Accidental Love

Raven never expected her boyfriend, Bryan, to get in a car accident. Bryan was always kind, forgiving, and generous to people. What happens when she meets college student Jayson? Jayson is completely opposite from her ex, Byran. He's dark, mysterious, stubborn, and mean. But what caos happens when she finds out a deep secret about Jayson?

Copyright 2012
(Story by I'mDying:D/Me)


1. The Accident

"Ready for our date?" Bryan asked, startling Raven.

She jumped from surprise, and glared at him playfully. "Do you like scaring me?"

Bryan laughed, and kissed her cheek. "Maybe."

"That all you can do?" Raven asked, rapping her arms around Bryan's neck.

Just as Raven and Bryan were going to- er, kiss, Raven's little sister barged into Raven's room. "And what are you two doing?" she asked, giggling. Raven's little sister, Cassidy, was twelve, four years younger than Raven.

"N-Nothing!" Raven exclaimed, stuttering.

"Didn't look like nothing." Cassidy winked. "You can continue what you're were doing now."

Cassidy walked out of the room, and Bryan laughed. "We should get going, anyway. The movie we're seeing starts in forty minutes, and we're thirty minutes away from there."

Raven's eyes lit up from excitement. "What movie are we seeing?" she questioned.

"Breaking Dawn. Part two."

"OH MY GOD!" Raven squealed. "I REALLY WANT TO SEE THAT!"

Bryan laughed from his girlfriends hyperness. "Yeah, I know."

"You're the best. You know that?" Raven pecked his leps.

"Yeah, I know," he repeated.


"That movie was awesome!" Raven exclaimed as her and Bryan were walking out of the movie theaters.

"You're awesome," he replied.

Raven laughed, and shrugged. "Runs in the family."

Bryan chuckled. "Stay here. I'll bring the car over here."

Raven nodded, and Bryan started to walk across the street. Raven looked to her right and saw an expensive car coming. It was coming straight towards Bryan. Raven's eye widened, and she felt herself getting dizzy. "Bryan, run!" she screamed.

Bryan stopped and then looked to his right. Raven saw the fear in his eyes as the car hit him straight on. For Raven, everything was in slow motion. "BRYAN!!" she screamed, and ran over to him. All the cars stopped, and doors were opening to see if Bryan was okay.

Raven's red hair fell over her face as she leaned over Bryan. "Bryan?!" she called frantically. "Answer me!! Please!"

There was no response from him. Not even a single breath came out of him to show he was okay. "Miss, who is this?"

Raven looked up, and a man was standing there holding a phone. "B-Bryan Nicolas."

He nodded. "Hello? Abulance? A car crash has just taken place at twenty-third street. A boy by the name of Bryan Nicolas has been hit."

Raven heard a voice at the other end, and the man shook his head. "No, he is not breathing."


Raven seen the abulance door close, and tears were still falling from her electric blue eyes. The man who hit Bryan came up to Raven "I'm very sorry, miss. I didn't see him... I-"

"It's okay," Raven assured the man.



                                                    But it wasn't.



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