Because Of Math Class

Mia was the smartest kid in her school, not to mention the most popular. But she never acted like it. She knew everyone and everyone loved her. She was very sweet and very pretty. One day a curly haired boy moved to her school and was in her math class that she had every morning. Did I mention he was in a world famous boy band? Well, he is. Mia had her rules to live her life and others had theirs. One of her rules was NOT to date anyone because of her past experience. What if this curly haired boy started to fall for her? Read and find out what will happen.


3. Couldn't care less

I walked to my locker hoping that Harry will forget that I was suppose to show him around. Then all of a sudden I heard someone yell my name. Luckily it was only Hannah. "Where's Harry?" she asked. "I don't know, I hope he forgot though" I reply. "Stop being so mean" she said slapping my arm. "You should be be happy every girl in this school would love to be you" she said.  As she was talking people were saying hi to me so I was waving back. "I really don't care, I don't have an interest in him what-so-ever, so I would be very happy if you would give him a tour instead" I say being 100% serious. As soon as I finished that sentence I saw Harry walking over to me. "Ugh, he's coming" I say to Hannah. "Oh my gosh just be nice" she says. "Hi Mia" Harry said. "Hi…" I say. Hannah nudged my arm. "Oh,this is Hannah my best friend she's also in our math class and in your bio class" I said. "Hi, nice to meet you" she said sticking out her hand, they shook hands and surprisingly Hannah didn't freak out. "Okay, so I'll meet up with you later kk Hannah" I said while facing her. "Okay, I'll see you later" she said all peppy. We both said bye. "Okay so where do you wanna start, front or back of the school?" I asked while closing my locker. "Doesn't matter" Harry said rubbing his hand at the back of his neck. "Okay let's start at the entrance" I said. Then we started the tour of the school. 

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