Who Do I Choose?

Miranda, a 17 year old girl goes to London with her boyfriend Mark. Mark dumps her heartbroken. Zayn goes for a walk finds her and brings her to One Direction's flat. Harry has feelings for from minute one. As well as Zayn. She will choose, make mistakes, and at the end. . . well read to find out.
Hey guys this is my first FanFic so, please not hate!


2. chapter 2

    Zayn's POV

    I ran for a few seconds and realized that she didn't scream, "Oh my gosh, it's Zayn from One Direction!", and I was beyond thankful for that. I looked back at her and saw her in the same position as before. Even though I didn't talk to her, she had earn my trust by not screaming. She had just saved me from a crowd of loco-coco 1D girls. 

    I walked back to her and said, "Hello, I'm Zayn Malik."

    She looked up again, there were fresh tear stains on her face. Finally, she spoke, "Of course I know who you are! But anyways, hi I'm Miranda Lim." 

      I decided to sit down with her. Then I asked, "So you live here in London?" Miranda let a small laugh escape from her mouth. I gave her a puzzled look. This time she laughed a bit louder and said,"I don't mean to be rude, but do I have a British accent?" My face went red. I should've thought about that before asking that question. 

    "I-I-I", I started to say, but luckily she said it for me.

    "It's okay, you don't have to say your sorry. And no I live in  Austin, Texas.", she said. After the answer I asked her, "Why were you crying?" She looked down and said quietly, "My boyfriend broke up with me." 

    I couldn't help but feel sorry for her, and knowing from past relationships, this was her first. "I'm sorry to hear that, Miranda." She smiled and said, "You used my name." "What's wrong with that?"

    "You're Zayn Malik from One Direction."

    A smile was instantly placed on my face, "So you are a fan!" She gave me a nod, and I replied with another smile. 


    Miranda's POV

    I was surprised when Zayn came back. I already knew off the top of my head, he left so he wouldn't be chased by girls like me. Crazy in love directioners. After those questions, we had a moment of silence, reminding me after the pledges we had a moment of silence in school. I guess we both had a lot on our minds, I know I did. My favorite member of One Direction talking to me, My ex-boyfriend broke up with me, I had no place to stay . . . wait, what?!

    I saw Zayn smile, and said something before I could, "Would you like to meet the boys?"

    I had a huge grin on my face, this boy just totally made my day! Politely I said,"I'd  be really happy too!" His face lit up with a smile. I was excited until I thought back to where was I going to stay?  I guess Zayn could sense something was, so he asked,"What's wrong?" I let out a big sigh and said,"I don't really know where to stay for a week, since I decide to find my own way to find a place to stay Plus, I don't know where to go or anything, but I would really love to meet the boys!"

    Zayn's POV

    My heart broke when she said she had no place to stay, so boyfriend she had. Unless she refused his help, then yeah, that's her fault. That's when I saw Miranda's eyes started to get misty.

    "Aww! Don't cry again, please! Me and the boys will help you!" , I said. She looked at me and said, "You guys would go through all that trouble, just for me? I don't want you guys to go through all of that for me!, " Miranda exclaimed.

    "So you're saying you don't want us to help you., " I wanted to say damsel in distress, but that sounded like I had a crush on her, which I don't! I think . . .

    "No!, " she replied. "Then I'm, uh, we are going to help you."      Very badly I want to put my arms around her, but we just met, sort of. I looked at my watch, and it was 8:00 am. Time to head back.

  "Hey, I'll walk you to the flat me and the boys live in, then we'll help you from there.", I exclaimed. Miranda tried to have calm expression, but failed miserably. She looked like she was going to explode. Then she stood up, so stood up with her.

  "Thank you so much!", Miranda said happily. Then she hugged me. I had butterflies in my stomach when she hugged me. For a girl, I thought, she was strong, because I felt squished!' That probably meant that I haven't been working out lately, not a good sign.

  "Come on let's go., " I said, I didn't want the paps to find us. Miranda smiled, wiped whatever  tears she had left, got her stuff, and together, hand in hand, we walked to One Direction's flat. 


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