I Would

Allie Victoria and Her mom allow an Exchange student into their home. Allie slowly feels herself falling for him while Niall secretly falls for her. But after Niall auditions for XFactor, they lose contact. it isn't until Allie herself Wins XFactor a few years later does he realize he had forgotten about something so beautiful. Will Allie Forgive him? (this book takes place before they were famous and some of the facts might not add up but i tried.)


5. Dinner


     Dinner was extremely awkward tonight. Allie kept her head down only stealing short glances at Niall every once in a great while. He looked only to his plate. Jill said nothing of this awkward dinner and she too had fallen victim to the silence that surrounded her. Niall ate his dinner and drank his soda with not a word. Allie finally broke the deafening silence, her voice seemed soft.

 "So, um, Niall and I are in the same Glee class." She looked to her mother.

Jill smiled and looked from Allie to Niall. "Well that's great! I didn't know you could sing, Niall!" her voice was cheerful. 

Niall shrugged and kept his eyes down, Allie continued on. "Mr. Brawl said we sing really well together, he might make us the lead duets." 

Jill clapped her hands together softly. "Well I can't wait to see a performance! I bet you two will sound amazing!" 

Niall shrugged yet again and still kept his eyes glued to his plate. What he had said to Allie was wrong. He loved Holly, he wasn't going to ruin his relationship because of some stupid kiss. Why, because it meant nothing to him, It was just a stupid little kiss. At least that was what he was trying to convince himself. That spark he thought he felt was not there, it was just the shock of the situation that stung his heart, right?

     He continued to stay silent in his seat for a while, dinner was not over though. Allie stood up angrily from her seat and pushed her chair in with such force that it shook the whole table. "I'm going to my room." she said, her voice cold and filled with hatred.  Niall could feel her burning hot glare. She through her lap-napkin down onto her plate and stormed out. Jill got up and followed her, she could sense that something was wrong. Niall, now alone at the table, cried silently. The wet tears fell down his cheeks leaving stains. He didn't know what to do. He jumped a bit at the sound of a slamming door.


     The anger bubbled inside of her. Is this what he is going to do? Ignore her for the rest of his time here? How could he just say something like that and then try to ignore her at her own dinner table? Allie couldn't take it anymore, she couldn't bare being in the same room as the rude bloke that sat before her. She stood from her seat and stormed off to her room. She slammed her door closed, making an obnoxiously loud sound. She sunk to her floor as the tears returned again. She wanted him gone, she wanted him out of her house. Her mother knocked on her door.

"Allie, love, what's wrong? Will you please let me in?" she jiggled the nob of the locked door. Allie opened the door for her mother and sat on the edge of her bed, Jill sat beside her. "Honey what's got you so upset?" she wiped a stray tear off of her daughter's cheek. "Why are you crying?"

Allie shrugged not able to speak a word, she would just cry again. This was all her fault, if only she had never kissed him everything would be normal. She and Niall would be laughing and joking around, her feelings would remain secret. If only he didn't care about her, if only he had let her be and never asked if she was okay. If only.. If only..

     Allie looked up to her mother and did nothing but shake her head. She had so much to say and just as many tears to cry. Her mother held her close and hugged her tightly. "I wish you would just tell me why you're crying. Does Niall know? Did you tell him?"

Allie shook her head again "No."

Jill kissed Allie's cheek and stood up. "I know you'd rather be alone, so I'll leave you be." With saying that, she shut the door and left Allie in lonely, dark emptiness of her room. 


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