Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


3. Woops

Ciaras Pov

i was running back to aarons house thinking what did i do, i should have kissed him but i didnt wanna come across as desperate, woops, i was running out of breath so i started to walk, just then my phone started ringing, i looked down it was a private number, *hello* i asked *what did you do to harry* someone screamed down the phone, *i-i-i didnt do anything to him* *so why is he so upset, hes breaking things and screaming horrible stuff* the stranger still screamed *i didnt do anything!!!!!! just cause i didnt kiss him* i roared *oh* was all the stranger could say back *yeah now if you would be ever so kind to fuck off.....bye* i said in a posh voice, i hung up before the stranger could talk back to me.

Harrys pov

i was fuming, i walked into the arena, and it to the dressing room and started breaking everything, the boys ran in, once they heard the things breaking *harry what are you doing* liam screamed, *s-s-she didnt let me kiss her* i stuttered *are you kidding me* liam said *your breaking all this cause some girl didnt let her kiss you* *dont call her some girl* i roared *whatever harry* he said and stormed out, the rest of the guys just stared at me, *what* i spat, they just shook their heads and walked out, i was looking for my phone to ring ciara, but couldnt, *wheres my phone* i said out loud *why* i turned to see lou standing there looking at me *cause i need to call ciara*.

Louis Pov

harry didnt know that i had his phone, i picked it up when he was looking for it, i was gonna call ciara and talk to her, so i called her *hello* she asked *what did you do to harry* i screamed, i was already in my own dressing room by now *i-i-i didnt do anything to him* she said *so why is he so upset hes breaking things and screaming horrible stuff* *i didnt do anything!!!!!!! just cause i didnt kiss him* she screamed back at me *oh* was all i could say *yeah now if you would be ever so kind to fuck off.........bye* she said and hung up, i liked this girl, she wasnt afraid to speak her mind, and she didnt kiss harry right away, i could tell she was different, i was kinda getting jealous of harry, why couldnt i find someone that would tell me to fuck off like she did....



i know short chapter but couldnt really think of anything to write about :/ anyways, thanks for reading :D and everyone is single in this movella, hahahaha bye.

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