Who Do I Choose?

Miranda, a 17 year old girl goes to London with her boyfriend Mark. Mark dumps her heartbroken. Zayn goes for a walk finds her and brings her to One Direction's flat. Harry has feelings for from minute one. As well as Zayn. She will choose, make mistakes, and at the end. . . well read to find out.
Hey guys this is my first FanFic so, please not hate!


3. chapter 3

      Miranda's POV

      It was really thoughtful of Zayn to let me meet the rest of One Direction, but it probably wasn't the best idea. Considering how I act just seeing them on TV.   

    As we were walking down the street I remembered how slow the day has gone. Yes, a lot of things have happened in the short amount of time, like how I was the happiest girl, the saddest within 3 minutes. Or how my first boyfriend broke up with me, I met Zayn Malik and I can have a normal conversation with giggling. . .



      "Wow. Somebody's a directioner., " He exclaimed.      


      "How you can have a normal conversation with me, without giggling, " He said like 'duh!'.

      "I said that aloud didn't I?, " I asked

       He nodded his head to reply.

      "Now I'm completely embarrassed., " l stated, because I was. 

    Finally we reached the flat. Zayn took out the keys, opened the door, and saw the coolest flat, only filled with Harry Styles. I am so doomed.

      Harry's POV

      I heard the doorknob twist and click. Zayn was  finally back from his walk. I have to admit, I was surprised he hadn't already been chased by fans, complete miracle. The only thing that shocked me was that a girl with a suitcase was coming with him through the door. I begged with all my heart she wasn't taken and Zayn hadn't already gotten a little crush started.

      "Hello . . ."  I said carrying out the 'o' sound. The girl looked at me and quietly said,"Hi." I know people are shy and all, but it was obvious why. Coming somebody else's home saying 'hi' with their face on your shirt, is pretty weird.  I was wondering what the girl was doing here, usually it's Liam bringing things home, like dogs, cats (my favorite), rarely girls, home because their hurt. Or homeless. Or whatever.

      "Why is she here?, " I asked. Zayn shot me a look, opened his mouth to say something, but the girl talked for him.

      "My, uh, ex-boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Europe, but dumped me about an hour ago. Zayn found me and said maybe you guys could help me find a place to stay for a week. , "She said fidgeting with the zipper on her jacket. "Oh! And my name is Miranda!"  

      "Wow, and nice name, " was all I could say. I barely know her, but that's horrible. No wonder Zayn brought her back here, I was positive the others wouldn't mind helping her one bit!

      "Like that girl from ICarly!", I said out of now where. Suddenly realizing how loud I was, I quickly added, "Your name I mean."  

      "Yeah, but my last name is Lim. Anyways I love the one where you guys make a guest appearance!, " she said with a smile.

      "You really liked it?, " I asked.

      "Yes! You guys are great actors!, " Miranda said happily, then her face turned red and she began fidgeting with her jacket again.

      Me and Zayn both looked at the ground. I have a feeling the boys, me, and Miranda are going to be great friends.

      Zayn's POV

      It made us both blush when Miranda said we were great actors. And I thought it was even cuter when she realized how excited she was talking about. Pure cuteness. 

      I'm not sure if Harry likes her, but I know I do. She's sweet, beautiful, kind, and just everything I could ask for, maybe even more.

      "So how old are you?, " I asked to try not to make the moment weird.

      "I'm 17", Miranda replied. I smiled and Miranda smiled back. And just like that, the rest of the boys came. I couldn't wait to see her reaction.

      Harry's POV

      I'm not sure if Zayn likes Miranda, but I know I do. She's sweet, beautiful, kind, and just everything I could ask for, maybe even more.

      After Miranda's perfect smile Louies, Niall, and Liam came rushing in, well more like dragging themselves to see what was going on. Louis looked at Miranda and his eyes widen, finally looking awake.

      "AAAAHHHH! Chick alert! Harry's going to be falling in love!, " Lou yelled while running around in whatever space there was left in to run around. I gave him a death glare and where looked Miranda was standing. Her eyes were laughing like the way a comedian had just finished his joke.

      I rolled my eyes, my face more likely bright red, but I knew and Zayn probably did too. We were all going to get along just fine




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