help-me kind off look. 

"Well, I actually had fun. The day wasn't so bad. And I would really like to train Panda. I mean, he might as well be a bat outta hell." He stated as I turned into his driveway. 

I gave him a shocked look. He must be crazy if he thought today was fun. Unless you count finding a stray dog then chasing after it and getting threatened by a big scary dude fun. And that's only half of what happened today. 

"Oh, alright. But if you get tired or need to relax, you will go home and rest, no questions asked. I think I'll start training him tomorrow, though I might want to show him some of the basics when I get home," I said reluctantly. I didn't want Zayn to be anymore pressured than he already is. He's already started to have bags under his eyes from lack of sleep.

"Look who's talking about rest. You aren't looking too good either, Kat." He raised his eyebrow in a mocking way and got out the car.

I chuckled slightly then nodded my head. "Touchè, my friend, touchè." 

He laughed then winked at me. "Text me the time I should come over."

"Well you can just tell me when you're on a break and we'll work something out. And Zayn," I called out when he turned to walk up to his front door. He turned and look at me in the eye, triumph glinting in his eyes. "Please make sure you get some rest. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself."

"Will do, Kat. I'll see you later," he said and walked up to his door as I started backing out. 

Panda woke up and started to nuzzle my hair. I took my hand and swatted lightly at his nose. 

"I know I smell good, but damn Panda, stop it."


"What the hell were you doing?!"

I winced when I heard Riley yelled. She has a good set of lungs on her. I parked near the front entrance of the mall so Riley and Jaz would see me when they walked out. I was waiting peacefully until they came and opened the door and yelled at me.

"Okay, okay. I can explain everything later." I sighed, defeated. This will take forever to explain. "Just please get in the car and try not to ask questions."

Jaz opened the passenger seat door and plooped herself in. She gave me a killer look then buckled herself in. 

"Why the hell is there a dog in the car?" Riley exclaimed from the backseat. She forgot my no-questions-asked policy. I sighed.

"I'll explain everything when we get home. But for now, this is Panda. He's a pitbull puppy I found. And please don't ask any more questions..." I trailed off, starting to think about the groceries and dog supplies locked in the trunk off the car. It reminded me about the bills I had to pay. My pain will never end today.

"Okay, fine. And you better explain everything when we get home. Here we were, working our butts off, while you were doing God know's what," Jaz said, resting her head on the window.

"Trust me, I will."


"So let me get this straight. Some fans attacked you in the mall and your manager held you back from starting a fight and told you to have the rest off the day off. And while you were driving home, you found Panda. You went to Zayn for some help and he fed and gave him some water and then you guys went to the vet. You then realized you needed supplies for the dog, so you dropped the dog off at Harry's place and you and Zayn went shopping. You bought the supplies, and then you went to Walmart and blowed up one of the aisles with soda. You wemt back to Zayn's place to get cleaned up, and that explains why you're wearing his clothes. Then you went back to Harry's place to pick the dog up, but turns out that he was running around the place like a bat lose from hell. He ran outside and you guys chased him down the street and caught him on some guy's lawn that threatened to shoot or call animal control on Panda. You then cleaned up Harry's flat and dropped Zayn back at his house, where he asked to help train the dog. You then came to pick us up and we came home." Riley finished summarizing after I explained everything.

"Yup, seems accurate." I nodded my head. 

When we arrived home, I stored away all the groceries and placed all Panda's supplies in the right places. Then we all gathered in the kitchen, drinking tea while having me explain everything with Panda sleeping by my feet.

"Oh, and by the way, the dog's name is Panda, so please don't refer to him as 'the dog'." I took another sip of tea and looked at the dog by my feet. How can something so small be so wild and destructive? It just amazes me.

"So, I'm guessing we're keeping the dog right?" Jaz asked and glanced down at the dog then back at me. I nodded my head, hoping that the animal loving side off them will come out and smack sense into them.

"We have to train him. He's still wild, but deep down he's just a sweet puppy that wants a true family to love him," I said sadly, trying to win over Jaz and Riley.

I looked hard at them until their faces softened. 

"Okay. Fine, we'll keep the dog, but to make things fair, we're going to make a schedule to take care of him," Riley said firmly and took a sip of tea. 

"I bet you're tired, Kat. You should eat something and go get some rest. We'll feed Panda and take him outside when he wakes up." Jaz placed her hand on my shoulder gently and pushed me out my seat towards the stairs.

"Fine. And please make sure he doesn't start running around. It will just leave a big mess," I said not bothering to get something to eat and went upstairs. I didn't even change out of Zayn's clothes because they had a comforting smell. I just dropped myself onto my bed and as soon as my head touched the pillow, I drifted off to sleep.

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