I Would

Allie Victoria and Her mom allow an Exchange student into their home. Allie slowly feels herself falling for him while Niall secretly falls for her. But after Niall auditions for XFactor, they lose contact. it isn't until Allie herself Wins XFactor a few years later does he realize he had forgotten about something so beautiful. Will Allie Forgive him? (this book takes place before they were famous and some of the facts might not add up but i tried.)


6. Bed


     Niall glanced at his alarm, it read 3:00am. He couldn't fall asleep. Each time he closed his eyes he could only see that heart breaking frown he had caused Allie to wear. Each vision was a reminder of how bad he had hurt her, and each vision only got worse. When he could no longer bear them, he slowly got out of bed and walked over to Allie's room. He crept the door open and peeked in. "Allie?" he whispered.

     Sure enough he got no reply, she was fast asleep. Niall walked in. He drew the door behind him shut and sat on the edge of her bed. He looked at her in the dark room. The small dark room seemed to shake from the rapid beat of his heart. Even with the room being silent, the muffled voices of his thoughts could be heard. Niall turned to Allie and hesitated as he got his words together. He began to speak softly. "Allie, I'm sorry. I don't like seeing you cry and I don't like seeing you upset... Part of me wants to just turn my cheek and act as if I do not notice, but the other side is telling me to do something that I'm not sure is the right thing..." He looked down to the floor. He let out a soft I-can't-believe-this kind of chuckle and then continued on, "And yet here I am, talking to you while you're asleep, just wasting my breath.... Why? Well because I'm too much of a pussy to say this to you in person. Allie, I like you. To hell with it, Allie I think I'm in love with you...." He turned back to her, she was sound asleep. "Every single time I look at you I see your cracks, the cracks that prevent you from being happy.. I see your tears, I see your hurt.. I see that you are broken and I... I want to help you heal those cracks, I want to make your fake smiles real. I mean your smiles, your forced phony smiles, those are incredibly beautiful, but I can only imagine how breath-taking your real ones must be... And right now, you're not even faking one, you're crying.. and it's my fault. Those tears must feel like acid and burn you as they fall down your cheeks 'cause, well, it kills me to see them... I don't know what you've been through before we met so I don't understand what broke you... But I wish you would tell me. I want to help you and tell you everything's okay. I want to be there for you and hold you real close in my arms and whisper sweet things to you. I want to hear your laughter and know that you are truly happy and okay. But because of my own stupidity, I might never be able to witness any of those things. No, I will just be another tear that falls down your cheek, another mistake that will never be learned from, another one crack that brings you to your limit. I'm sorry for hurting you Allie. And I know you will never forgive me. I am a jerk. Maybe it's best that we aren't to-" 

     Allie sat up and looked at him. Had she been awake this whole time? They looked at each other and said no words, they only looked into one another's eyes. Niall placed his hand gently upon Allie's cheek and kissed her. She kissed him back moving in closer. Their hearts beat in unison, their kiss was filled with passion and love. This was it now. No more hurt, no more struggles, and no more confusion. They were going to be together now. Niall had to break this news to Holly later. But right now he was kissing the right girl. 

     Niall pulled Allie down with him on the bed and the cuddled together. He pressed his lips to the top of her head and soon they both fell asleep.

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