Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


6. Cheater

Ciaras Pov

harry wanted me to fly to england with him, i obviously said yeah, we were on a private jet on the way over to england, it only takes like an hour to get from ireland to england, so it wasnt gonna be that long, i was sitting beside harry when he wispered in my ear *ciara i really like you and i want to know, do you wanna be with me* he asked, a huge smile formed on my face *YEAH!!!* i screamed causing everyone to jump a little, *opps sorry* i said to everyone, during the flight the plane started to shake, i jumped and dug my head into harrys neck, he laughed at me being scared i gave him one of these daces > -_____- and dug my head back into his neck, the plane landed safely thank god, and we got off and headed for the boys house, harry was texting someone on his phone, and laughing *who are you textin* i asked *ehhh no one* he spoke *alright* i said and gave him a suspicious look, when we got into the house i was shocked, it was huge, the boys saw my jaw drop and laugh *ive never been in a gaf this big*, they all gave me a weird look *gaf is a house* i said *ohhhh* they all said at the same time, me and harry went to his room, he told me to sit on the bed and wait while he went to go get a shower, i heard his phone beeb, i wasnt going to look at it but then i taught about when he was sitting in the car smileing at his phone, i creeped over and got it, the name said taylor, i was wondering who it was so i opened the message, Taylor- yeah we can meet up tonight just dont tell her, i love you- i read it a few more times over again, and started to cry, harry came out and saw me upset, *ciara whats wrong* he ask worried, he came over and tried to hug me, put i pushed him away *dont fucking touch  me!!* i screamed *whats wrong* he roared back at me *why dont you ask taylor you fucking prick!!!* i screamed, and slapped him right across his, cheating little face, we werent even together that long and he already cheated, i stormed out of his room, still crying, and bumped into someone, Zayn, *whats wrong ciara* he asked pulling me in for a hug, *ask harry* i spat and ran from his grip and out the door.

Zayns Pov

what happened, why was ciara crying, what did harry do!!!?, all these questions were running through my mind i heard the front door slam shut and the guys run after her, i stormed into harrys room and found him on the edge of the bed with his hands in his head, *what the fuck did you do* i screamed at him, he threw me his phone and i looked at the messages hes been sending taylor, taylor swift, *idiot* i spat, and ran out the door to go find ciara with the guys, she didnt know where she was going so she couldnt of got that far, we all split up, i found her in the park, on one of the benches, she had her head in her hands crying, i walked over to her and hugged her, *ciara hes and idiot hes doesnt know what hes lost*, i said trying to calm her down *im not going back into that house with him there* she said crying, *you can come back to my house with me* i said to her, she looked up at me *thanks zayn* she said hugging me tight, i loved the feeling of being hugged by her.

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