I Would

Allie Victoria and Her mom allow an Exchange student into their home. Allie slowly feels herself falling for him while Niall secretly falls for her. But after Niall auditions for XFactor, they lose contact. it isn't until Allie herself Wins XFactor a few years later does he realize he had forgotten about something so beautiful. Will Allie Forgive him? (this book takes place before they were famous and some of the facts might not add up but i tried.)


3. Lunch


     After Glee was their lunch period. Allie had scurried ahead of Niall so he had to walk alone. But he wasn't alone for long. 

"Hey Niall, why don't you sit your Irish ass down at my lunch table today?" Claire asked walking beside him.
Niall considered it for a moment. He wanted to sit with Allie, but seeing as though she rushed away, it made him think maybe she didn't want to sit with him or something. Niall turned his head to Claire. "Did I not make it clear? I have no interest in you. I would rather sit on the floor than within a meter of you." he said sounding a bit nasty. "I have no respect for gals like you." With saying that, he walked into the lunch room and found Allie. He sat beside her with a smile. 

"Hey." Allie smiled. 

Bella sat beside her with her tray and smiled at him. "You guys have fun in Glee?" she asked. 

Allie remained silent pushing her food around her tray. Niall smiled at her. "Yeah, I thought it was pretty fun." he turned his smile to Allie who had her eyes on the food she wasn't eating.

"Hey, you alright?" Niall asked softening his expression. 

Allie looked up at him coming back to reality. "Yeah, no, I'm fine." She said while shaking her head slightly. 

Niall nodded his head a bit and then turned back to Bella "We only have  a few more periods left, right?" 

Bella shook her head. "No we only have a half day today. We go home after this." 

"Oh?" Niall replied a bit surprised. "Well that's even better."

Without saying a word, Allie stood up and went to throw her tray away. 

"Why is she so upset?" Niall asked Bella when Allie was out of earshot.

Bella sighed. "She always gets like this. It's nothing to be worried about."

"Well there has to be a reason why she's so upset, Bella, please tell me." Niall pleaded. 

Bella drew in a deep breath. "Well, I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone. But whatever. So her parents just got divorced last year and she's just kind of depressed by it. Usually she's fine but sometimes she just gets all depressed and sulks around all day." 

"Oh." was all he could manage to say. Niall's parents were divorced too. But it had all happened when he was five and he could barely remember any of it. His older brother, Greg, had to go through it all. Niall had barely reacted. Growing up without a father was tough. He eventually when to live with his father in the city because it was easier to go to school and be with friends. His mother lived out in the boonies where everything was so spaced out and far away. Niall couldn't really relate to how Allie was feeling but he wanted to be able to help her. When Allie sat back down and sunk into her seat, Niall turned to her and gave her a reassuring smile. She looked away and made a noise. It sounded like a soft sob. 



     When the bell rang, Allie sluggishly stood up and began to walk out of the school. Niall eventually caught up with her after bidding Bella his goodbyes. 

"Hey Allie, what's the rush?" he asked a bit out of breath. 

Allie kept her eyes to the ground as she kept walking along the sidewalk. 

Niall looked at her for a moment as they continued walking home. He felt bad for her. He didn't know exactly how she felt, but how ever she felt, he didn't want her to feel. She looked so very depressed. Niall sighed and stepped in front of her. She stopped and looked at him confused. Her eyes were bloodshot. Had she been crying? 

Allied looked at him and waited for him to start talking. "What?" 

"Why are you, I've never, are you okay Allie? You seem so upset." Niall fumbled with his words not being able to choose the right ones. 

Allie shrugged. "It's nothing you need to know. I don't want to talk about it." A few tears escaped her eyes. They were the tears she was struggling to hold in. 

Niall wiped her tears. "You can talk to me about it if you want. You know that right?" 

Allie shivered at his touch and took a step back. "Niall, don't."

"Don't what?" he asked giving her a perplexed look. 

"Stop doing this to me." she looked up at him from where she was standing.

"What am I doing Allie?" he took a step closer to her. 

Allie looked into his eyes and did something stupid. Something really stupid. She stood on her toes, leaned in, and kissed him. She held his face gently. Niall did not hesitate to kiss back. He put his hands on her waist. Allie pulled away in tears. She covered her mouth and shook her head. "I'm so sorry." she cried. She ran away down the street leaving Niall standing there stunned and in a daze. 

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