Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


5. The Zoo

Ciaras Pov

i was tagged in a video on twitter, by zayn? so i looked, i saw harry saying that he liked me, i was shocked at first but happy he liked me so i decided to text him -i saw the video-, he instantly replyed back, -and...- -and..... its sweet :)- i replyed back -so do you wanna go on a date sometime?- he asked -yea when you over next?- i tried to be as calm as possible, aaron was beside me trying to get a look at my phone, he saw what harry texted me *3...2....1* he said *ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! harry asked me out, your only mad jela* i screamed in his ear *ahhhhh heyor leave ih ouh* he screamed back at me, we had a little laughing fit after that, ohhh yea i forgot to tell yous, me and aaron live together, basically cause were bestoos for life! lol back to the story.....so i was haveing a fit cause harry asked me out, my phone beeped, and snapped me out of my fit, -were all back over next week- he said -well me and aaron are going to the zoo next saturday, if yous all wanna come?- i asked -yea sure but do you not think, we'll draw a little attention to ourselves- -wear disguises?- -ohhh yea, hahah ya little smart cookie-

Harrys Pov

she said yea!!!!! i was happy but not letting any of the guys see it, *hey when we go back to ireland, were all going zoo with ciara and her friend aaron* i shouted to them, all i heard was oooohs and aaaaahs come from diferent places of the house...

Fast forward to when there in ireland getting ready to go zoo

i was excited to see ciara, because she knew how to make me laugh and stuff like that, she said that her and aaron would meet us outside, i was skeptical about aaron, why was he always with her? i know there bestfriends and all but still, a guy can get jealous, right?. anyways, me and the boys were wearing our disguises and nobody noticed us so far, good, we got to dublin zoo, i told ciara what we were wearing, we got there and i heard someone scream my fake name *SEAN!* i heard, i turned to see ciara running at me, she ran at me and hugged me *hey* she said *hey* i said back, *omg yous look acctually hilarious* she said laughing *omg shutup* i said trying to sound like a dubliner as she called herself, *hahaha no* she said pulling a straight face, we laughed for a while, aaron walked over *hey* he said *hey* we all said, we started to walk to the entrance, and when we got in ciara wanted to go straight to the elephants, we got to the enclosure, and saw were people sit to watch the elephants, aaron and ciara looked at eachother with excited faces *ready* aaron said to ciara *what are you two-* liam said but was cut off by them screaming *SHAKE THAT TOOSHIE......WORK THAT TAIL* they screamed and dived behind us, everyone turned and gave us death stares, ciara and aaron got up, faces red from the laughter, we laughed with them too, it was a nice day at the zoo, the sun was beaming, ciara was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a top that had TroubleMaker written across it, the top definitly descirbed her, i would occasionally check her out without her noticeing, we went to a little restaurant and sat down, to start eating, we ourdered our food, aaron was deep in conversation with the boys, argueing about, whos better, david guetta or avicii, aaron was going for avicii, while the boys were going with david guetta.

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