Because Of Math Class

Mia was the smartest kid in her school, not to mention the most popular. But she never acted like it. She knew everyone and everyone loved her. She was very sweet and very pretty. One day a curly haired boy moved to her school and was in her math class that she had every morning. Did I mention he was in a world famous boy band? Well, he is. Mia had her rules to live her life and others had theirs. One of her rules was NOT to date anyone because of her past experience. What if this curly haired boy started to fall for her? Read and find out what will happen.


15. Dinner Ingredients And Given A Letter

Mia's POV 

The movie finished and was hysterical even though I've seen it a billion times. It was around 4 when we finished. "Okay guys we're gonna have dinner it a couple of hours so any recommendations?" I asked. "Can we make pizza?" Amber asked. "Sure that sounds fun but we need to go get the ingredients, so get ready we're going grocery shopping" "Okay" Amber said. I went and got Kylie into a cute wool shirt with black jeans and then we left. 

  Harry's POV 

  Even though Mia rejected me twice I wasn't gonna let that stop me. I was determined to make her go out with me. Like she's the perfect girl. She's sweet, kind, caring, funny, smart, talented, and she's beautiful. Her laugh is really cute too. I decided since she said no because she didn't know me, I would give her with 5 facts about me everyday. So I went and started writing. 

Mia's POV 

  On our way back from the grocery store my sister wanted me to put her favorite song on. "Mia, can you put on How To Be A Heartbreaker please" "Amber I'm driving so you do it". She put the song on the dock that attaches to the car speakers and blasted the song. All three of us were singing along. By the time the the second verse started we reached my house. My sisters and I were still singing along. It was kinda hot out so I was wearing black skinnies, a white tank top and a light pink flows cardigan and I was wearing my  favourite  Chanel sunglasses. I got out of the car and unbuckled Kylie's car seat. The song was still playing loudly but only my sisters were singing. Kylie hopped out of the car and started screaming the chorus of the song with Amber.  I saw someone walking towards us but couldn't recognize who it was. I ran my hand through the too of my hair and took my glasses off. It was Harry walking in my direction. He waved and I waved back kinda confused like. I went and took the bags out of the trunk. I closed the trunk and turned around. "Hi" Harry said. "Hey" "So you know how you said you wouldn't go out with me because you knew nothing about me" he said. I looked over and saw Amber listening. "One second, Amber take these bags and go inside" I said. "But…" she said. "Now" I said. She took the bags and went inside with Kylie. "Okay so you were saying" "Right, so I wrote down a couple of things about me on this piece of paper" he said handing it to me. I laughed. "Are you serious, you actually wrote things down" I said still laughing. "Well since you don't know anything about me I though I might as well tell you things" "Well okay, thank you?" I said. "Okay so I guess I'll see you around" he said. "Yep, bye" "Bye" he said smiling. He turned around and left. What the hell just happened. I walked into my house and Amber attacked me. "You turned him down for a date! How no why!" She said. "Amber listen, you know what happened last year so I'm playing it safe this year. And just because he's famous and you love him doesn't mean I have to say yes" "I know" she said frowning.  "So who wants to make some pizza!" I said going into the kitchen. 

Heyy guys. I know I said I'll update more so I made a plan. Everytime I make an update it will be with two chapters. So what do you think, will Mia say yes or will she still turn him down(again). Comment what you think.  >>>@NeeehaaS<<< Follow my Twitter xoxo


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