I Would

Allie Victoria and Her mom allow an Exchange student into their home. Allie slowly feels herself falling for him while Niall secretly falls for her. But after Niall auditions for XFactor, they lose contact. it isn't until Allie herself Wins XFactor a few years later does he realize he had forgotten about something so beautiful. Will Allie Forgive him? (this book takes place before they were famous and some of the facts might not add up but i tried.)


2. School


     As the days grew shorter and colder and the last week of summer vacation came to an end, the first day of school arrived. Niall got out of bed and shut off his alarm. He changed into a pair of faded jeans and a plain blue tee shirt. H slipped into his sneakers, grabbed his phone, and fixed his hair before walked down to the kitchen. Allie greeted him with a smile as she looked up from the book she was reading. Her long wavy hair was down and straightened as it rested on below her chest. She was wearing a grey Aeropostal shirt with a pair of capris and grey flats. 

"Morning," she said and then looked down to her book. 

Niall poured himself a bowl of cereal and smiled. "Good morning to you too." 

This last week he felt as if he and Allie had gotten closer. They were good friends now. They spent the week together and watched Friends on her TV in her room every night. He and Allie even played futbal in the backyard numerous times. Niall had tried his best to keep in touch with Holly, but he felt it was hard to do because he could no longer find anything to talk about with her. 

Niall finished his breakfast and brushed his teeth. Then he grabbed his bag and turned to Allie. 

"you ready to go yet?"

Allie looked up and shut her book. She put it in her bag and threw her bag over her shoulder. She stood up and nodded her head. "Yeah lets go."

     They walked out of the door together. The walk to school took only a few minutes seeing as though it was only a couple streets from the basketball courts. As Niall and Allie walked down the school halls, girls smiled and winked at him. He gave Allie a confused look. 

"They know you're an exchange student, and the sluts jump for fresh meet." she explains in a hushed tone.

Niall laughed and they continued walking down the hall. As they walk, a tall slender girl with long blonde hair catches Niall's eye. "Who's she?" he asks keeping his eyes on her as they walk by.

Allie turns to where he is looking and sneers at the sight. "That's Claire. You know, that bitch i told you about. Unfortunately for both of us, she's dating Derek."

Niall laughs. "She's got nothing on you." Niall looks back down to Allie who has her eyes down to the floor. Allie looks up at him and smiles.

"Woah Allie where did you go? I can barely see you anymore!" Bella says as she comes up behind Allie and Niall. Allie turns to her friend and laughs.

"Bella!" she smiles and hugged her friend tight.

Bella laughs and pulls away. "It's been a while! you haven't called me in like weeks," she turns to Niall "and I can see why. Is this that exchange kid?" 

Allie laughed. "Yeah this is Niall, Niall this is my friend Bella." 

Bella had her platinum blonde hair tied back into pigtails, she had on a pink plaid skirt with pink flats and a white blouse.

"Hey, you didn't tell me that the kid living with you was so," she looked Niall up and down. "Yummy."

Niall laughed and turned to the doorway of his homeroom. "Okay well I'll see you later Allie, I think this is my home room. Bye Bella." he smiled and walked into his classroom


     Allie and Bella continued their walk to Homeroom. "Bella!" Allie proclaimed.

"What? Is he taken or something?"

Allie pursed her lips together and nodded her head. 

"Well damn."

Allie laughed. "I know right, why does this always happen to me?"

Bella perked up. "Oh so you like him?"

"Wasn't I obvious? Yes."

"Oh Allie, that's so you." Bella sighed teasingly.

"What is?" Allie asked holding her books close to her chest.

"Oh you know, falling for the right guy at the wrong time." Bella laughed

Allie rolled her eyes. "I know right." she sighed. "Well I'll see you around Bells." Allie smiled and walked into homeroom.

     After Sophomore Orientation, the classes began as scheduled. Allie went from class to Class. She walked into third period glee to meet the smiling eyes of Niall. 

