A Promise to Keep

Katrina Grande gets her heart broken. Again. After that experience, she promised herself that she wouldn't falls in love again and gives up on men. She has a past that barely anyone knows, and she doesn't trust people very easily. But then she runs into the one and only, Zayn Malik. She's not even a fan of One Direction. Katrina doesn't want to break her promise, ever. Besides, why would Zayn even comes near her? She's just a average (actually very crazy) girl. Will she let Zayn Malik in her life and get swept off her feet or keep her promise forver?


5. A small world

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Katrina's POV

"Oh um,hi. You're the guy I accidently bumped into and spilled ice cream all over me right?" I asked. "Oh, yeah," he said and looked at me like he was expecting something.

"But you look really different. What happened? And I didn't get your name yesterday," I told him. "Um its strange that you don't recognize me. My name is Zayn. Zayn Malik," he said and looked at me for a reaction.

That name rings a bell, but I can't put my finger on it. Don't you sometimes know something and its on the tip of your tongue, but you don't remember it? I hate it when it happens, and its happening right now. Then it hit me.

"Oh yeah! Your Zayn from that boyband right? One Direction!" I said happily that I actually remembered their name. "Yup. And the stuff I was wearing yesterday was just a disguise so people won't recognize me," he said.

"Well, you did a good job at it," I said looking him up and down, taking in the dramatic dressing change. Instead of the hideous stuff he wore yesterday, he had much better clothes.

He wore some Nikes, beige cargo shorts, a plain blue t-shirt that hugged his body perfectly, Raybans hanging on his shirt, no moustache(thank god!), and his dark browm hair was styled in a quiff.

'Wow,he looks hot!' my dirty conscious said. 'Shut up bitch. No dirty stuff,' I thought. "So do you want to meet my friends over there? You can bring your friends too," he asked.

"Sure, I'll go get them," I said and turned around and walked towards my table. "Hey,guys, remember when I told you a guy spilled ice cream all over me? Well I just talked to him and I want you to meet him and his friends," I told them, leaving out the fact that it was Zayn Malik from One Direction, and possibly his bandmates.

I saw him and his friends as just regular guys living their dreams. "Sure. Are they cute? Oh god, I'm horrible. I'll be forever alone!" Jaz said and banged her head on the table.

"You are hopeless. You'll find someone. Its seems that I'm in a relationship with fun, freedom, craziness, food, and pranks, so I don't need love," Riley said and got up from her chair.

Jaz got up from her chair. "Are they those guys in the corner? Why do the back of their heads look so familar to me?" Jaz asked. "Well, instead of asking questions, why don't we go see for ourselves, shall we?" I said and walked towards the guys with Jaz and Riley walking behind me.

They were getting excited. "It can't be them? Ohmagod!" Riley whispered to Jaz excitedly. We reached the boys' table and that's when they exploded. "Oh god! It is them!" Jaz yelped.

I turned and looked at them, only to be met with their shocked faces and mouths dropped to the floor. I chuckled, then said, "Close your mouths. You'll catch a fly."

I turned back around and looked at Zayn. He looked like he was about to laugh. "Oh sorry. Boys,this is Katrina and her friends. Remember the girl I said I accidently spilled ice cream all over yesterday?" He told the guys at the table.

"Yeah, I'm Katrina, but you can call me Kat. And this is Riley and Jaz," I said and jabbed my thumb in their direction when I said their names. Their mouths were still open in disbelief.

I took my hands and closed their mouths. That jottled them out of their trances. "Sorry about that. Now, um, sorry but I don't really each of your names," I said apologetically.

"I'm Harry," the boy with brown curly hair and emerald green eyes said with a slow deep voice. "I'm Niall!" The boy with blonde hair and blue eyes said with an Irish accent, and gave me a small laugh.

"I'm Liam," the boy with brown hair in a buzz cut and brown eyes said with a sweet smile. "And I ,of course, is Louis,'The Tommo', Tomlinson," the boy with brown hair spiked up and mischievous blue eyes said in an annoucer-way.

"And of course, I'm Zayn," Zayn said with a grin. "Well it's nice to meet you all," I said and then stood there awkwardly with my rarely quiet friends behind me.

"I'm sorry! We're being so rude! Harry, Zayn, pull up some chairs for these lovely ladies," Liam said. Harry and Zayn got up and pulled over three chairs and we all sat down. I sat near Zayn, Jaz by Harry, and Riley by Louis.

"So, what are you guys doing here at the beach?" I asked. "We're doing a small photoshoot by the beach. I started to get hungry, so we came here to eat. Surprised there isn't alot of fans," Niall said.

"Well, this is the more private part of the beach. And I'm guessing people don't come out much in the morning," Jaz replied. Soon our food came and everyone was in their own conversations, so I turned to Zayn.

"I have a quick question. Yesterday, if we weren't interrupted by your phone call, would you still tell me your actual name or keep your disguise together?" I asked with curiosity.

"At first, I wasn't sure. Most of my disguises look so phony, that people immediately recognize me. But you didn't, so I kinda figured you weren't a big fan. So I guess I was about to tell you I'm Zayn Malik," he replied. Well that somehow made sense.

"Oh wow. And it looks like we actually saw each other around from yesterday when we said we'll see each other around," I said. "Uh huh, its a small world," he said and I laughed.

I heard Riley laugh loudly and saw her laugh like a dying seal. Louis was laughing with her too. "What happened?" Jaz asked and gave them crazy looks. Soon everyone was laughing.

"Okay, seriously, what happened?" I asked, red-faced from laughing. "Okay, Louis was telling me about this prank he pulled. Tell 'em Louis," Riley said.

"Well, I was bored and I wanted to do something. So I went and put pink food coloring in Harry's shampoo and conditioner," he said and paused for a second. I could already tell where this was going. Riley did the same thing to me.

"So when Harry came home and took a shower, his hair was bubble gum pink for the next two days," Louis finished off and started laughing again. "You have to admit, that's a good one," Riley said and everyone but me and Harry nodded.

"No its not! Riley, you put green food coloring in my shampoo and I had lime green hair for the rest of the week!" I said. "Ooooh. Green was not your color," Riley said and laughed at the memory.

Harry looked at Louis in horror, still stuck on Louis's prank. "Those were the most two humiliating days of my life! People called me 'Pinky'!" Harry exclaimed.

"But you still laughed about it!" Niall said while he was going through his third plate of food. I started laughing again with Zayn. "Oh no! Guys we're late! We were suppose to be down at the beach 15 minutes ago!" Liam yelped while still looking at his watch.

The boys got up abruptly and Zayn payed for the food. "My treat," he said and handed me a napkin. "C'mon, let's go. Paul will kill us!" Harry said.

Zayn gave me a wistful smile. "Wish we could stay, but we gotta go. Bye Kat!" he said and the boys walked out the door. "Bye girls!" They yell in unison.

I sighed and looked at the napkin. That's strange that Zayn handed me a napkin......


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