Take The Plunge

I was standing on the edge, getting ready to Take The Plunge.


1. Life Flashes Before My Eyes

Ciaras Pov

i was standing on the edge of the harp bridge, just waiting to do it, i was about to jump, right when i was about to jump my life flashed before my eyes. i was 10 again, i was in the playground in the heart of eastwall were i came from, i saw a flash of red hair out of the corner of my eye, it was a boy around my age playing around the playground by himself, i decided i would walk over to him to make at least one new friend, i walked over to him *hey* i spoke quite happily *hey im aaron* he said back, he sounded happy to be makeing a new friend, from there on out we were bestfriends, we did everything together, we were inseperable, we would stick up for each other if we got into a fight with people, we were mentally joined at the hip, then i started to think of him, of harry, we were together for a while now and people have been bullying me in school about going out with harry saying hes just useing me, saying they hate me, and im kind of starting to hate me to. i started to remember the day i met harry. i was walking to school, with my ear phones in blasting my Rock Me by one direction, i heard they wore in ireland, but i didnt think they would come to dublin so i wasnt getting my hopes up on metting them, i was walking across the road and didnt look for cars, i was in the middle of the road when i saw a car speeding towards me, i froze on the spot i couldnt move.

Harrys Pov

i saw a girl, with long black hair, red jeans on a white coat on, i couldnt see what top she had on, she had a pair of white converse on, she was walking out onto the road, i saw a car speeding towards her, i called her but she couldnt hear me, because she had her ear phones in, when she saw the car she froze on the spot, i couldnt let this happen to her, i dont know why i got this feeling but i felt the need to protect her, i started sprinting towards her, just as the car was about to hit her, i scooped her up in my arms and jumped onto the path, i stumbled and fell, we were both laying on the ground, i got up to see my beanie and glasses on the ground, i looked at the girl, and saw a look of pure relief spread across her face, then she looked at me and her eyes bulged wide, *y-y-your* she was cut off by screaming fans that were running at us at full speed, i grabbed her hand and ran with her, she was holding my hand tight, makeing sure not to fall or she would be trampled by the fans, i loved the fans i really did, but sometimes they just need to give us a little space. i ran to my car, jumped in and opened the passenger side for her, she gladly hopped in, the fans swarmed the car, saying rude things to her, she looked hurt when they said those things about her, *thanks for saving me* she finally spoke *no problem* i said with a smirk.

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