Because Of Math Class

Mia was the smartest kid in her school, not to mention the most popular. But she never acted like it. She knew everyone and everyone loved her. She was very sweet and very pretty. One day a curly haired boy moved to her school and was in her math class that she had every morning. Did I mention he was in a world famous boy band? Well, he is. Mia had her rules to live her life and others had theirs. One of her rules was NOT to date anyone because of her past experience. What if this curly haired boy started to fall for her? Read and find out what will happen.


17. Rude Comments and Awkward


*Monday Morning*   

Mia's POV   

I woke up and started getting ready for school. I decide to a flowy blue top with black skinnies and my cream beanie. I decided to let my natural wavy brown hair down and put on a little bit of mascara. I got my floral T.N.A backpack and left for school. I decided to go to Starbucks first but before that I picked up Hannah. We walked in and it was pretty busy. As we were waiting in line we just talked about things. “I still think you should go out with him” “That’s not happening” “Come on Mia, take a risk he doesn’t seem that bad” “Uh yeah he does” “You barely know him” “So? I can reject anyone I want”. I love Hannah and all but omg this girl is annoying me with this. “I’m actually not that bad once you get to know me” said a familiar voice. I turned around and saw Harry. “Were you listening to our conversation?” I asked. “Maybe”. God I hate him even more now. “Well you know what I think your that bad” “But I'm not” “Dude your image is bad so that means your bad to” “My image is the opposite of me and its made up stuff” he said. I felt bad because he looked kinda hurt. “Sorry I didn’t mean it like that” “It’s okay I get it”. Hannah looked so entertained by our conversation and before we knew it, it was our turn to order. “Hey Meg” I said. I gave her my order and went to the side with Hannah. “You’re mean” she said. “Well I'm sorry okay I didn’t mean it like that”. “Here you go” Meghan said handing us our drinks. “Thanks Meg I’ll see you after school” I said. Then we left for school. When we reached school we caught up with Anthony and Scott and left for math. “Good morning class give me about 15 minutes to get organized so talk about your weekend with your groups" Mr.Rylan said. First was Jen. "Okay so I went shopping all weekend but on Saturday me, Harry, Ryan, and Lola went to cold stone" she said with her annoying voice. "She has nice grammar" I whisper to Hannah who laughed.  Jen just rolled her eyes and Harry looked confused. “Well,” Harry said. “On my weekend you already know what I did on Saturday but on Sunday I chilled at home for half the day, the other half Mia knows what I did” he said looking at me. I chuckled, “Yep I sure do that was really awkward though” I said. He laughed.  


Today I had dance. Yes, I teach dance for free at a studio my dad bought me. I teach girls from the age of 14-17 but one of my student is 13. I let her in because shes really good. I went to dance at 10 a.m. We have a state competition coming up so we need a lot of rehearsal time that’s why we meet every Sunday. “Hey guys” I said as I walked in. They were already doing stretches. Sarah is our youngest, 13, then there’s Kaylea, Faith and Rachel who are 14. Holly and Ally are 15 and Leah and Mariah are 16. It’s a small group but we all are extremely talented who it matches up. We all are each others best friends and me being the oldest I’m more like a big sister to some. “Okay let’s do our warm up routine”  I said. Our warm up routine is to “Only Girl” by Rihanna. We came up with the routine during our first month and we do it at every class so we’re use to it. We got to our positions. Our studio is huge. There’s a big mirror covering one wall o we face that when we practice. The girls line up behind be so I'm center front.  I played the song and we started. About half way through the routine someone walked in. I looked through the mirror to find Harry there. Great, he interrupted the routine. I pause the song and tell the girls to take a minute and stretch and drink water. “Hi” he said. “How did you find me?” “Well I went to your house and Hannah told me you were here so here I am”. I knew that the girls really liked One Direction but I still don’t get why. “Well you found me, is there something you need cause I'm trying to rehearse” “Well I wanted to give you this” Harry said handing me a piece of paper. “I’m just gonna let you know ive only rea the one you gave me at Cold Stone” “Well I think you should read the others too” I might” I said smiling slightly and so did he. “Well I guess I’ll get going” “Alright bye” I said. When he left all the girls started freking out. “How do you know Harry Syles!” Faith asked. So I sat down and told them the story and then we went back to practice. Later that day when I was home I was blasting music and my sisters and I were dancing around. I was blasting Rihanna’s album “Unapologetic”. I heard the door bell ring so I went to answer it, stopping the music. When I answered the door it was Harry. “What do you need now” I asked chuckling. Then I heard something playing, I’ve never heard this song before in my life then I realized my  sister switched my cd to her One Direction cd so their album Take Me Home was balsting. “Amber why did you switch my cd!” I yelled. Both Amber and Kylie started laughing. Then I remembered  Harry was here. This was officially awkward. I looked over at Harry and he was laughing. "Sorry bout this she's a fan" "it's all good oh and here" he said handing me another paper. "Please read them" he said I a quite sad tone. "You know what I'm actually gonna go read them all right now, so I'll see you later" I said smiling. A smile grew on his face. "Alright thanks bye" he said I waved and closed the door. "Amber what the hell was that" I said. "Sorry how was I suppose to know he was here" she said. "True" I said.  

Soo sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy with my life I have so amny school projects due it's unreal. Well I hope you like the chapter well the fanfic so far. I'm trying my best to get it in the real stuff soon so maybe by like the end of February there should be like 5 new updates. Well thanks for reading and please favourite it would mean alot also you can follow my twitter @NeeehaaS <3 Much Love

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