Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


4. X factor

Ciaras Pov

i was watching the x factor waiting for james arther to win, i didnt know who was going to be preforming because i wasnt really listening to who was preforming, i was about to go get some more popcorn when aaron shouted *ciara, your lover is on telly!!!* he screamed *what are you on about you fool* i said and ran back in, thats when i saw harry and the rest of the 1D boys, before they sang harry spoke *i wanna give a shout out, to a girl i know back in ireland, hope your watching*, he said and they continued on with there song, aaron turned and looked at me *stuck in ciara!!!!* he roared in my face, *that might not even be me for all we know, he could just be talking about someone else, he met over here* right at that moment my phone went off, hope you liked the show- Harry *whos that* aaron asked and looked over my shoulder *its harry isint it* he insisted *pffffft n-n-no* i stuttered, *let me see* *no* *ciara* he said, then attacked me, he got my phone out of my hands and started texting, hey this is ciaras friend aaron, shes inlove with you, she never stops talking about you. *oh my god, you stupid cunt* i roared *now ciara, do you think that was appropiate language for this situation* he said in a posh voice *shutup you* i laughed *hes gonna think im a weirdo now over you* i said *does he not know you are already*.

Harrys Pov

whos was this aaron guy, why was he with her, wore they together, all these questions shot through my head, no they cant be together ciara said they wore just best friends, my phone snapped me out of my taughts when it beeped saying that i got a message, i read it *hey this is ciaras friend aaron, shes inlove with you, she never stops talking about you* was it true, i hoped it was cause i couldnt get her out of my mind, i wondered did she have any friends, cause niall seemed pretty bored being single, so maybe we could set him up with one of her friends, i texted back. *hahahaha thats cute ;)* *harry dont mind aaron hes just being a arsehole* i laughed at the way she said asshole, arse hahaha, i laughed to my self, i didnt notice that the boys were in the room, *what are you laughing at harry* louis asked with a devious, smile playing on his lips, *louis dont start-* i said but was cut off by him jumping on me and grabbing my phone, the other boys got there phones out and started to record, *louis give it back* i whined, *oooooo harry whos ciara* *no one* i said and blushed, *well then why are you blushing* *im not* i said, im pretty sure i was roaring red at this time, *tell me who she is and ill give your phone back* *no* i shouted in protest, *ill just delete her number then* he said *NO* i screamed *ill tell you who she is* i said *well go on* he said and stood there *shes the girl i like* i said, *thats going on twitter* zayn screamed, *noooo* i whined *too late*, now the whole world was gonna know i like ciara and so was ciara. guess ill just have to face it.

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