Who Do I Choose?

Miranda, a 17 year old girl goes to London with her boyfriend Mark. Mark dumps her heartbroken. Zayn goes for a walk finds her and brings her to One Direction's flat. Harry has feelings for from minute one. As well as Zayn. She will choose, make mistakes, and at the end. . . well read to find out.
Hey guys this is my first FanFic so, please not hate!


1. chapter 1

Zayn's POV

   I was walking down 15th Avenue on a cool, fall morning. I wasn't afraid of fans or flashing cameras since it was 7:00 am. It wasn't usual for me, or any of the boys to take a walk, with no body guards of course. Something that was also unusual was that me, Zayn Malik waking up this early. I was unfortunately known for my "beauty sleep".

    It was a perfect morning til I heard crying, 'oh no' I thought. For once I thought I could have a nice walk, without the fans! 'A fan had found me, darn it', but as I looked in front of me, I saw she was crying for a different reason. By that I mean, like someone had just Torn-Her-Heart-To-Pieces type of crying, so as my choice I walked up to her. 

    I guess she could sense someone, she looked up.  She had long, straight black hair, big brown eyes, and a One Direction t-shirt on.  After I saw that shirt I ran for my life. I had a reason to, right?

 Miranda's POV

  'This was going to be the best week ever!' I thought. My boyfriend, Mark, invited me to travel with him to London, I was thrilled! One, because I've always want to go to Europe, two because I have want to go to five certain cities, try to meet certain people . . .  

  "You excited?, " Mark asked me. I raised an eyebrow, he knew better than to ask that question.                                    

     "Of course!"

     "And why are you excited?," His eyebrows were raised high. I laughed, he should know the answer by now, remembering my reaction once he told me we were heading to Europe. Ah, good memories.

     "You're crazy." 

     "You know you love me." 

                         *                     *                        *                              

   "Taxi!, " Mark yelled and waved his hand out. The bright yellow car pulled over to the curb and the driver rolled his window down. 

    While Mark talked to the driver, I put the luggage in the trunk. I know what you're thinking, 'Shouldn't it be the other way around?!'. Well here's the thing, I'm not the best a talking to random people so I tend to mumble, so Mark does most of the talking for me. 

    "We're ready to go., " Mark kissed me on the cheek and gave me a smile.

     "Well then off we go."

                             *                   *                     * 

    I had so much on my mind, thoughts about what we where going to do, what (or who) we're going to see, until Mark asked the driver pulled over.

  "What's wrong?", I asked.  Mark looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes, but then looked back down to his hands. I knew right then and there something was wrong.

    "Let's talk in private., " He mumbled.

    We thanked the driver and handed him the money he earned. I grabbed the luggage and placed it on the sidewalk and watched the taxi drive way.  

   Quickly Mark blurted out said, "I'm breaking up you."  My jaw dropped.  

   "Why?, " Was all that I could ask.

   "Look, Miranda, you're really nice, pretty, smart, but I really miss Carissa, " He replied, "So I've thought about it and . . ." 

  "Now you want to get back together., " I finished for him. He nodded his head avoiding my gaze. 

    "You can stay with me and-"

    "Thanks for the offer, but I'll figure something out."

     Mark handed me some euros and replied, "Sorry." I walked away knowing, more like remembering, if I said 'I'll figure something out.' Mark would've replied 'You always do.'

     I slid down a brick wall and placed my stuff against it. Then I sat down and brought my knees to my chest. I was breathing heavily, about to cry and was thinking 'What am I going to do'.   

    All I had was my stuff, my phone and how ever many euros I had. I started crying for a little bit, stopped and took out my phone.  I decided to take Mark of my contact list, since he was my ex-boyfriend, what's the point of keeping in touch with your ex? 

    After that, I hugged my knees to my chest, and tried to calm myself down. I felt someone looking down at me, so I looked up.  I saw big brown eyes, black hair shaped like a ramp. At first I didn't recognize him, but I was glad I didn't, because I'd end up embarrassing myself.

    You wanna know who it was, but I'm guessing you already know? Yup, Zayn Malik.  After a moment, I guess he saw my One Direction t-shirt I had on,  which I wish he hadn't (Man, I was starting to regret where this shirt, or any One Direction shirt!), because his eyes widen and he ran,  and being the sensitive person I am, had started to cry again.

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