Because Of Math Class

Mia was the smartest kid in her school, not to mention the most popular. But she never acted like it. She knew everyone and everyone loved her. She was very sweet and very pretty. One day a curly haired boy moved to her school and was in her math class that she had every morning. Did I mention he was in a world famous boy band? Well, he is. Mia had her rules to live her life and others had theirs. One of her rules was NOT to date anyone because of her past experience. What if this curly haired boy started to fall for her? Read and find out what will happen.


13. Will You? and The Family

Mia's POV 


We worked on our math for a an hour or so more. We cracked a lot of jokes and actually I had a good time.  "I think that's enough for today and its getting kinda late" "okay, well this was fun, thanks for tutoring me" "You don't have to thanks me and this was fun I actually really enjoyed it" I said smiling and so did he. I packed up all my things and checked the time. It was 7:50, I have to be at Hannah's by 8:30. "Well I guess I better get going, see you around" I said as I headed for the door.  "Wait" he shouted. I turned around and saw he looked kinda hesitant. "Yeah?" "I was wondering if you wanted to like go out this weekend…" Harry said. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. "Sorry I can't this weekend I have a full schedule" I said with full honesty. I'm having a sleepover with Hannah tonight and on Saturday and Sunday I'm babysitting my sisters, Amber and Kylie. Amber is 12 and Kylie is 3. "Oh… well what about next week" he asked. Why can't he just take a hint. "Listen don't take it personally but I'm gonna have to pass because I know nothing about you so sorry" I said and as I was about to walk out he continued talking. "How bout I walk you home" "um it's okay I think I can walk myself home" "Please" he said. I hesitated to answer.  "Fine" I said and a smile grew on his face. As we walked we had a lot of laughs. We reached my street. "You live here?" He asked. "Uh yeah" "I do too, just down that way" he said pointing behind us. "We'll these are the big house in the neighborhood so obviously you live here" I said laughing. He chuckled. When we reached my house I noticed my car in the driveway and my sisters and my mom came out of it. "You got my car!" I said really excitedly. Kylie came and gave me a hug. "Hi Mia" she said. She's only 3 so it sounded so cute. "Hi Kylie" I said. "Who's this?" My mom said. I completely forgot Harry was beside me. "Oh, this is Harry" "The boy you tutor?" "Yep" "Nice to meet you" Harry said. Amber my other sister didn't even care that I was here till he talked. She turned around with her mouth wide open and screamed a little. "Sorry she's a huge fan" I whispered in Harry's ear. He laughed. "Looks like it" he whispered back. "Amber, go inside now!" I said. And she walked inside. "Well I guess I better get going thanks again Mia and nice meeting you Mrs.Stevenson" he said. My mom nodded with a smile and I said bye and he walked off. "Are you too dating?" My mom asked as we walked inside. "No! I'm just tutoring him" "Okay Okay" my mom said. "MIA! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU'RE DATING HARRY STYLES" Amber screamed. "Woah I am not dating him!" I said. “Oh sorry for yelling at you” She said. “Awwww it’s okay” I said giving her a hug. Amber reminds me of myself when I was younger. Every time she needs advice or anything really she comes to me, which I find really cute. We are really cloe and never fight which I love. “Mom I'm going to Hannah’s for a sleepover I’m leaving now just to let you know” “Okay Mia have fun and remember you need to babysit Kylie and Amber tomorrow at 2 and on Sunday” “I know mom I’ll be home by 1:30” I said and I grabbed my bag out of my room and drove over to Hannah’s house.


Heyy guys! So I’m gonna try to update faster because I wana get to the climax part of my story before Febuary so you might be seeing a lot of updates soon. So how has everyone been doing? How has the new year been going? Feel free to tweet me your answers to this >>@NeeehaaS <3 lots of love

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