Because Of Math Class

Mia was the smartest kid in her school, not to mention the most popular. But she never acted like it. She knew everyone and everyone loved her. She was very sweet and very pretty. One day a curly haired boy moved to her school and was in her math class that she had every morning. Did I mention he was in a world famous boy band? Well, he is. Mia had her rules to live her life and others had theirs. One of her rules was NOT to date anyone because of her past experience. What if this curly haired boy started to fall for her? Read and find out what will happen.


5. Seat Switches and Embarrassment

I woke up the next morning late because i didn't have to worry about my hair today. Only because I took a shower before i went to bed so i put my hair in a french braid then went to sleep so it would come out curly/wavy. So i decided to wear my favourite minty coloured flowy button up shirt that a little long but I like it that way. I put my hair down and I set it with my cream wool beanie. I walked into the school and got loads of comments and to all the girls i replied with the same compliment. It true though no girl in my school was ugly, but not everyone was insanely pretty and I was part of that group of people. Even though I always here people saying I'm one of the prettiest girls they've ever met, I find it flattering but I never take it to heart cause I know it's not true. I walked into class and I noticed that everyone was really happy. I looked at the board and noticed why, it was time for us to pick our own seating plan. I noticed Hannah waiting for me. We decided to sit in the 5th row in the first desk. We sat down and I told her everything about the tour yesterday. "He really said that?!" she said. "No, Hannah, I made it up. Obviously he said that" I replied. "I think he's got something for you, I mean who wouldn't" she said nudging me and winking. "Oh shut up" I said. And as I said that I noticed an unpleasant face staring at. Jen, she decided to sit at the table beside me. Great, now she can listen to every convo Hannah and I have. The not so popular girls who I'm friends with, Carly and Kate, sat in-front of us. "Hey guys" I said. We loved those 2 because they're so funny and so down-to-earth. "Hey" they both said to us. "Oh my gosh, don't you think the new guy's hot" Kate said. "Not you guys too, man why is everyone so hung up over this guy" I replied. "Do you know who he is, he's Harry Styles from One Direction" Carly said. "OMG I know who he is, I just don't get why all of you are dying over him. "Wait, so you don't think he's cute?" Hannah asked. "He's ight" I replied, and as I said that he walked in. Every seat was filled, except for the one next to Jen, which means he's gonna be sitting next.  Great, she's probably gonna drool over him. "Over here, there's an empty seat here Harry" Jen said pointing next to her. As he made his way over to the desk and as he walked to the seat, he was staring at me. I just rolled my eyes. "Good morning class, today we are starting algebra" Mr.Rylan said and everyone moaned. "I know, I know, you all hate algebra, well majority of you" He said looking over at me. I smiled cause I love algebra. He put an equation on the board. "Can anyone solve this without help of electronics or classmates?" He asked. My hand shot straight up. "Come on up Mia and solve this equation like a pro" He said. I walked up and solved the equation in under a minute. "If you guys ever need help with algebra, you can talk to me and I'll have Mia tutor you" Mr.Rylan said.  "Done" I said, I had to wait till he finished talking to say that. "Whats the answer?". "X=A over A, and A= Y+5 and Y= 6 times pi. So the answer to this is X times pi plus" I said feeling 100% confident. "That's wrong, the answer should be just X" Jen screamed out loud with confidence. She the stupidest student in this class is telling me I'm wrong?! I thought to myself. "Actually that's correct, good job Mia." Mr.Rylan said. Everyone clapped and Jen looked embarrassed. I smiled and sat down. "LOL she thinks she's smarter than you" Hannah said. Jen heard cause she looked our way and was angry. Harry looked our way and laughed, and well so did I.

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