Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


2. Harry

Ciaras Pov

*no problem* he said, he was smirking while he said it, i felt like everything inside me start to melt, but i didnt show that on the outside, i know they didnt like girls fangirling around them, so i kept my cool. i wasnt going to school cause i didnt want to get detention, so ide just ask my mom to write me a note, she would understand when i told her i hand a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, so yea let me get back to the story, me and harry were walking around dublin on the quays, talking and chatting about literally everything, *so do you like our music* he asked hopefully *oh my god yea i love it* i blurted out, he looked scared at first but then laughed *sorry* i blushed *haha its ok, i get that alot, i mean look at me* he said with a dramatic pose *ehhh cocky much* i said with attitude *hey miss tude no need for that* i laughed at him *you know i was jokeing* i said *yea i did* we were walking up to the 02 arena at the end of the quays, the dublin eye was right outside the 02 arena, were harry needed to be, i just lived down the road from the 02, *hey i never knew there was a ferris wheel here*he said shocked *yea, they put it up a while ago* *wanna go on* he asked *dont have any money on me* i said *ill pay* he said happily *are you sure* i said uneasily *yea now come on* *ok*, we were the only ones on the ferris wheel, because it was always empty and i mean ALWAYS, me and harry were sitting facing eachother since theres a bench on each side, i was looking at the view over dublin city, i didnt notice harry stareing at me intensely.

Harrys Pov

i was stareing at ciara, but i couldnt help it she was beautiful, her phone buzzed and snapped me out of my trance, she took her white iphone out and unlocked it, when she saw that she had a message, it plastered a huge smile on her face, i got jealous and i think she saw it when i clenched my fists and my face went roaring red, *harry calm down its my bestfriend* she said, in all fairness it did calm me down when she said it was her bestfriend *is your bestfriend a boy or a girl* *boy* she said *whats his name* i asked *aaron, hes one of the funniest people ive ever met in my whole life* *hmmm, him and louis might get along great, hes funny too* *yeah probably*, she showed me a picture of her and aaron, it said bestoos 4 liofe, on top, i gave her a funny look, *hahaha aaron put that there* she just looked so beautiful the way the sun was hitting her face, i started to lean in, right when i was about to smash my lips onto hers, she turned her face and i kissed her cheek, what the fuck i taught to myself, did that just happen to me, harry, harry styles, right when the ferris wheel stopped, she got up and ran out of the carrige thing, *what the fuck just happened* i taught outload to myself.



ohhhh yeah

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