"Hey" Allie smiled as she sat beside him in the seat and put her books to the floor. 

"Hey," he replied with a smile "pretty cool we have a class together." 

"Yeah I know right." 

Niall flashed her  quick smile before going through his bag looking for something. Claire walked into the class just as the bell rang. She took the empty seat on the other side of Niall and sent him her usual seductive smile that she used around all the boys. "Hey I'm Claire."

Niall sent a half smile her way then pulled put his cell phone. "Yeah I know." 

Allie couldn't help but to giggle a bit. Niall looked up at her and winked. He then sent Holly a quick message and threw his phone back into his bag. 

"So you're Niall, right?" She asked trying to keep the conversation going, but Niall kept putting her down. 

"Yes that's me, now is there something important you'd like to say? Because I'd like it if you'd stop talking, your voice is rather bothersome and naggy." Niall explained blatantly.

Allie couldn't believe this. Was he doing this for him? Nobody had ever even thought about telling Claire to shut up, never mind calling her voice naggy and annoying. She looked at him in disbelief.

Claire rolled her eyes and grabbed her bags as she got up and walked to another seat. Niall turned to Allie with a smile.

Allie smiled and laughed softly. "You are crazy." 

"No, I just like to speak my mind." 

Allie shook her head teasingly and turned to the doorway as Mr. Brawl, the glee teacher, walked in. 

"Hello class. Welcome to GLEE!" he sang cheerfully as he sat in his seat and swiveled around.

Nobody replied to his welcome, everyone remained silent and looked at him oddly. 

"Well I'm Mr.Brawl, unfortunately I have no idea who any of you are, or what you sound like. So let's take a moment to introduce ourselves and sing a note or two for me." He smiled widely and then looked down to his attendance sheet. "Alex?" he read.

A tall skinny dark haired boy stood up and waved. He sang a few pitchy notes and then sunk back into his seat.

"Thanks Alex." Mr. Brawl said with his wide grin. "Wow we got a small class, only 10 members this year."

The room remained silent except for the 6 students who stood up and sang their part. 


Claire stood up confidently and flashed Allie a "watch and listen" kind of look. She opened her mouth and the most beautiful notes flew out of her. It was like listening to a rose budding, beautiful. 

Mr. Brawl kept his wide grin on his face as Claire sat back down. "That was lovely Ms. Edwards, thank you." he smiled and then looked back down to the sheet. "Niall."

Niall stood up with a slight smile before doing a few notes. His voice flowed through Allie and she smiled. each note was smooth and perfect. Niall finished his turn and sat down with a smile. 

"I guess I did okay." he said looking towards Allie.

She laughed and rolled her eyes. "Niall, please, you're really good."

Niall winked as her name was called. Allie stood up and sang a few note. Niall looked up at her in awe. She was amazing. Everyone in the room fell silent, them too in complete shock. Mr.Brawl closed his eyes and listened to her. He looked like he was in total bliss. Allie sat back down and sunk in her seat. She looked embarrassed. 

"Allie, you're amazing." Niall stuttered a bit. 

Allie turned to him and gave him an odd look "Are you kidding me? That was so pitchy and off key. It was horrible." 

Mr. Brawl wrote something down in his note book then told Niall and Allie to stand back up. "Can you guys harmonize for me? I feel like you guys might make a really nice duet couple." 

Allie and Niall exchanged looks and stood up.

"What would you like us to sing?" Niall asked his voice was slow and confused.

Mr.Brawl thought for a second. "Oh um how about that Beaver kid? Ahh Justin?"

Niall smiled cheeky and looked at Allie. She groaned. They then began singing One Time.

"When I met you girl my heart went Knock Knock. Now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop...." 

Mr.Brawl stopped them after a few lines. "Boys and girls, meet our duet couple." He smiled wide.

Allie and Niall sat down in their seats as the class clapped lazily. Allie's cheeks turned red. 

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