these are just a bunch of imagines! not a full story. some may be dirty. and most of them are not mine but i hope you enjoy.


3. harry for emily

you are visiting england for a school trip and you are the last one to use the bathroom in the group and the bus leaves you. your walking around to figure out where you are and you bump into someone "oh exuse me" he sais and you look up and see a curly haired cheeky boy "your harry styles" you say "yes love and you are?" "umm hi im emily". "can you help me im lost" "where are you headed" he replied "well we are supposed to be going to nandos for luch but my group left me here"you tell him. "well follow me its right up the way". you talk on the way there and he holds your hand untill you get there. he gives you his number kisses you on the cheek and leaves. you get introuble for not being with the group but you dont care because it was worth it.

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